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Wednesday, April 17, 2019 r

Reminder: High efficiency r

Suitable: tamping foundation, tamping r, tamping nToday, you need to be aware that your work efficiency will be very high today, even if you don't have to work too hard to achieve results. But you must know that this is because of your long-term accumulation, not temporary good luck, so you can not be proud, continue to work steadily, consolidate the foundation, which is very important for you now.

The Moon falls in Virgo 18.08 degrees - Libra 2.50 degrees (here refers to the daily trajectory of the moon)r

2019;04-18, Thursday

reminds: Emotions have an opportunityrnSuitable: Be proactiveToday, we need to pay attention to: today, singles have good emotional opportunities. To be proactive, we need to pay attention not to be missed or delayed because of work; there are other half of the people can also arrange a romantic date, which helps to enhance mutual feelings. In addition, today it is appropriate to sink down to reflect, there will be insights and gains.

The Moon Sets in Libra 2.50 Degree - Libra 17.30 Degree (here refers to the daily trajectory of the moon)rn


Venus joins Mercury and Neptune in Pisces'house of life, and Jupiter Penk in your career house. Although Pisces has a bright future, it is still in the dilemma of reality in the near future. This week is still in the shadows after Mercury retrograde, Pisces should again focus on the problems that have occurred in Mercury retrograde, to avoid similar situations. The sun in the Palace of Finance and Silk and the PENK of Saturn and Pluto in the interpersonal Palace also make Pisces realize that in the adult world, money is needed to solve many problems. You will pay attention to the economic problems and consider more opportunities to make money, but it is not suitable to make risky investments in the near future. With Jupiter retrograde in your career house on the 11th, you will also have an impact on the existing gambling, investment and profit industries. You should also learn to use a pragmatic attitude to face a series of pressures brought about by life. Even in adversity, Pisces will have a rebirth of beliefs and opportunities.


Venus joins Mercury and Neptune in the house of life, making you pay more attention to emotional interaction with your partner, while the other half will also care about your feelings and give you as much care and companionship as possible. However, the relationship between the stars in Pisces'house of life is still in an unstable state because of Jupiter's penalization. The fundamental reason lies in the lack of consistent planning for the future, and often due to the living environment and economic side. Face pressure, and there are unpleasant disputes. Jupiter will retrograde in Pisces'career house on Thursday. In the next four months, it will have an impact on your life. For married Pisces, you may want to buy a house, or consider relocation for the sake of your child's education. Pisces in love should consider whether they have the confidence to go hand in hand. If one of them feels tired or disappointed, they may let go in the next few months.

Single Dog: Single Pisces is prone to encounter online love or triangular relationships. It is recommended to keep distance from the people who are interested and avoid trouble.

Partner: When you feel overwhelmed by your current life, you might as well listen to the advice of female elders in your family.

Career studiesrnPisces will face many unexpected situations this week, because Venus in the sign of life is in conjunction with Mercury and Neptune, which strengthens the impact of retrograde later stages, dulls your perception and forces Pisces to focus more on issues related to trivial matters and details. But your good performance will be praised by others. The sun stays in the Palace of Finance and Silk, bringing stability to Pisces at work. It also reminds you that you should be confident in the workplace, which will attract more people's attention. The Sun and Saturn, Pluto and Penk in the interpersonal palace, Pisces also need to maintain good interpersonal relationships that will help you, maintain a low-key, modest attitude, will bring you more help. Jupiter will retrograde after Thursday. Pisces will not only focus on performance in the workplace in the next four months, but may also have the intention to change jobs and resign. Whether it's work or life, you should also pay attention to financial issues. There will be unexpected expenses in the next few months. Developing the habit of time deposit will save you a lot of trouble.

Attention of migrant workers: When you are in a bad mood, you might as well chat with optimistic friends.

Job seekers note: Pisces who are unemployed may not grasp the job in time because of attitudinal problems, although they have seemingly good job opportunities.

Students'attention: Pisces students are sensitive to emotions and are prone to argue with others around them. They should learn to respect everyone's ideas, instead of always asking others to accommodate your decisions.

April is the period of seeking identity and learning to control energy.

Many of the inner energies released (including anger) bring about intense and passionate vitality, but they are likely to be excessive, leading to disputes with family, neighbors and peers, which is also a stage of learning to control energy.

4.20 Before the Sun came to your second house, self-worth became important. Some people will prove their value by wasting money, but this is only one way. Can you think of more ways to express your self-worth?

The pursuit of self-identity lies in the recognition of uniqueness and courage. Everyone's way of expression is different, some people are a little provoked, think that their value has become low, and then ignite anger, have to fight with each other. If you can't show your bravery, you will feel worthless. It's very different from Pisces.

However, this month will be when the inner anger is ignited. Have you ever seen Mr. Good lose his temper? This is more terrible than a person who is angry every day. If you have hidden anger, be aware that these energies are about to be released. Learning to control your inner energy is your lesson this month.

4.20 After that, the sun comes to your three houses, representing peers, brothers and sisters, and neighbors. The sun represents the self. Our relationship with these people needs more self-space. Otherwise, it is easy to develop into a competitive state to replace the sense of security. However, the best way to deal with it is to bring about harmonious relations with a just and fair attitude.

The new moon of April 5 also happens in your second house of family. The second house of the moon is full of money, representing good enjoyment, extravagance and luxury. It's easy to make money and easy to spend this month. Emotions are reflected in your attitude toward financial management. It's also a good time to collect antiques or historical jade. You're better at finding hidden values.

The full moon on April 19 is in your eighth house, which raises some deep emotions, brings deep and intense emotions, arousing needs, and all kinds of desires. The intimacy in front of you will evoke your past experience, which brings excitement. You have to go back and explore your past and find problems. This is a process from crisis to collapse, to find more resources and unknown energy, to develop your more potential. This position also represents the opportunity to inherit or receive other people's resources.

In April, Mars arrives in your fourth house, and your family and the energy accumulated in the past are released. Once you get home or come into contact with the family, it makes you want to be angry. Many inner energies are released at this time. Don't just be angry. You have to find the unknown energy in these crises and disputes and learn to control it.

Overview of Horoscope

Pisces is about to open a year of ambitious exhibition, and soon you will have a good reputation. In 2019, you will find the right career position at the right time, because you have enough experience and expertise to make more than one big man willing to seek talent.

Complete Horoscope

Pisces is about to open a year of ambitious exhibition, and soon its reputation will rise. In 2019, you will find the right career position at the right time, because you have enough experience and expertise to make more than one big man willing to seek talent.

Over the past few years, you have been working diligently and expecting recognition and praise for what you have done. Pisces is ready for harvest. Jupiter, the planet of gifts and good luck, will be in Sagittarius for most of 2019, the tenth house of Pisces honors, rewards and achievements, just like a beacon on the spire. Jupiter will stay here for nearly a year until December 2. The seeds you planted in your career in 2019 will help you move forward in the next twelve years, bringing a material reward that lasts for many years. The tenth house also represents fame, so during Jupiter's Sagittarius, it will also be recognized by peers and important people in the industry, even around the world. If there are award ceremonies in the industry in 2019, attend as many as possible. It's doomed to be a brilliant year for Pisces.

Sagittarius is also an international sign, so Pisces may have opportunities to work abroad. Based on this, you will have the opportunity to leave your footprints around the world and become a well-known person in the industry in this once-in-a-twelve-year career. Neptune rules the big screen, so you may find that you have the opportunity to appear in newspapers, on TV, etc., and your exposure has increased dramatically.

The luckiest day of the year is December 27, full of happiness and happiness. Be sure to do something special on this day. At least one contract can be signed. Next, we can look forward to the New Year's Eve, because it is the beginning of the most unforgettable and wonderful decade. Are there any plans for engagement or marriage? Is the new book expected to be published? Want to go out and travel abroad? Dear Pisces, the world is in your pocket. By the end of 2019, the stars will shine for you and make the coming year worth looking forward to!

20 February ~ 20 March, planet: Neptune, water signs

character features:

Pisces is the last winter and zodiacal constellation. Winter when it is about to leave the relative sense of left Pisces. This one has its own unique way of silence. Everything happening in the world, and even illusory things you have a strong hobby. This blurred ideas to make you into a mysterious glow, attracting a lot of people Xu. People think you are quiet, gentle, sincere and considerate person, but you think your idea is so far-reaching and unpredictable. As you desire, passion and hatred, as some constellation full of absolute consciousness. Hearts there is little concept of "urgency". You do not understand why tomorrow can continue to do things, we must seize the time to finish today. Your body is easily tired. Noise, the crowds, the rush and urgent pace of life will make you exhausted. If the a richer incentive Mars or Uranus orientation of your birth horoscope is not, then you do not think that sense becomes inert.

Your body always maintained a naive, honest temperament. Generally speaking, if your birth horoscope is not the Saturn too many unfavorable factors, and because they encountered Jupiter or Venus is in the ideal orientation, you will frequently be lucky to take care of: something unexpected, sudden opportunities, merrily character will be beneficial to you. You might win the lottery or a very rich and generous known to have been encountered in the life on the road. Thus, the Pisces will enter a new mood, live boast Jiao life full of fantasy or mystery. Another trend is your way of making money was no smell, perhaps sometimes tainted with dishonest problems. This depends mainly on how the location of Jupiter and Neptune in your birth horoscope.

Pisces warmth, flexibility and mystery. Your poetic thinking mood, inner sensitive, mysterious and some female character, often evoke reverie. Pisces people also like fantasy, and try to use fantasy to escape the difficulties and troubles in life. This is a "psychological" type sensitive and fragile character. In life's journey, you sometimes due to cowardice, not complacent, laissez-faire and vague ideas at a loss, and also because of the silence and lack of unrestrained enthusiasm and despair. Rude words and deeds will make your spirit strong stimulus, you hope around full of harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Your life needs to have a strong support and helping the. Amiable disposition will get a good impression of all, but too much sincerity and kindness sometimes will make you into a "slave" status. To be honest, you frequent in the case of devotion or to make sacrifices. Easily affected by the spell and influence of others.

Pisces people have a life full of fantasy, you'd better choose the fantasy or imagination career, music, art, film, TV, theater, especially dance. Marine environment or water-related career you are also very useful. Pisces economic conditions frequently is not chaos, and sometimes a very comfortable life sometimes economic constraints, not chaos and frequent annoyance to you. Whenever this time, you always want to avoid and escape from the comfort. The concept of the Pisces people's property is quite indifferent. You are able to adapt to the environment, and that the use of someone else's property and hand over their property to give are asking themselves, as a matter of course. Moreover, Neptune and have a decisive impact in a person's horoscope.

Pisces men

Mysterious, some incredible people there is no way to know what you're thinking or what to hope. Strong influence of Neptune in the birth horoscope, this constellation is a bit utopian ideological tendencies. Frequent muddling along in life. You do not like the sight of difficulties or conflicting concessions, always eager to have a miraculous solution when you need to make choices, you frequently helpless.

In love, if they do not you take the initiative to tell their Passions, you do not consider to put into action. You need a competent and able to guide you the words and deeds of a life partner. Due to the lack of initiative on the subject of love, as the fancy selection and pursuit, easily led not combined with your wishes.

You can not stand the loneliness, instinctively by the organizations to attract and influence. Around everything will be branded in your mind, sometimes deep. Your mind will sometimes fly to the illusory world, sometimes boast Jiao mood to indulge in music, painting, poetry and fantasy.

You're likely to become a model of men of high moral character, may also become a loyal, obsessed with peach or incredible people. This will depend on you in contact with the environment and their education and influence.

Pisces men generally lack the practical sense, more love squandered. Friends in trouble, there is a strong sympathy will not hesitate to generously help one.

The birthday horoscope Virgo women is a rigorous and competent good housewife, she was able to help the rank and file your career, take care of your property, take the initiative to assume the responsibility of the family.

You with the warmth of Cancer women or women will be happy to pleasure Scorpio get along.

Pisces women

Gentle disposition, easy to get along with your body a hardly resist the exotic charm. This is a romantic and fanciful life full of desire, but lack the ability to strain, so you need someone to protect the. Do you like the others that everything would be fine for you on order. This constellation women mostly as sweet and innocent child, I hope he is the apple of her husband.

Exciting event in front of, or frustrating situation, your mood changes are not very intense, on the contrary, will be stabilized and calm. Your character is relatively weak, some capricious. Others easily melt your feelings, so let the domination of others. You need to learn to say "no", this is your best method of self-defense, However, this is also how hard!

Your life is full of imagination and pursuit of the color of life full of strong spirit. The heart frequently illuminates the colorful fantasy. You love may be very different from the idol you think, but you still will warm, sincere into your arms. Are you loyal to love, and are willing to sacrifice for love. Your love life is full of mystery, or completely fatalistic, or the pursuit of Platonic conception.

Pisces women loving fairly concentrated. Substance or money you are not very attractive, and even its lack of the necessary concepts. Governance of domestic and economic aspects, you need someone to help.

Birthday horoscope Virgo men are sincere and prudent, be able to understand you, support you, respect you.

Cancer men have very much in common with your character, you understand each other, natural and harmonious.

Scorpio men you will create a good impression, and passionate love touched your heart, and you like his masculinity and strength.

Pisces children

The Pisces children's education topic can not be ignored. Very strong ability to adapt a children, your growth and development depends almost entirely on the people around you.

You obey, love fantasy, useful recommendations and decisions are eager to get from others, and then meticulously followed. This does not affect your life to our inclinations realm. You're intelligent, flexible, strong ability of observation and imitation, topic frequently raised unexpected. Do not think that you are blissful silence, that is, can rest assured that no matter when, on the contrary, to the heart of understanding and tolerance, pay close attention to you, but to be moderate, because you are very easy to follow the example of the righteous move.

Your thoughts frequently some vague concept, it is best to teach you some logical thinking and cultivate the spirit and the ability to listen to your viewing anti-so to avoid you after straying into fantasy with no ambition and career tend to . Full of imagination and desire for escapism, in a child who was particularly prominent. Beware of making bad friends and drugs or away from home. If I can win the goodwill and trust, you will best be done all the people you expect to give full play to your good nature.

Your best way out is all imagination, predict force and virtuosity career in music, dance, stage of artistic creation, painting. Charity, veterinary, Navy, hotel or edge scientific research its also very suitable.

Pisces born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: February 20 to February 29, 2011

Character: This is an extremely sensitive nerve, abnormal critical thinking or with a mysterious sense of smell. This will make your spirit tends concerns or and without interruption fantasy. Sun, birth constellation bring you more stamina and energy in order to make this 10 ° glow with confidence and a sense of reality, and to eliminate the tendency to easily escape your life and responsibility in front of. This 10 ° very easily accept the influence of others, often waver between possibilities.

Power source: Love

Date of Birth: March 1 to March 10, 2011

Character: beautiful heart desire your manners sincere, kind, and very little for their own sake. You communicate the true messenger of love and friendship. Your character, however, there are also a vulnerable side: excessive self-sacrifice, or let others soft soil to dig deep. Your mental state depends largely on what you are inspired. Your emotions lack of coherence and easily tend to drift randomly.

Power source: dedication

Date of Birth: March 11 to March 20, 2011

Character: 10 ° for those people who can not restrain his introverted personality, is less favorable, because you may be brought to an unfavorable environment to seek absolute awareness and truth. Which will lead to your inner world into chaos: both want to live in the real world, and longing for a vague illusion. These two there is no way to reconcile the idea all the time haunt you. Easily excited and and attract very sensitive, sensual music and more obvious, especially when the Neptune, Mars and Jupiter, Venus or the moon was bad orientation, which may bring pain or trouble to love life.

Power source: changes

Famous people born in Pisces: Einstein, Strauss, Michelangelo (of Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor), Copernicus (Poland astronomers), Hugo (French poet, fiction home), Chopin (Polish composer, pianist), Ravel (French composer) Zhou Enlai.

All in all, you Pisces:

  • Imaginative Pisces man said: "I believe."
  • Way to express love: passive.
  • A: feelings of innocence.
  • Desire: the joy of love.
  • Deceived: would not say the word "no".
  • Like: fantasy.
  • Afraid: be forgotten.
  • Wanted: shortcut.
  • Favorable conditions: Opportunities.
  • Adverse conditions: swear to God.
  • Weaknesses: left to nature.
  • Holiday life: the sea.
  • Expenses: payment they.
  • Mascot: Ma Tau fish monster.
  • Favorite flower: orchids.
  • Lucky Metal: Platinum or alloys.
  • Lucky stones: aquamarine.
  • Lucky Day: Thursday.
  • Favorite color: green color.
  • Lucky numbers: 7,16,25,34.
  • Favorite place: the sea can see everything: boats, fishing grounds; wells or refineries; ballroom or ballet performances.
  • Lucky plants: Lotus, and all aquatic plants, algae, camellias and magnolias, all hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms.
  • Living conditions: indoor furnishings to help stretch the mood and cause fantasy. There are very mysterious and strange eight seven La gadgets. Elegant mood rather odd fans, a large fish tank with aquatic plants.
  • Ideal living Country: Asia Minor, the Sahara, Indonesia, security Antilles Islands, Uruguay.
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