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November Horoscope of 2018 of 12 Constellations


The first ten days: Aries is in good health from November 3 to 6. Aries can be the leader if there's something to do with healthy competition. Of course, you can't work hard without the relationship between others and you. Aries who compete in teams can get better results in sports or tests. Aries, who is engaged in business or business, earns most of your income from other people's help. Customers are a crucial aspect. Aries will be under a bit of a lot of pressure during the 4-9 period, so you need to weigh a lot of things with others before you make a judgment.

Mid-day: From November 11 to 17, Aries'career stress is mainly manifested in your lack of energy. In fact, everyone will have some physical overdraft, which is very normal, but Aries has made a big deal of trouble in this matter. You need to show a more mature and rational attitude so that you can have better opportunities. Between 12 and 19, though Aries has done the best you can to what you're good at, there aren't many people who can trust you. You must set your mind right, no matter how hard your work is, if you work hard, acknowledge it or not, you get it.

Late ten days: Aries and lovers have a lot of arguments around November 24-27. It seems that you have different opinions about each other because of the pressure of money. In fact, Aries must know how to think in a transposition. Some things are not what you want to do, and you can really move on as you imagine. Many things are still going on. It's time to think about your lover's feelings, who doesn't want to have a beautiful relationship, but it takes a long time to get in touch with each other to make it work. Aries is a bit eager to get it done, and what you have to pay for is the break-up between you.


First ten days: From November 5 to 10, Taurus is under a lot of financial pressure, especially if you have a mortgage or a car loan. This period of time has brought a lot of trouble to your life because of money problems. In the process of communicating with your lover, you think differently from each other, which is also the main reason why you feel tired. In fact, everyone has different material concepts and plans, but Taurus is more realistic about the emotional requirements, if the economic conditions between you, really can not support the long-term development of love, then your relationship will inevitably go wrong. During the period 4 to 9, Taurus had a bit of trouble.

Mid-November: In mid-November, the Taurus body limbs may be injured, if it appears, must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, otherwise it will lead to serious problems. During this period of time Taurus'overall health is not very good luck, in fact, you also want to exercise, or other ways to improve physical fitness. Taurus is not a very good time, but there is a lover's Taurus, you have a little bit more peach blossoms, how to deal with the relationship between peach blossoms is very important, if you want to make your lover happy, you must keep a distance with other opposite sex.

In late days: the influence of Jupiter transposition on Taurus is mainly manifested in money income. Taurus is under a lot of money pressure from January 24 to 29, and of course, Taurus has already saved money and won't let your income crash, but you'll still be in a bit of trouble during that time. At the end of the month there are more and more troubles with money shortage in Taurus. Like snowballing, the more troubles you have, the worse your mood will be. The next is also good.


Earlier in the day: Jupiter's change of sign brings Gemini good luck in terms of emotions. During November 3-9, your stress comes from emotions, especially married Gemini. There are so many peach blossoms around you. Married Geminis may have a third party involved in their relationship between 4 and 8 November, which can cause problems with your reputation. After all, there are a lot of emotional issues that need to be dealt with in a good mood. If you act impulsively, or if you don't communicate well with your lover, then trouble will arise between you. More and more. Between November 3 and 8, Gemini's interpersonal relationship and financial fortune are very good, you can see that your dignitaries bring you good luck.

Mid-term: Gemini's peach blossom luck is good between November 12 and 18, but your finances are really bad. If single Gemini wants to take off and spend money on a loved one, it's not a small number. How can you handle your relationship well is crucial. After all, every relationship has something material to protect it. A barrier is the only way to do it. From November 17 to 20, Gemini's career is not up to par, although you may be helped by others. Gemini is facing a lot of problems before the 20. You need to put your mind in good shape.

Late Ten: Between November 24 and 28, Gemini's career fortunes will be hampered by friends. It seems that you and your friends have different opinions. You all want a good income, but there is no good way to deal with the pressure of work, and you have different attitudes towards your career. In fact, everyone should have different career choices and judgments, but Gemini in this period of time face more problems, there is no more unswerving to do anything. In retrospect, you'll regret a little bit. You must know what you want in order to make the right judgment.


The first ten days: From November 7 to November 7, Cancer's career has been very good, you can see that you are very hard working and dedicated in your career, and the people around you are more recognition of your work, so your good luck comes from other people's help to you. Especially in education and health care and other industries, you can get the approval of older bosses, in the leadership of the word of mouth is very good. Cancer's relationship with your family is not very good this month. You always argue about money. Cancer needs to give in.

Mid-Dec: Married Cancer's relationship with your lover broke down in mid-November, and you both want to do more for your family, but unfortunately neither of you is financially well off, and these regrets are hard to heal. Cancer's peach blossoms are mixed between November 17 and 20, and too many rotten peach blossoms around you can make you insecure. Cancer's problems in mid-November are mainly extramarital affairs or third-party problems. If you don't take love seriously, your luck will only be worse.

Late Dec: Your peach blossom will be great on November 24-29, but Cancer doesn't focus on emotions. You have other things to do, and even if you meet the right person, you won't cherish your fate. In fact, meet the right person or should seize the opportunity, especially the single Cancer, you are more worried that if you do not become lovers with each other, the relationship will be very embarrassing. Your idea is much more concerned, and it will eventually ruin the beautiful love. At the end of November, spending for a lover with a companion Cancer is not a small sum. How you can guarantee your income is crucial.


First ten days: From November 4th to 9th, Leo's career is under a lot of pressure, especially when it comes to career problems. Competition and cooperation from friends will make Leo's career rise. But when it comes to choosing the key issues, you don't listen to your friends'opinions, and you'll end up making mistakes only yourself. Leo faces a lot of trouble in early November, so it's the right attitude that counts. No matter what you're experiencing, if you have a good attitude, you'll be able to solve it eventually.

Mid-Dec: Leo spends a lot between 11 and 17, and you spend a lot on your friends and on your own, and Leo faces a lot of problems, such as spending that makes you feel insecure. How to save your life in the middle of November is a must for Leo. Even if you have good luck in your career, saving money and investing money is an essential part of making money without managing it well. This is something that makes Leo frustrated.

Late in the month: Leo is not in good health in late November, especially when your head is vulnerable. The nearsighted Leo is more likely to rise in degrees in the last few days, and the physical troubles can cause mood swings. Secondly, Leo's peach blossom luck is more, but your side of the peach blossom luck is more troublesome, how to pass a good peach blossom is the most critical, meet the right person to take the initiative to attack is also good, but Leo always want to see the other side's sincere passive way.


First ten days: Virgo's health and fortunes are good from November 8 to November 8. If you're going to lose weight, it's a great choice lately, but Virgo should consider how you can get your job done more quickly in addition to keeping fit. It is said that you are in good health, but you should be more efficient in dealing with some things. Virgo is happy to work slowly, but if a mind is so slow, your luck will only decline, a lot of things should be dealt with more proactive, not too passive, but also to improve the speed of personal work.

Mid-day: From November 13 to 19, Virgo's peach blossom is more prosperous. During this period, the people who are pursuing you are mainly from the workplace. You can see that you have a deep friendship with each other, and the two people are already familiar with love. If you have a good idea of love, then go after it, no matter what the end result, at least the process belongs to you. During the 11-17 period, Virgo career troubles are more, it seems that you do not communicate well with others, everyone has their own ideas, then how will your luck be better? It should be more cohesive in teamwork.

Late ten days: Virgo's peach blossom luck is good between November 23 and 30, but although you have good peach blossom, in the process of getting along with your loved ones, there will always be some troubles, no matter what you do, Virgo should still learn to look at it rationally! Between 21 and 27, Virgo is prone to procrastination at work, which leads to trouble in your career. How can you face the difficulties at work with a better attitude and adjust to the state of mind and try to speed up? Virgo in the logistics industry will have more trouble at the end of the month. It seems that you haven't handled your orders well during this time.


First ten days: Libra spends a lot of time on emotional issues, but that doesn't mean that you and your lover are in a good relationship. On the contrary, there are a lot of small things that break up between you. Most of the time it comes from financial pressure, whether it's your job assignment, causing the lover to be dissatisfied with your job, or you're negotiating. In the process, you leave a bad impression on your lover, which is the main reason for your emotional problems, Libra although many things know how to think in a transposition. The impact of this month's Jupiter switching in Libra is still quite stressful, especially in dealing with relationships.

Mid-Dec: From November 11 to 19, Libra's study luck is very good. I can see that your academic performance during this period is good. Only you pay the hard work, but only know it, the end result is good, for you to pay everything worth. It is only at this stage that some things and pressures need to be balanced by your emotions. In terms of finance, Libra is prone to financial problems due to a lack of cash flow between 12 and 19, due to Uranus's interaction with you in Aquarius. Money pressure can lead to a decline in Libra's consumption during this period.

Late ten days: In dealing with relationships, you have to figure out what kind of people are worth paying for. The trouble you face during this time is that your friends think your income doesn't match your current circle. In fact, everyone should correct their attitude, no matter what kind of people to associate with, each other's economic conditions, material ability, is the key to a true friend! It's just that Libra values each other's potential values, but doesn't tap into deep social ideas, which is the main reason you're vulnerable to losses during this time. Between 24 and 28, your relationship is very bad.


The first ten days: From November 3 to 7, Scorpio is under a lot of pressure in the workplace, especially when it comes to health care. Scorpio must be more sensitive in the details of communicating with others. Although you can see a person's shortcomings in a very sophisticated way, Scorpio should think more about the key issues. Your individualism is strong, and although you can be friends for a short period of time, there are times when the interests of Scorpio have to learn to deal with the problem, although it is difficult to trust others, but some people deserve your trust.

Mid-day: During November 14-17, Scorpio is in good luck, but emotionally Scorpio is not so active. You choose to test each other passively, but many things aren't too much concessions or traps to wait for your prey to come. Between 17 and 19, Scorpio's work stress can cause you to lose control of your emotions, which can lead to disagreements with your loved ones and difficult relationships with your family. You must control your emotions, or your emotions will make it difficult for you to get out of trouble for a long time.

Late Ten: Between November 23 and 25, Scorpio's career stress comes mainly from competition from friends, but there are different ways of getting along with everyone, except that some Scorpio temptations are unreliable. This time Scorpio is not in a good mood, and you don't handle details very well, especially in financial management, interpersonal relationships and other industries, Scorpio, you have more trouble. Scorpio's career may be on the rise between Nov. 27 and Nov. 30, and your turnaround will come mainly from your friends'help. Trusting your friends is the key.


First ten days: Sagittarius is not in good physical condition between November 4 and 9. Sagittarius who work outdoors has recently had physical problems. Sagittarius must consider how to seize the opportunity, although there are good job opportunities, but the body tired, but not worth it. Sagittarius in the period from 1 to 7, the body pressure is relatively large, the pressure is mainly to stay up late or need you to spend more time on work, energy if not good, even if you pay a lot, but you get less, Sagittarius mentality to calm down, or even if you have a good opportunity to grasp.

Mid-Decade: Sagittarius'academic fortunes are likely to decline between November 14 and 17. It seems that you are not particularly careful with your academic troubles and that subjects you dislike need to be tough-headed to stick to, even if you know it's not what you're good at. Sagittarius in financial work, you will be more pressure, especially in the details, you must pay more attention to, or even if you have a good job opportunities, not grasp the hand will still be lost. Although the peach blossom luck is good, Sagittarius has not put too much emotion in this time.

Late ten days: November 23 to 28, Sagittarius is in good luck, it seems that this period of time you in the process of intercourse with the opposite sex, the impression and state of each other are very good, but with the opposite sex in a short time also can not necessarily see the essence of each other, Sagittarius do not easily trust others. During November 27 to 30, Sagittarius has had a very good time in school. You work hard at your studies, and you are lucky in your studies. Examination results can show your efforts. It's very important to play on the spot. Sagittarius is in a good mood.


The first ten days: Capricorn's overall luck is on the rise between November 10 and November 10. Your luck is great both in business and in relationships. You can get along with the people around you. More luck will help you. It's just that when you're communicating with other people, you need to take the initiative and be more purposeful, and Capricorn's luck will be better. Between November 4 and 9, you are more likely to encounter a third party emotionally, as if you have some communication misunderstanding with the other party, resulting in some emotional problems. Your attitude must be better, otherwise your mood will affect your life.

Mid-Dec: Capricorn is in good luck from November 11 to 18, but you're a little bit cold and hot when dealing with each other. It's hard to guess what you're thinking. When you meet someone you like, it's actually a good thing to take the initiative. Instead, you always choose to give in, so that the other side can't guess your mind. Capricorn, who works in scientific research, will make a quick increase in income in the near future. You have a lot of abilities, and Mercury in your house of relationships will also improve your studies. Recently, you've been doing well in your exams, and if you have important test options, you can make a quick increase in your income by the 20th.

Late Dec: During November 23-30, your career is under a lot of stress, mainly from your ability to communicate with other people in the workplace, especially Capricorns who work in sales. You have to think about how to unite your current strengths. You're a leader in the team, but you're not. If you play a personal charm, you can only stay in an awkward position. You have a very strong desire to consume on the 24th and 29th, and Mars has influenced you to see that your spending on consumer goods during this period is not a small number.


First ten days: From November 4th to 9th, Aquarius is in trouble. Influenza or an epidemic can cause problems for Aquarius. It's getting cooler, and Aquarius shouldn't be too aggressive. You can avoid discomfort by adding more clothes to your outdoor work. During the 3-7 period, Aquarius is under a lot of pressure. It seems that you have a strong competitor in the workplace, and you are not too efficient in your own work. In communication, Aquarius needs to learn to think in a transposition. Although you are very capable, you also need the help of a team and the recognition of others, don't you?

Mid-Dec: Aquarius'peach blossom will go up a lot between November 12 and 17, and when you're dealing with the opposite sex, the directness of Aquarius will make the other person feel very frank. However, Aquarius also needs to be gentle in dealing with emotional relationships. Straightforwardness is good, but it can easily become a disadvantage. With Aquarius in the financial planning or financial industry, you have a higher income, Mercury is in place, and you'll be lucky in communicating with your family. Family help can open a new door to your work, spend more time with your family, and believe that your income will be higher, and you need to listen to the opinions of others.

Later in the month: Aquarius has a great academic or academic career at the end of the month, especially when you're facing a surprise check, and you're very responsive, so you can bring good income and a more stable future to your company. Aquarius, a writer or creator, may not be lucky from November 14 to 29 because you don't have a good idea, and your perseverance can be the key to your earnings problems. Hit the wall.


Earlier in the day: Pisces will have a chance to move up in November, especially on the 3rd and 5th of the month, when Venus is in the arch, and Pisces is very active in facing emotions. Fortunately, your initiative can really give love a good chance. Pisces, who is engaged in scientific research or scientific research, is more likely to have an office romance, and with both IQ and EQ, Pisces is much more likely to be alone than others. Pisces has a great career between May 5 and September 9, especially if you have a lot of people who can help you in your career, and you can do well in your area of expertise, but Pisces shouldn't miss every opportunity to show off.

Mid-day: Pisces'peach blossom will affect your family relationship between November 14 and 19. If your family doesn't care about the relationship or have no long-term attitude toward it, even if it's a good relationship right now, it's still very difficult to get along with each other in the long run. Pisces is right to be emotionally proactive, but to be too proactive to make your partner's family think you're not real is something you do. Only by staying with Pisces for a long time can you really understand what kind of personality you are, and it's hard to get along with each other faster in a short time. Pisces'health needs to be improved between 11 and 17, and you'll have some difficulty losing weight during that time.

Late ten days: From November 22 to 30, Pisces will be in good fortune. Pisces, a self-employed person, will earn more. Pisces learns to draw on the opinions of others when communicating with others. Although you may leave an impression of being mellow and gentle, few people actually come into your heart. If you haven't created such opportunities for others, how can you get a better network? Pisces, in the face of the opportunity to communicate with others, must work harder to actively pursue reliable opportunities, or even if you can have your luck, but ultimately can help you very few people.

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