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warned on Wednesday: forward blocked

Suitable: waiting time

What you need to remind people today is that you may encounter some unpleasantness in your work or be hindered in your progress. What you need to do is to calm down and wait for the opportunity. You can also look back and reflect on yourself. Never force yourself to do something, because if you are going in the wrong direction, you may be The farther forward, the more it deviated from the original intention.


warned on Thursday: cooperation may be unpleasant

Suit: hold the mood

Today, when you're working with people, your partner may make you a little unhappy, but it's recommended that you don't affect your mood, let alone your judgment. Emotionally, we should be careful not to bring our emotions into the communication of two people today.



Pluto in the Sun and Family sectors of the house of life indicates that Libra will continue to worry about household chores, even taking up your personal time to solve problems for your family or comfort a female elder. This is also the time to pay attention to the health of the elderly in the family. Some Libras will return to their parents, but will affect their career development. As Mercury and Venus align in your house of wealth, bringing you more opportunities to make money, you will also get information about cooperation by communicating with past friends. Influenced by the Mars Crime in your house of love, Libra this week has signs of spending large sums of money for emotions and personal preferences, suggesting a reasonable disposition of money to avoid being shy at the end of the month.


Affected by emotions, Libra may have unpleasant disputes with your partner this week in order to deal with family issues, and may even accuse the other person of not caring enough about themselves, such as not being promptly helped when solving problems for the family, or if you want to move out with your partner and live alone, but the elders disapprove of it. In the same way, your partner is embarrassed to express the real intention, so you will be angry with the other half. Recently, you and your partner will face a lot of real pressure, so try not to lose your temper easily, conflict, otherwise in the long run will be unfavorable to your feelings, may also have a major conflict at the end of the month.

Singles: You have a chance to meet the person you want, and you may even pay for it financially. But whether this person is reliable or not, it is still advisable to look around and make a decision.

Companion: temper can not solve the problem, it will only make your relationship worse.


To be frank, there are no tough issues at work this week. Although you may have to face a lot of backlogs in the two weeks after the holidays, Libra's working hours become easier as the tasks are gradually resolved. It's just that recently you've been influenced by fire, water and fire. You're more likely to reunite with your old friends, and you've had lots of parties and fun schemes. Libra may be playful and affect your normal schedule. Even if the work is not busy, backlog will also affect your performance.

Migrant workers pay attention: in the working hours, they only do what they should do at work.

Job seekers' attention: suitable for job hunting, and easy to find jobs with remuneration and remuneration.

Students'attention: easy to have financial disputes with friends and roommates, suggest not to put important things in public places, so as not to lose.

Career: On October 1, Pluto will be in your house of residences. Family affairs, real estate leasing, renovation, relocation, and other areas will gradually flow smoothly. Family ties are easing. When Pluto is retrograde, you may need to re-examine your inner home, your sense of security, the impact of your native family, and clean up and improve your home. After Pluto is retrograde, after experiencing the feeling of being uprooted, you will have the determination and motivation to change radically.

In October, Venus retrogrades in Scorpio, which affects Libra's fortunes and decreases happiness, but is still energetic, enthusiastic, and active in thought and expression, although its will and ideals are prone to setbacks and sudden situations. With the new moon in Libra on October 9, you may have new expectations and plans for your future that will help you build confidence. All changes related to oneself are opened with the power of the new moon. In the early and late October, the judiciary, International Trade & amp, freight declaration, media promotion, travel and immigration affairs should pay attention to sudden situation and contradictions and disputes. After Mercury enters Sagittarius on October 31, you'll be busy writing papers, communicating, traveling, publicizing, and selling.

Emotional Marriage: Mars is in your house of true love, so your pursuit of love and passion will be more enthusiastic. But Libras try not to go to entertainment places, beware of one night stands, unwanted pregnancies and so on. It is easy to fall into competition or easy to face many choices. The full moon in Taurus on October 25 may expose some Libras who are secretly in love. Partners are prone to financial disputes, mutual trust and intimacy are challenged, and some Libras are prone to re-intersect because they are not financially or mutually beneficial. Saturn comes into Capricorn, with a family Libra, and feels that home is a cage and can not be happy. Therefore, they will choose to look for excitement outside. They are easy to derail.

Money and wealth: fortune is the focus that Libra needs to pay attention to in October. Venus is retrograde in your house of wealth, and you may experience some financial problems and a sense of lack of money. During this period, investment in financial management, purchasing of commodities and luxuries, cosmetic surgery and other activities are not recommended, and are vulnerable to losses and dissatisfaction. The full moon in Taurus on October 25 may bring you some extra cash and gifts, as well as a reminder that you need to deal with debt and credit card bills.

Study: the exam is not good, and the middle school is in good condition. After October 31st, the study examination will be busy and there will be opportunities for further training.

Health: Libra also needs to pay attention to physical health. Skin, allergies, acne, tonsils, thyroid gland, throat and throat, blood sugar, insomnia, dreaming, anxiety, feet, immune system, head and so on need attention.

Libra 2018 Horoscope: striving to make progress,

In 2018, Libra's overall momentum will be focused on real life things. This year's career, learning, life development and further education will be your focus. This year, many Libras may be working very hard on these things, will try to put most of their energy into them, you may carry on. A lot of research and study, want to show a grand plan this year, of course, this year will not be as you expected, there are a lot of harvest, but overall there are still some shortcomings and imperfections, if involving the scale of co-operation, may need to pay attention to interpersonal interaction and balance, avoid excessive. Self, or need to consider other people's feelings rather than go it alone, most of this year's Libra temper is not too good, will be easily impulsive, this is the need to restrain.

Libra 2018 career momentum: ready to go, full of hope

In 2018, Libra's career fortunes will generally be better than last year's. Maybe you've had a lot of ups and downs in your career, and some of you may have missed some precious opportunities. Maybe you'll feel sorry that something hasn't been done in the past, and you'll be immersed in it for a while. It's a pity to feel self-reproached, but this year many Libras are going to calm down and start again. Many Libras may adjust their style of doing things in their careers this year, the environment of their careers may change, you may leave some of the environment that has been unhappy with you for a long time to start over, but anyway, this is a pleasant choice for you.

Libra's 2018 Romance: surprises, puzzles and

In 2018, Libra's love fortunes are always accompanied by surprises and confusions. Surprisingly, there have been some unforeseen emotional twists. Maybe in the past your feelings were full of boredom and drowsiness. Maybe you've asked yourself many times if this was what you wanted. Maybe you knew it wasn't what you really wanted. What you want, however, will change this year. There will be things you expect emotionally. Many people will regain their emotional passion and confidence. However, there will be a lot of stress in your heart. You will be afraid to lose that feeling again, so you will swing and conflict in your heart.

Libra 2018 fortune: conflict weakened, noble help

If you've had a bad financial situation in the past and you've had a lot of conflicts, maybe you'll feel like there's no one to help you with your finances, then you can take a little relief this year. Most Libra's financial conflicts will be reduced this year, but be on your guard. However, these conflicts have not completely disappeared, many people have noticed that the balance of their own, will not blindly carry out financial planning, and this year the honorable luck is good, will also help your financial fortune.

Libra health in 2018: work and rest, complement each other

By 2018, Libra's overall health will be better. This year's good physical energy will help you develop in other areas. This year you will be more satisfied with your health. This year you will learn to relax and please yourself. Physical health is not just about it. External and internal health is equally important, and you know it well, so you also pay attention to relaxing after work and study.

Libra learning luck in 2018: gain and loss coexist, immerse oneself

In 2018, there will be some small gains in Libra's learning fortunes as a whole. You may be eager for more success, but it doesn't seem easy to achieve. Things always have some drawbacks. You may feel that you're in a good state of learning overall, but there may be some reasons for this. If you want to achieve greater success, you must learn to learn from the people around you. Cooperation with others will be more efficient.

24 September ~ 23 October,  Planet: Venus, air signs

character features:

Libra is a symbol of the constellation of autumn, autumn Libra who is the special sense of smell congenial. You seek common ground and mutual understanding of the soil. Amiable disposition, hatred and hostility never close to your side. Libra people are gentle, elegance, you need to gladness life requires the faithful friendship and love. Easy-going and obedience are the main features of your character. Whether the Libra male or female, can see these women commendable quality, integrity, approachable, shining everywhere charisma brilliant, and your hidden artistic inspiration and talent. This is Libra! Insignificant things will make you feel panic anxiety. You are always looking forward to not mess with the balance of the heart, there is no such balance you can not live in peace. This is a contradiction for life to open up the road to reconciliation.

Libra people born in the autumn the words and deeds of behavior very much aware that the sense of proportion. And you get along neither impatience, and can not be simple and crude, difficult to guess your feelings, excited sometimes get carried away. Occurred around happily, not only know the ins and outs of the matter, but also know what is most favorable timing of success. The Libra people know how to discover what you like-minded. Your upper hand: attractive, gentle, smooth character, sharp-eyed, with a spirit of cooperation. The downside is that indecision, lack of candor, difficult to understand. Excessive pursuit of elegant living, conservative, opportunistic, focusing on trivia, inattentive and lack of firmness. You need other people's admiration and praise, only you feel pleased to the environment, you can live free of fear. You like to spend their time to the store to buy fun and a small gift for ornamental use, gift to their close friends. You do not want to live in the lack of a warm and welcoming environment. Once you became ill and would feel extremely unfortunate and wallow in despair. You need to have the performance and appreciate the opportunity to make their own charm and elegance; desire to live in full of art and boast Jiao fantasy mood evade the various contradictions in the life, difficulties and troubles, ugly behavior will scare you off, the trauma of rape will make your minds. Only when Mars or Uranus influence you when you were born relatively large case, can this tendency be changed.

Libra people are often the fate of love and marriage or determined. Your love life is happy. Unique charm will bring you all the benefits expected. In the eyes of the lonely, you will fall into completely overwhelmed by the state (especially in the case of Saturn and Venus or the moon showed poor orientation), so Libra people can not be a long time in solitude, and you need to maintain a frequent friendship. If the birth horoscope part of your very favorable, then the the Libra people in the arts, drama or all occupations requiring aesthetic ability will have great development. Fashion, luxury trade you can choose the ideal career. But you always need someone in the actual implementation can help you find one, you are a layman substances subject. Libra people are not good arrangement of material life, expect everything easily come, or at least do not make great efforts. You do not mind the money, and only want to spend the money concept into your mind. You are like a beautiful decorative arts, attracted a good and sincere people. You with a beautiful soul, let the caress of life and Baptists. At the same time, you will become the life full of joy, and the carefully created a comfortable and easy life to bring the person you love.

Libra men

Your woman attractive, likes to guess their psychological, listen to their voices and understand their feelings. This is not only a rare known to have been an ideal partner. Sometimes you will do everything to please the people, not to win the hearts and minds of others, but to show his sincere. You hope that everything can be done is perfect, otherwise you will feel guilty. This is a not only caring for his wife, considerate, but inevitably ramshackle husband. Hello friendly post, calm, manners and generous and elegant style of conversation qualities that make you quite diplomats mind.

Your the aesthetic very strong, ugly and violence will cause you dislike. You want to around intimate, Series Mu coexistence.

Obsessed with the desire of others to meet, will exhibit its own weaknesses. You do not want to compete with people willing to put the time used to weave their love will never fade. Your fate will be finalized with the realization marriage.

Libra people can not live a lonely life, so the marriage will play an extremely important role, and even become a turning point in your life. You need the fire of love, you need to talk to the Passions and need to win a good impression. Your happiness will depend on you to establish a variety of relationships.

Aries women can conquer your heart, make you indulge in the happiness of love. Typically, Aries women always very active, if both sides have the intention, then this marriage is ideal.

Gemini women's social skills and lively personality will make you dumped.

Aquarius women in art, aesthetics, like-minded and you will understand your sensitive character.

Virgo and Cancer women in good faith and quiet character will give your life eternal light and heat.

Libra women

Love is a crucial event in your life, you are quite compelling charm.

Your character is fragile and gentle, and easy to get along with. Some self absorbed. Life you rely entirely on your husband, hoping that he would bear the responsibility for everything in life. When you are alone, you will feel adrift. Usually this situation will not last long, you will find thoughtful, concerned about their known to have good friends.

Life, you need a happy mood, needs to be compelling. The elegant grace will touch people's hearts, you affectionate and goodwill. This is an ideal housewife, you can buffer and mediate any conflicts and disputes, to family life and bring joy and calm. But must not interrupt sublimate your feelings, caring, considerate, does not live up to your affection you can have you firmly. But also with eternal warmth to moisten you love sinking heart.

If you do not survive for love, then you will for art and devotion. Art will be your ideal career, and enables you to play to their talent. However, in order to achieve something, you have to overcome the inertia of leisure Yat Chi. Since the final analysis, you like "Pan" not like "special".

Your style and charm will evoke the passion of love birthday horoscope Aries male. As long as you are attracted to each other phase, the combination you will be happy.

Gemini men would you create a good impression. Fun, brighter and rich the super color fantasy conversation will take you into a dream state.

You can fully understand your Aquarius male will have a sincere affection and love feat.

Libra children

Libra children are generally handsome, pleasant, easily aroused the admiration of others, praise and good impression. Paying particular attention to-prevent you breed a "little emperors" have to rely on someone else's ideological tendency. Because of talent and charm tend to make you feel being in a unique environment.

The only warmth may want something from the child's body. Rude cause you do not know what to do. You do not want to be alone, and the need for frequent interaction with friends and partners. From morning till evening friends on your childhood, and even the fate and future play an important role.

The Libra child in art, aesthetics and purely technical, scientific and legal and medical aspects, easily achievements. Never driven these children to go beyond the limits of their abilities, but in learning to frequently interrupt and urge you and encourage you to indulge yourself, because you are naturally lazy, easy and fun.

Dance, painting or flowered garden walks you than physical exercise is more conducive to physical and mental balance.

Your ideal way: art, theater, fashion, decorating, freelance, luxury trade (especially in the cosmetics industry) and social life.

Libra born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: September 24 to October 2, 2011

Character: gentle disposition, polite and did not mind and charming. But this is not a period of time, everything everywhere can easygoing accommodation. Your destiny depends on the people around you, especially depending on your hobby to invest. As you all almost entirely dominated by feelings, your own never original. Appreciation of beauty and artistic talent are strong, but need to have a good Mars and Venus or Mars and the sun orientation, or your birth horoscope is in a strong constellation, this will make your art can really play out. A successful marriage is the cornerstone of your happiness.

Good-natured, our friendly, strong sense of justice, the key moment always support the weak against the power. Your compassion is very strong, frequently put themselves in person for your sake, magnanimous. You are always with people, so much so that the slaves themselves into such a kind-hearted. Yearning for fidelity feelings. Your path in life is often associated with sadness and depression.

: Combination of power sources

Date of Birth: October 3 to 13, 2011

Character: kind-hearted, our friendly, strong sense of justice, the critical moment is always to support the weak, against the powers. Your compassion is very strong, frequently put themselves in person for your sake, magnanimous. You are always with people, so much so that the slaves themselves into such a kind-hearted. Yearning for fidelity feelings. Your path in life is often associated with sadness and depression.

Power source: feelings

Date of Birth: October 14 to 23

Character: approachable and full of strong social skills. In social interaction, you will gain credibility, but it may also bring you some unstable psychological. Are you eager to spend a beautiful time in a friend's laughter, rather struggled to live in loneliness and solitude. Saturn, Mars and Venus or the moon was bad orientation, then make the the loneliness you tend to aggravate spirit. On the contrary, it will strengthen the intellectual factors, which will contribute to the success of your career.

Power source: relying on others

Famous people born in Libra: Wilde (Irish writer, dramatist), Rimbaud (French poet), Alan Fu Nilles (French writer), Aragon (French poet) sea Schwartz (film actor), MuscatTroiani (Italian film actor), Catherine Nadya of Nefertiti (French actress), Philip Nouadhibou Ray (French actor), Yifumengtang (French actor).

All in all, you Libra:

  • Gentle Libra who said: "I also need to think about."
  • Way to express love, romantic.
  • A: bent people meet people.
  • Desire: sisterly friendship.
  • Deceived: the luxury of love.
  • Like: dance or participate in the grand event.
  • Afraid: we love.
  • Wanted: care and concern.
  • Weaknesses: Dissipativity.
  • Favorable conditions: like to help others.
  • Adverse conditions: that and not do.
  • Of vacation: full of poetic.
  • Expenses: buy cosmetics, flowers, watch the show.
  • Mascot: the heart-shaped objects.
  • Favorite flower: Rose.
  • Lucky Metal: copper.
  • Lucky Gem: Emerald.
  • Lucky Day: Friday.
  • Favorite color: blue, Sung Blue.
  • Lucky numbers: 6,15,24,33
  • Favorite place: elegant social spaces; blooming gardens; ballroom or entertainment.
  • Auspicious plants: Primula, collard grass, periwinkle, elderberry, boxwood, apricot, garden flowers.
  • Living conditions: indoor elegant and full of vitality, full of flowers and silk decoration, a senior Simmons bed and a reception in the living room of a friend.
  • The ideal living Country: Austria, southern United States, Egypt, Monaco, Guatemala and Hawaii.