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warned on Wednesday: lack of sense of security

Suitable: let oneself optimistic

Today, you may feel a little insecure, or affected by bad mood, thinking more pessimistic. What you need to be reminded of is that you have to adjust your mind. There are things you think too much about, and they aren't that bad. But the worse you think about it, the less conducive you are to doing things well, so remember to be optimistic.


reminder on Thursday: pay attention to communication

Fit: control mood

Today you should pay special attention to communicating with others when you are communicating with others outside. If you don't communicate well, you may not achieve your goal. So what you need to do today is to calm down, control your emotions, not be too emotional in communication, give yourself and your partner more space, and give your goals more opportunities.



Pluto's persistence in communicating the Sun and Work in this house reminds Leo of the importance it attaches to older objects. Although it's still hard for you to accept the advice of some elders and predecessors, you can only avoid being held in the other's grip if you know yourself well. You also need to reach an agreement with your supervisor and partner in the near future to resolve past problems at work as soon as possible, or you may have a crisis at the end of the month. Mercury in your house of family meets retrograde Venus, and Leo will gradually improve your discontented life by communicating with your family. There are also large amounts of money spent on buying and decorating houses in the near future. Take care of your partner's feelings.


Retrograde Venus and Mercury are in the family sector, and this week Leo will focus on the family and may harvest surprises from the family, such as marriage and the birth of a new life. You listen to your family's needs and give them material help, but at the same time you may be opposed because you haven't asked your partner. In the near future, the relationship between you and your partner is also susceptible to family influence due to the influence of the day's penal injunction. It is necessary to communicate well, explain misunderstandings, and work together to resolve contradictions and differences. Some Leos choose to separate from their partners. When it comes to financial issues, it is also vulnerable to interference by both families, try not to turn the two people's problems into family disputes, and it will be more difficult to solve.

Single Dog: The opportunity to meet new people with family introductions may not satisfy you. In order to reassure your family, you will try to accept each other, but there is no need to grieve yourself.

Companion: when it comes to money and finance, you need to ask your partner's advice before making the assignment.


Because of the impact of life and family, Leo's work performance is not good, you will also solve emotional problems and occupy work time, affecting normal progress. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the state as soon as possible, to solve the problems in the work as soon as possible, otherwise in the next two weeks, the work is prone to difficult problems. Venus and Mercury alignment, while bringing you the ability to communicate and to be influenced by Mars in your house, makes Leo particularly vulnerable to deception by existing relationships. So whether it's important cooperation or money-related issues, you're advised to do it yourself and not rely too much on the help of others.

Attention of migrant workers: try not to interfere with your career and work status because of family problems.

Job seekers note: It's not easy to find a job on your own, but you have a chance to find a job with the help of your family.

Students'attention: easy to disagree with family members of the dispute, or even physical conflict may occur.

Career and Workplace: Pluto moves forward on October 1, helping Leo cope with everyday and workplace chores as well as job recruitment and team building. You will have more reasonable daily habits, workplace performance and skills will be improved.

In the first half of October, Leo will be busy with training and sales, publishing media, writing, communication and other matters, have the opportunity to travel, reunion with relatives and friends. Although there are good opportunities in these areas, they are prone to encounter resistance and unexpected situations in the process of progress, paying attention to the right and wrong, travel is not smooth and so on. In October, Leo will be busy with family affairs, land leasing, real estate sales, renovation and relocation, but it will be prone to repeated delays and grinding. Related transactions, procedures and agreements should be carefully checked. Family ties are easy. Fortune improved after October 23rd. Career momentum is unstable, and the process of promotion and fame is easy to break. Business is easy to change. The full moon in Taurus on October 25 will arouse your desire for ideals, career goals, and turnover.

Emotional Marriage: Mars is still in Leo's house of companions, so a companion Leo is prone to quarrels, is not gentle enough for a partner, and breaks up easily. A single Leo may actively seek partnerships. When Mercury enters Sagittarius in October 31st, you may have some chance to meet and chat. This month, you may spend your thoughts on family matters or internal healing. Venus is retrograde in your house of residence, meaning that there may be some discomfort, fear and pain in your heart, and happiness will come only when you rediscover your inner joy and confidence.

Money and wealth: bad fortune. In the first half of October, it was easy to get rich. Better in the middle.

Academic: October is a good time for Leo to learn and train. Although you will encounter setbacks and obstacles, and also be prone to some unexpected events, changes, etc., you can still get something.

Health: Pluto moves forward and health improves in October 1st. Attention should be paid to the head, eyes, heart, fever, back spine, lungs, respiratory system, nerves, voice, throat, tonsils, digestion, stomach and so on.

Leo 2018 constellation fortune: addicted to illusory, hard to distinguish true

In 2018, the overall luck of Leo will not be very ideal, this year will be you “ Dream ” A year, most people will have many plans and goals, this year there will be many new things and opportunities outside, whether life, career or emotional, you will be confused by these things, I think most things are good, but I can't tell the truth from the truth, and I don't know which one is good for me. You're going to wander between choices. Of course, because there are so many things in reality, you're under a lot of pressure. Naturally, you're going to have a lot of wishes and expectations for the future, but you're going to come back anyway. To the reality, fortunately, this situation will be eased in the second half of the year.

Leo 2018 career momentum: mentality floating, missed opportunity

In 2018, the career of Leo will be challenged. Many people will take a lot of easy steps this year. Most of you will be immersed in your innocent fantasies, but the actual action and effort may be relatively small. Many people may feel that I am doing this very well, but in reality. It's not exactly what you think, but it's also important to note that there are people who are prone to interfere with your career this year. Because of these factors, some progress in your career may not be particularly successful.

Leo 2018's love affair: confused, choose to abandon

In 2018, the overall situation of Leo love is not so stable, many people in this year's emotional state of mind will be more ups and downs, a lot of things happened to you to lose confidence in the feelings are also very uncertain, you do not even know whether you really like each other, so this year many lions Seats may have the intention of abandoning the current relationship. The single lion will wander between multiple candidates, and you will find these peach blossoms unsuitable for you, not even enough stability.

Leo 2018 Fortunes: mainly conservative, preventing losses

In 2018, your financial fortunes will not be ideal. Your motivation to make money may be diminished, so you won't get much money and spend too little. Although you're eager to save and tell yourself to be conservative, you'll still be under financial pressure. Bigger and easier not to be tempted to spend some unnecessary money. Some people will experience some unexpected changes in their finances this year, and there may be some losses, all of which are conservative.

Leo 2018 healthy trend: control yourself, cherish yourself

In 2018, Leo's health is declining. This year, you should pay attention to the balance of all aspects of life. Many people are easy to lose confidence because of the confusion of life. The control over themselves is not very good. Many people should pay attention to the safety problems while traveling. Ordinary life routines may also be irregular, which will greatly affect your health, in diet control, timely time to do the right thing, life depression does not matter, the most important thing is to cherish yourself.

Leo 2018 learning momentum: self confidence, self inflated

As you enter 2018, your learning fortunes are slipping. Maybe you'll have a lot of achievements and gains in your studies over the past year, which will easily lead to your self-expansion. You may feel that you're good enough and you don't need any further study, so you'll be in a better state of study this year. More is to go horse and horse, may learn a certain knowledge, learning to the shallow surface will not go deep, but fortunately you are smarter, this year in the study will encounter problems, but as long as you use a little brain, or can overcome.

23 July ~ 23 August, planet: Sun, fire signs

character features:

Leo is a summer constellation. Hot summer given the courage and boldness of Leo. Your strict law has also stricter than the law, sometimes too much to believe in their own strength and the upper hand. This is an achievement dry before big business. Leo is characterized by open-minded, to make every effort to break through the limits of their own energy to overcome difficulties and obstacles, to create brilliant new situation. This seat handsome, eye-catching. You have grand ambitions, perseverance, invincible competitiveness. Extraordinary courage, and his open-minded magnanimous, generous and enthusiastic. Your thoughts frequently shining spark of heroism and idealism.

What are your weaknesses arrogant, too sensitive and frank. As the myths depicted the King, Leo dignity, generosity, kindness and pride. Your heart boiling with a strong passion, feeling full of vigor and vitality. Consider the issue, you do things sometimes lack of caution, I do not know too aggressive or too simplistic. Easily fooled by appearances, so that committed the error of dogmatism. Leo especially happy mood. Leisure and entertainment, to participate in various social activities, socializing with friends, and demonstrated their pivotal position in these activities. Otherwise, you will become melancholy, lose your charm and radiance (which is an important spiritual pillar of success and attractive). The rest will make you feel tired, you'd better to relax in frequent activities.

Leo does not want exposure to a mediocre life, usually you will soon get out of this situation, because you quite to Xiao Rensheng and the secret of a successful career. Lofty ideals so that you do not want to sink satisfied in the narrow family circle, and hope to a greater range to play to their talents. Sometimes you will behave domineering pull Hu, but this goes hand in hand with the happiness of others, you are willing to work back and forth the goodness of heart. Extraordinary talent to make it easy for you to embark on the prestigious post. Dignity and generosity are an integral part of your character. Are you good at discovering the advantages of working for yourself, timely recognition of your achievements, inspire your work ethic and dedication. You frequently spend money like water to meet their own demand for luxury living. Do you like the magnificently decorated his room. Wants their home to a world full of artwork. Once the cause of success, you will make all rely on your sincere protected. If it did not, you will feel pain, suppressed arrogant nature will make you the ultimate intricate psychological, and may have a direct impact on your mental and physical condition. However, in general, whether in the community, social or professional life, Leo has a brilliant future. Especially when the addition to the sun, as well as one or several planets in Leo's case, this unusual vision is even more obvious. This constellation of people good with money, not only for ourselves, but for others.

Leo Men

This is an extraordinary mind, your enthusiasm and prestige so that you can be successful career and ideals. No loyalty, no glory and grandeur of the plan, you have no way to survive. Are you open-minded, far-sighted, in order to rule out the difficulties and to control the situation. Therefore, it is very easy to you to respect and admiration. Proud of the salient features of your character.

You are generous and strong feelings. In love, willing to with their infinite sincere to win the love of heterosexual bottom of the lung abdominal and no retained. The people you love, you will make every effort to all aspects of protection, care, care of you. You like rock-solid loyalty, so that your body and mind bathed in a happy and comfortable and luxurious life. In addition, you also like to luxury jewelry to dress up your wife make you a dream in your heart idol. Knife life met this love Leo male and has become one of the happiest and most glittering female. Your marriage will be successful, will long love life full of joy and happiness.

Leo never promised his wife disorderly conduct, so that you can not tolerate discredited, the treachery of love.

The family is the kingdom of joy, love their children. Welcome mutual exchanges between friends. Everything carefully, always willing to do everything perfect, and I hope that through your efforts to make the people around you can joy and happiness.

The birthday horoscope Aquarius knot and his wife, you'd be the cause of the common wish of one another mutual assistance, and the pursuit of elegant and comfortable living.

Aries and Sagittarius women fall in love, because you have the same passion and common interest in life.

Leo women

Leo women are strong, very confident. At least you're trying to give people such an impression. Zhu, make every effort to meet you satisfied that people praise and do not want to play a minor role, and when the name Star, be strong. If your desire is frustrated efforts fail, more thinking will stimulate your desire for power.

A female conceited, arrogant. Only those with special talents or give you a "brilliant" life you desire, in order to conquer your heart.

If you dream of love can not get it, you will continue to struggle for new long-cherished wish and ideals at any cost.

It is gratifying hostess, like frequent interruption quite pomp to entertain their friends and family.

A women do not want to admit defeat, in case you ideal marriage died, your emotions will be a great shock, will take a long time to heal.

The Aquarius male toggle your heartstrings. You do not like Leo women are less ambitious. Your life will be chaos and harmony.

Aries men combined to contribute to the achievement of your grand cause or plan your dream.

Sagittarius men can into your life in the field of high-level, and will make you experience exotic travel life.

Leo children

From a young age, the child the main character performance of Leo is arrogant. This constellation of early child will feel they have a decisive influence. In school is not obedient, strong personality, like a bully, always obey your command.

Leo children, do not stab your self-esteem, or you will be even more stubbornly proud difficult to control, and does not seek improvement. The right to maintain your sense of dignity, and timely tribute to your advantages Once you have identified the direction of the target, you will seriously hard lessons anymore, the results will be among the best. This will open the way for you beautiful next door. In fact, very many important achievements were born in Leo. A child, the sense of justice and the length of a very strong sense of love and hate. When you are young, to prevent you do not be deceived. Not really understand the length, do not wronged you.

Leo child's weaknesses: too much like to hear compliments.

Your ideal way: senior positions, such as diplomacy, banks, exchanges, jewelry industry, hotel industry, large enterprises, playgrounds, art museums, theater groups, leaders, and so on.

Leo the basic character of the people who were born within 10 °:

Date of Birth: July 23 to August 2, 2011

Character: by virtue of their personality to win others to admire. You always vibrant, enthusiastic, full of fiery passion, do not want to be subject to any constraints, lofty ideals, you need to live for a much larger target or to complete some sort of sacred mission, always do not like mediocre , taking advantage of the waves. In love life, you feelingly. Anger, you will fly into a rage. Very easy to believe in someone else's compliment.

Power Source: power

Date of birth: August 3 to 13 days

Character: cheerful, everything go the courage to express their own unique insights. Loyalty to the people, doctrinal and philosophical, religious consciousness, persuasive and guide others to their own track. But somewhat overestimate the upper hand and liable to extremes. Intolerance of any errors.

Power source: authority

Date of Birth: August 14 to 23

Character: leader of the awe-inspiring courage can overcome any difficulties and obstacles. Upholding truth and justice. Have a strong sense of responsibility and a sense of duty to help others. However, if Mars is in the ecliptic the first house or eighth house (Aries or Scorpio), or Mars, the orientation of the sun or the moon is poor, very domineering. Ideals and love will be the center of your life.

Power source: success

Famous people born in Leo: Napoleon (French general, the emperor), Dumas (19th century French writer), Mussolini (Italy Prime Minister, the first European fascist dictator), Hitchcock (the famous British director), Castro (Cuba Prime Minister).

All in all, Leo:

  • Proud Leo said: "I want ...".
  • Way to express love: generosity and magnanimity.
  • A: talented people.
  • Desire: proud of capital.
  • Fraud: fancy touted compliment.
  • Like: event and social events, visiting the supermarket.
  • Fear: losing face.
  • Pursuit: lofty ideals.
  • Weaknesses: discontent.
  • Favorable conditions: the upper.
  • Adverse conditions: excessive self-esteem.
  • Holiday life: the sun and the life of luxury hotels.
  • Expenses: buy luxury goods and jewelry.
  • Mascot: the sun or the gold medal.
  • Lucky Metal: Gold.
  • Lucky stones: diamonds.
  • Lucky day: Sunday.
  • Favorite color: brilliant yellow, light yellow, brown.
  • Lucky numbers: 1,10,19,28.
  • Favorite places: luxurious places, hotels, theaters, exhibition halls or entertainment.
  • Lucky plants: sunflower, cypress, palm trees, laurel, gentian, arnica, when vesting plants.
  • Living conditions: the most senior housing works of art, paintings and luxury dotted with ancient furniture.
  • The ideal living Country: France, Italy, the Alps, Sicily, Peru, Lebanon.