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Jupiter is in Sagittarius, A Sign of Good Luck for Your Career in 2019

Jupiter was transposed to Sagittarius on November 8, which had a far-reaching and long-term impact on the twelve constellations until December 3, 2019. Of course, maybe it's a good time, a turning point for fate, or maybe it's a disaster and a catastrophe. So, everything depends on oneself. So what signs will bring good luck in your career during Jupiter's time in Sagittarius? Let's have a look together.

Sagittarius: Your time has come Jupiter's transposition to Sagittarius is an excellent opportunity for Sagittarius. Jupiter is in charge of the first house of Sagittarius, the self-sector. Jupiter's arrival will undoubtedly tell Sagittarius that your time has arrived. Stop nostalgia for past unhappiness and let errors disappear with the wind. You can shape yourself on the way to the future.

Sagittarius will achieve great results in all aspects in 2019, especially in career. If you want to be a braver and better person, you must think hard and dare to challenge when facing difficulties and obstacles. If you want to develop step by step, there will always be good opportunities. In 2019, Sagittarius performance in the work will be recognized and valued by the leadership, promotion and salary increase are very possible. This year, Sagittarius needs to pay more attention to his body. In high-intensity and high-pressure work, his body is prone to problems, so he should have a good rest on weekdays and exercise properly when he has time.

With regard to love, having a suitable partner can consider marriage, and make a good marriage for oneself. At the same time, in marriage, one can get the sublimation of the soul and the promotion of the spiritual level. However, it is worth mentioning that Sagittarius will have greater pressure in the work, and will easily encounter some troubles, but these are inevitable, there is no simple success, we need to take the initiative to strive for opportunities, show their value in order to obtain the qualifications for development.

Gemini: Encountering a Powerful HelprnJupiter runs Gemini's seventh house of marriage and partnership. So on the positive side, Gemini has made great breakthroughs and progress in cooperation during the period of 2019. They began to have the concept of team in their career, and they used to like a single-handed person. During this period, I also learned how to work together, which is very helpful for Gemini's career. And Gemini's partners in 2019 are very likely to be industry talents with strong assets, which brings Gemini a lot of opportunities and experience. Gemini can seize this opportunity to expand the relationship resources, gather more high-quality elites, with the guidance of these people, Gemini will go on a smoother career path.

In 2019, Gemini couples will also have a place. If they are not engaged, they will get engaged as soon as possible. Similarly, Gemini can also get to know many people who can be partners by marriage. And Gemini's Peach Blossom is in good luck in 2019, and may have to deal with emotional peace for many times. But it is worth mentioning that Gemini may compete with a third party in this year, either in love or in working relationships. Facing the treatment of complex relations, we should take the initiative to solve even the thorny problems. Delaying the problem will only worsen.

Aquarius: Rainbow

after the stormJupiter is in charge of Aquarius'11th house of social relations resources, which indicates that Aquarius will have good luck in the rainbow after the storm in 2019. The pressure of 2018 and various social experiences will make Aquarius better in 2019. If 2018 is a hard farming period, then 2019 is a harvest period. Aquarius will get a lot of opportunities in this period of time, because their own efforts, often able to seize these opportunities and very good to complete it.

This year, Aquarius can get good opportunities in many channels, friends and relatives are willing to help, team friends and social resources will also bring Aquarius a good reputation and status. Aquarius can use these resources and fame to create its own future and pave the way for its career. And you can use these social resources to create your own team and start your own business. Slowly, Aquarius will come into contact with higher levels of social relationships, which will lead to more influential partnerships. Grasp the network during this period of time, so that they can harvest the network and love momentum.

But it is worth mentioning that the negative impact is that in this year there may be villains, from which obstruction, we must clear our eyes and distinguish right from wrong. In addition, it is possible to have conflicts with friends because of their interests, but as long as we solve the problem well, there will not be too much trouble, as long as we do not let ourselves fall into passivity.