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Key Words and Secrets of the 12 Constellations in 2019

2019 is a very special year, because Jupiter, the lucky planet, has returned to Sagittarius, the luckiest constellation. This means that a lot of good luck will happen in 2019, and the whole social environment will become optimistic. After the test of Jupiter Scorpio and the winter, most people will have a happy year.

But everything has two sides. Jupiter represents not only luck, but also inflation. In recent years, with the development of information, we have seen many people who are on fire are hammered by expansion. People's luck is limited, but when they run out of it, they are bound to suffer from bad luck. However, people can't realize this in good times. Only when they encounter difficulties and setbacks, can they realize that people's ability and luck are limited. So after getting good luck in 2019, how to avoid inflation will be the theme of the whole year.

And 2019 is the second year that Uranus returns to Taurus. In 2018, the stock market plunged because Uranus came to Taurus. When Uranus returned to Aries in November, the stock market rebounded. So in 2019, it is likely that there will be another big ups and downs in the stock market.


Key words: travel learningrnAries will have very good travel and academic luck in 2019. Aries, who are still students, will have a good harvest in their studies this year. They will have a smooth entrance to university or postgraduate school. Aries who have graduated but want to study in higher education can also seize the opportunity, especially those who want to study law. In a year of better traveling, Aries can go far and play everywhere. It's better to go abroad and experience foreign feelings and cultures so as to make their world more beautiful. In short, the farther they go, the better their luck. Aries considering immigration or studying abroad will also be doing well this year. Aries in politics or law will have a good year in the coming year.

Running reminder: Come on a walk-and-talk trip.


Key words: partial financesrnIn 2019, Taurus will have very good partial financial fortune. It is easy to get scholarships or bonuses through competitive competitions. In short, it is easy to get a sum of money. Secondly, Taurus will have good health in 2019, not suffering from illness, happy life. Most of the Taurus will gradually stabilize in 2019, get rid of the turbulence of previous years and start a stable life.

Operating suggestion: Taurus should participate in more team activities this year, and exercise more, good luck comes naturally.

GeminiKey words: marriagernGemini will have the best marriage luck in 2019. Gemini who intend to marry will have the best chance in 18 years. Even single Gemini will have a great chance to meet a suitable marriage partner suddenly. In a word, Gemini, please seize the opportunity and take action to start a family and start a business in this move. If there are Gemini who are not planning to get married or have married, then you can use this luck to cooperate with others in this year, you will find a very strong partner, you can do business together to make money, everyone is happy, or go to the sales of brand products.

Operating Suggestion: Geminis are advised to think this year whether they want to get married or continue to find someone to cooperate with. Don't be busy at both ends.


Key words: healthrnCancer in 2019 will have great health (fitness, weight loss attention), in this year Cancer will be healthy and slender, no fitness habits to work hard, adhere to fitness will have good results this year. It will also be a good year for Cancers to eat well and be healthy without worrying about enjoying unhappiness. In addition, this year Cancer is suitable for pets, kittens and dogs, and will get along with pets happily. If Cancer is engaged in the service industry, this year's career will be a higher level, there will be a better working environment and platform.

Suggestion: It is suggested that Cancer will have better luck in keeping pets at home this year.


Key words: lovernIn 2019, Leo will have the best love luck, which girls care about, so the rising Leo buddies will also have the best love luck, will meet very good love partners, the next year will be easy to immerse in sweet love. Single lions will be happy to get rid of their loneliness this year. Don't pretend to be reserved any more. When fate comes, they will cherish it. They can't push their pursuers away deliberately as before, and then send out circles of friends to say that they are not pursued. If lions are already targeted, they may have children this year, and lions who want to have children may consider getting pregnant in 2019.

Operating suggestions: Do not act, do not put on airs, take good advantage of love opportunities.


Key words: residentialrnVirgo will have the best family luck in 2019. Family luck includes two parts: getting married and buying a house. So virgins who want to buy a house in 2019 can consider buying it. If they are still renting a house, virgins may move to a more luxurious apartment. Virgins who have a house can consider renovating their home environment. Virgins in 2019 are also very suitable for forming a new family, engagement, marriage and so on. Those who are divorced may consider starting a new family. In addition, the parents of virgins will be very kind to you in 2019, giving money and things.

Operating Suggestion: The place to live is very important. You must live in a comfortable and comfortable place so that your luck will be better.


Key words: learningrnIn 2019, Libra will have the best learning luck. Libra, who has been burning for several years, should continue to improve itself calmly. Don't swell and settle down to study. Consider learning new skills or new ways of social communication. If you are a writing Libra, you will be on the top floor this year. You will be talented and want to keep an attitude of excellence. If you're a media-related Libra, you'll have a good year. Libra needs to express itself more in the next year and show its abilities more. Don't just pick on other people's shortcomings, and occasionally brag about yourself.

Operating suggestions: See the virtuous and think alike, see the unvirtuous and introspect themselves.


Key words: financial fortunernScorpio will have the best financial fortune in 2019. Scorpio, who is usually a better person, will become a wealth this year. But it is not the kind of fortune that makes a lot of money, but a little increase in income. Slowly, the amount of money will go to Meizizzi. The various dishes laid down before can be collected. Especially after July 10, 2019, Scorpios will find that they have money to roll in when they are lying at home, which is a constant source of wealth. Some Scorpios will also recognize their own value this year, so that they can get an opportunity to raise their salary and discover the value they can create. Scorpio also learns new financial knowledge and skills.

Running reminder: Make money remember to thank the small partners before the feedback, willing to get.


Key words: the luckiest nSagittarius in 2019 will be the luckiest constellation in the 12 constellations, and good luck in all respects. This year Sagittarius can be said to be a year of great turnaround in life. Everything is as you wish. In career, Sagittarians will meet very powerful dignitaries to raise their hands and get good job opportunities. Sagittarius have a chance to increase their earnings in financial terms. Emotionally, Sagittarius will meet better people and have a new start. The best luck level varies from person to person, but as long as the shooters make decisions and act in 2019, there will be huge feedback waiting for you at the end of the year.

Running reminder: Jupiter shines, let go.


Key words: excessivernIn 2019, Capricorns will be in the dark before dawn, just after the end of bad luck and a transitional period before good luck comes. During this period, Capricorns need to clean up what they don't need and put down what they don't use (just talking about partners, investing in unprofitable projects, making friends, mourning objects all day, talking about ideal businesses, etc.). Dawn is just around the corner, and Capricorns need to be strong. Unflinching perseverance, November 20209 is the time for Capricorns to retreat. In 2019, Capricorns will find a place to close their eyes and refresh themselves. If they encounter bad things and small people, they will be tested.

Running reminder: empty your cup before filling it up again.

AquariusKey words: communicationrnAquarius will have the best interpersonal momentum in 2019. Aquarius, who knows nothing but work, has begun to establish diplomatic relations for 18 years. Besides working cooperative relations, Aquarius will also make various friends. New friends will bring more fun to Aquarius and wider channels of cooperation. Don't just know to bury your head in the work, more friends are easy to hear more suggestions, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of the work of water bottles. The strength of the circle of friends also allows Aquarius to freely access and utilize various resources. Aquarius can also get more information through Internet media in 2019, or promote the packaging of their own brand, which benefits a lot. Aviation-related water bottles also have good luck.

Opening reminder: Wide bond.


Key words: careerrnPisces will have the best career in 2019. Swing Pisces will get a great job in 2019. Pisces who have been working for some time will finally get a promotion. Compared with the previous small promotion, this year is a qualitative leap for Pisces. Those who thought you couldn't do it before will be surprised. Pisces, who have not yet found something to do, will finally embark on their own career this year. They are quick to start and easy to succeed. If you are a politician, Pisces will also be promoted this year. Reputation-seeking Pisces will have an easy chance to make a name for themselves this year.

Opening reminder: more in a variety of media forums to show themselves.