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Mercury Retrograde for the First Time in March 2019

Introduction: The study of constellations has become a popular, most people know little about constellations, encounter bad things, put the responsibility on the water inverse, water inverse will indeed bring certain impact on the future of each constellation, but should never be & ldquo; backpan man & rdquo; responsible for all bad things. In March 2019, there will be a Mercury Retrograde. How will this Mercury Retrograde affect all constellations?

Wind Constellation: Gemini Libra AquariusMarch's water adversity has less impact on the wind sign, mainly reflected in personal emotions and opinions and decisions on things. Wind signs are not emotionally stable and are affected by water reversal. They are more likely to change the decisions they have made or to shake their determination in some way. It is suggested that the wind signs should not change easily or make important decisions during the period of water retrograde. It is not easy to maintain stability, because impulse makes mistakes.

Gemini can respond to everything with a quiet attitude during the water reversal. Whatever your inner thoughts, you should wait until the water reversal is over. Even if the situation you are facing is not very good, you should not make adjustments easily. You should believe that the water reversal will bring about the result of changing clouds and seeing the future.

Libra should not be too weak or too scrupulous during the water retrograde period. Although they should not make decisions at will, they should not sway around and suffer grievances in the face of necessary decisions. They should also vent their discontent, not hold it in their hearts, and have a negative impact on their hearts.

Aquarius in the water reversal period to show some ground gas, seriously enjoy ordinary life, do not go too far alone, put down the desire to express, you can try to eat big stalls, buy stalls, may find that ordinary life, there are many trivial happiness worth cherishing.

Saturn constellation: Taurus Virgo Capricorn R Capricorn nMarch's Mercury Retrograde will have a negative impact on the future of Saturn constellation, mainly reflected in slowing down the career process of Saturn constellation, making some Saturn constellations into a dilemma, or even losing confidence to break through adversity. Some Saturn signs may also be too conservative, miss opportunities, or fail to find ways to change themselves, unable to extricate themselves from difficulties, too depressed, and lose curiosity about life.

Taurus can make some changes during water stress, such as adjusting their living conditions, revising their career plans, or cultivating some hobbies. They can even arrange to go out for a trip, look elsewhere, walk around and do things they are not willing to try, so that they can gain the strength to resist water stress.

Virgo can spend more time with her family and communicate with others during the water retrograde period, which can relieve the bad mood in her heart. At the same time, looking for some books suitable for her, she can strengthen her inner beliefs, easily get out of the shadow of negative mood, and keep her mood in a stable state, so that she can ride through the water retrograde smoothly.

Capricorns should actively contact the people they miss and express their inner feelings. Whether they are facing emotional or social problems, they should be generous and positive. They should accept the ideas of the people around them with an open mind and look at the outside world, so that they can survive the water adversity smoothly.

Water sign: Cancer Scorpio Pisces Scorpio R Scorpio nMarch's Mercury Retrograde will have a more serious impact on the constellation Mercury, mainly reflected in personal emotions and attitudes to deal with things, as well as social and ideological development. Water signs have great emotional fluctuations and can not face things objectively. They will add too many personal emotions when dealing with things. They can not be rational and rigorous. They are easy to misunderstand others. They will also actively create misunderstandings and damage their social image.

Cancer is better off staying away from people and things you don't like, not reluctantly accepting social activities you don't like, and not forcing yourself to do things that seem meaningful, but actually have a negative impact on your thoughts.

Scorpio should not be overly sensitive during the retrograde period, but also put his intuition aside, do not rely on intuition to judge anything and anyone, to respect facts and rationality. When you have doubts about others, first think about whether your doubts are justified or not, otherwise you will easily cause trouble during the water adversity.

Pisces is in the water retrograde period, as long as you manage the flood mood. Please avoid friends temporarily, or even spend too much time with your family or lover, so that you can get your emotions settled by being alone. Otherwise, when you vent negative energy, you will easily hurt others and cause serious damage to some relationships.

Fire: Aries, Leo, SagittariusMarch's Mercury Retrograde will also have a greater impact on Fire signs. A grumpy Fire sign will become more grumpy during Mercury Retrograde. It may do wrong things, say wrong things, offend people, or even cause serious consequences because of impulse. Therefore, for Fire, the most important thing during Mercury Retrograde is to control your emotions. You must not make decisions on impulse, talk freely and keep your mouth in order to make your interpersonal relationship.

Aries should think more and arrange quiet activities such as reading, walking, listening to music and so on, which are more suitable for Aries. Let your thoughts settle down. When you have negative energy in your heart, you can breathe deeply and speak until your emotions are stable.

During the period of water retrograde, Leo should not be too fond of great success, strive for strength and win, keep a low profile, and do not force others to take the lead in the event of things, put down the characteristics of holding on to injustice, and take every step down-to-earth. Seriously dealing with internal affairs, we would rather go slower than compete, so that we can ride out the water adversity in a stable state.

Sagittarius in the water retrograde period, the best way to deal with difficulties with a retreat attitude, do not feel too angry, not do not have the courage to overcome difficulties, but in the water retrograde period, face up to difficulties, is not a good way to solve the problem. Don't be overconfident and optimistic, you can ride out the adversity smoothly.

Concluding remarks: From the perspective of the four-sign constellation, we will find that the degree of influence of water inverse on the movement of each constellation is different. In fact, the development trend of things is in their own hands, and fortune does not play a decisive role. Don't be afraid of water adversity. If you keep your feet on the ground, you will be able to ride out the water adversity smoothly.

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