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warned on Wednesday: over optimism

Suitable: cautious in doing things

What you need to notice today is that when you do something, you may be too optimistic about the future, or you may be too optimistic about the person you are working with, and you may overlook some immediate problems or possible difficulties, which may lead to your failure. So we must pay attention to doing things carefully today.


reminded on Thursday: don't take it for granted

Suitability: investigation and practice of

Today, I want to remind you that you should not take things for granted, must have enough investigation and practice basis, do not rely on their own feelings to judge things, let alone blindly optimistic, or you may fall very miserably. Emotionally, we need to pay more attention to judgement and discrimination today, and be careful of being deceived.



Retrograde Venus meets Mercury, forming a favorable Trinity with Neptune, making it easy for you to recall people and events in the past, affecting sleep quality, always dreaming or having difficulty falling asleep, but reflecting on the past can help you improve your existing relationships and cherish those around you. With Mercury's help, this is the right time to express your true needs through words or language, so Pisces is more expressive this week and needs to be taken care of by those around you. Just because Venus and Mercury are being punished by Mars, you have a lot of bad memories of the past. Those people who have recently reappeared near you may also remind you of unpleasant past events. Don't let this affect your present life. If necessary, please don't disturb your life.


The retrograde influence of Venus makes Pisces emotionally sensitive and suspicious, and Venus meets Mercury and is both victimized by Mars. Although your partner will take care of you, you are still susceptible to past events that affect your present life, such as betrayal of past emotions and recent memories of your predecessors. Begin to question whether the incumbent will also betray you and so on. You've been demanding too much of your partner lately. If your partner can't meet your expectations, you're inclined to turn over old books or ask about past events, but it's still you who are more vulnerable to disagreements or conflicts. So relax, don't create trouble for yourself, and cranky thinking can't give you the answer you want.

Singles: The chance to meet a more mature partner through a friend will also give you a sense of security, but I'm afraid it won't give you a sense of passion.

Partner: For Pisces and your partner in a distant relationship, you need to pay more attention to the importance of communication and try not to make decisions on impulse.


For Pisces, this will be a busy week. As the Sun and Pluto conquer, bringing you a sense of crisis at work, some people may want to take your place, and there may be older, more knowledgeable people at work that add to your tedious workload. Venus retrograde will bring cooperation-related news and help you recover arrears and fraudulent payments, but due to the Mars penalty, everything still needs to rely on your personal strength and more urgency, and can not rely entirely on the help of others, or else it may just be an empty joy, which is a reminder of Pisces cut Avoid trusting others in the period of financial, investment is to be vigilant, even acquaintances can not be easily trusted.

Attention of migrant workers: this week, we should be cautious and prudent in the workplace, and try not to mention personal life and privacy.

Job seekers attention: Although suitable for job hunting, but the pressure of competition is greater, it is recommended to balance a good mood, so as not to be emotionally affected.

Attention of students: poor learning luck, susceptible to interference by others, suggest to find a suitable way of learning, not because of fun affecting school.

Career: in October 1st Pluto will move forward and your vision and vision will be clearer and stronger. You'll find people in your circle who are at odds with you, giving you a chance to clean up. It's in other people's interactions that you control your suspicions and desires to control, balancing your senses and emotions.

In October, Pisces should pay attention to judicial disputes and public opinion. You will be busy with media promotion, International Trade & amp; customs declaration, justice, travel, immigration, writing, communication and other matters, but progress will not be smooth, easy twists and turns. After the sun entered Scorpio in October 23rd, the fortunes of these areas were lifted. Mercury enters Pisces'official sign after October 31, giving you a chance to make a speech and express your opinions in your career.

Emotional Marriage: In October, Pisces with a partner can experience instability, conflict and even breakup. Instead of feeling appreciated, loved and spoiled, Pisces are demanding and responsible for each other, which is very boring and easy to break up. Some Pisces may need to face the issue of trust, and easily lead to disputes over common property. Some Pisces may start a long-distance relationship or have a lover from another place, but the relationship will not go smoothly. Recognize each other's qualities, avoid spoiling peach blossoms and falling into emotional cheating.

Money and wealth: in early 10, Pisces should pay attention to the financial situation. You may be busy with financial management, investment and lending, tax insurance, resource consolidation, common wealth management, etc. The Libra New Moon on October 9 will help you start these areas and make new plans and visions. Overall, opportunities and challenges coexist. It is easy to make money and get rich easily. Pay attention to debt crisis.

Study: in October Pisces still had many opportunities for further training. Pisces in higher education and study abroad may experience repeated delays. Fortune will improve after October 23rd.

Health: pay attention to liver, gallbladder, sciatic nerve, thigh, kidney, bladder, reproductive system, venereal disease, excretory system, waist, skin, stomach, digestive, respiratory system, lung, nerve, etc.

Pisces 2018 Horoscope: pressure relief, creative

In 2018, Pisces will usher in a new era in which the pressure of many Pisces will be completely relieved. Maybe you have experienced a lot of changes in the past year, and many sudden turnings that have made you feel a lot of frustration and pressure, so this year will be a year of relaxation for you, most of the time you The mood will be very pleasant, this year many Pisces inspiration burst out, so it is also conducive to the creative industry Pisces, many people will decide this year to start a perfect new plan, may be learning, may be further in-depth development of the relationship, no matter how you think, will be very appropriate. In the first half of the year Pisces will enjoy everything in their lives, you will be content, and in the second half of the year you will have to be careful not to be impulsive.

Pisces 2018 career momentum: abstinence itself, action

In 2018, Pisces will be more satisfied with your career. Many Pisces will overcome their past laziness and avoidance. This year they will restore their confidence and start well. However, your self-control is not very strong this year, especially if you do the same thing repeatedly in your career. It's easy to lose patience and don't really think about details, and some Pisces may prefer something relaxing and want to go out and play more. It should be noted that this year's career will also lead to some communication problems.

Pisces 2018 Romance: Inspiration restriction, confusion

You may feel confused about the relationship you're in, and the person you're with may find that the other person isn't the right person for you, and you're more likely to want a heart-to-heart relationship for the relationship. Harmony is real, but the current relationship is limiting these developments, and many Pisces may feel that the relationship lacks a motivation and passion.

Pisces 2018 fortune: Harvest well, remove anxiety

In 2018, Pisces'finances will be better overall, mostly due to the hard work you've got and the fairness of everything. Of course, this year you'll still be very nervous about your finances, the pressure will be great, and many people are eager to get more money. Yes, I hope I can get a bigger harvest. Of course, you need to ease the pressure. This year's finances will be better overall and enough to support you.

Pisces 2018 health trend: busy with leisure, health as

In 2018, the health of Pisces will slip. This year, many Pisces will be lazy in their own health care. You will no longer actively exercise, more like to rest and wait quietly. This year, due to the busy life, so your energy is not very good. It often delays the rest time and therefore does not take into account any more health problems. Many Pisces should pay attention to the health of their feet.

Pisces 2018 learning momentum: Meditation study, plan

In 2018, Pisces will make significant progress in their studies. This year you will make a lot of plans for yourself and give full play to your intelligence. Most of Pisces are very diligent in using their brains. Many people are also going to start earnestly carrying out their study plans. Of course, the pressure of study will be great, and it will give you a lot. A lot of restrictions make you feel upset, but you will also stand up to pressure and work hard. This year, Pisces will also be better at examination, and the absorption of knowledge will be better.

20 February ~ 20 March, planet: Neptune, water signs

character features:

Pisces is the last winter and zodiacal constellation. Winter when it is about to leave the relative sense of left Pisces. This one has its own unique way of silence. Everything happening in the world, and even illusory things you have a strong hobby. This blurred ideas to make you into a mysterious glow, attracting a lot of people Xu. People think you are quiet, gentle, sincere and considerate person, but you think your idea is so far-reaching and unpredictable. As you desire, passion and hatred, as some constellation full of absolute consciousness. Hearts there is little concept of "urgency". You do not understand why tomorrow can continue to do things, we must seize the time to finish today. Your body is easily tired. Noise, the crowds, the rush and urgent pace of life will make you exhausted. If the a richer incentive Mars or Uranus orientation of your birth horoscope is not, then you do not think that sense becomes inert.

Your body always maintained a naive, honest temperament. Generally speaking, if your birth horoscope is not the Saturn too many unfavorable factors, and because they encountered Jupiter or Venus is in the ideal orientation, you will frequently be lucky to take care of: something unexpected, sudden opportunities, merrily character will be beneficial to you. You might win the lottery or a very rich and generous known to have been encountered in the life on the road. Thus, the Pisces will enter a new mood, live boast Jiao life full of fantasy or mystery. Another trend is your way of making money was no smell, perhaps sometimes tainted with dishonest problems. This depends mainly on how the location of Jupiter and Neptune in your birth horoscope.

Pisces warmth, flexibility and mystery. Your poetic thinking mood, inner sensitive, mysterious and some female character, often evoke reverie. Pisces people also like fantasy, and try to use fantasy to escape the difficulties and troubles in life. This is a "psychological" type sensitive and fragile character. In life's journey, you sometimes due to cowardice, not complacent, laissez-faire and vague ideas at a loss, and also because of the silence and lack of unrestrained enthusiasm and despair. Rude words and deeds will make your spirit strong stimulus, you hope around full of harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Your life needs to have a strong support and helping the. Amiable disposition will get a good impression of all, but too much sincerity and kindness sometimes will make you into a "slave" status. To be honest, you frequent in the case of devotion or to make sacrifices. Easily affected by the spell and influence of others.

Pisces people have a life full of fantasy, you'd better choose the fantasy or imagination career, music, art, film, TV, theater, especially dance. Marine environment or water-related career you are also very useful. Pisces economic conditions frequently is not chaos, and sometimes a very comfortable life sometimes economic constraints, not chaos and frequent annoyance to you. Whenever this time, you always want to avoid and escape from the comfort. The concept of the Pisces people's property is quite indifferent. You are able to adapt to the environment, and that the use of someone else's property and hand over their property to give are asking themselves, as a matter of course. Moreover, Neptune and have a decisive impact in a person's horoscope.

Pisces men

Mysterious, some incredible people there is no way to know what you're thinking or what to hope. Strong influence of Neptune in the birth horoscope, this constellation is a bit utopian ideological tendencies. Frequent muddling along in life. You do not like the sight of difficulties or conflicting concessions, always eager to have a miraculous solution when you need to make choices, you frequently helpless.

In love, if they do not you take the initiative to tell their Passions, you do not consider to put into action. You need a competent and able to guide you the words and deeds of a life partner. Due to the lack of initiative on the subject of love, as the fancy selection and pursuit, easily led not combined with your wishes.

You can not stand the loneliness, instinctively by the organizations to attract and influence. Around everything will be branded in your mind, sometimes deep. Your mind will sometimes fly to the illusory world, sometimes boast Jiao mood to indulge in music, painting, poetry and fantasy.

You're likely to become a model of men of high moral character, may also become a loyal, obsessed with peach or incredible people. This will depend on you in contact with the environment and their education and influence.

Pisces men generally lack the practical sense, more love squandered. Friends in trouble, there is a strong sympathy will not hesitate to generously help one.

The birthday horoscope Virgo women is a rigorous and competent good housewife, she was able to help the rank and file your career, take care of your property, take the initiative to assume the responsibility of the family.

You with the warmth of Cancer women or women will be happy to pleasure Scorpio get along.

Pisces women

Gentle disposition, easy to get along with your body a hardly resist the exotic charm. This is a romantic and fanciful life full of desire, but lack the ability to strain, so you need someone to protect the. Do you like the others that everything would be fine for you on order. This constellation women mostly as sweet and innocent child, I hope he is the apple of her husband.

Exciting event in front of, or frustrating situation, your mood changes are not very intense, on the contrary, will be stabilized and calm. Your character is relatively weak, some capricious. Others easily melt your feelings, so let the domination of others. You need to learn to say "no", this is your best method of self-defense, However, this is also how hard!

Your life is full of imagination and pursuit of the color of life full of strong spirit. The heart frequently illuminates the colorful fantasy. You love may be very different from the idol you think, but you still will warm, sincere into your arms. Are you loyal to love, and are willing to sacrifice for love. Your love life is full of mystery, or completely fatalistic, or the pursuit of Platonic conception.

Pisces women loving fairly concentrated. Substance or money you are not very attractive, and even its lack of the necessary concepts. Governance of domestic and economic aspects, you need someone to help.

Birthday horoscope Virgo men are sincere and prudent, be able to understand you, support you, respect you.

Cancer men have very much in common with your character, you understand each other, natural and harmonious.

Scorpio men you will create a good impression, and passionate love touched your heart, and you like his masculinity and strength.

Pisces children

The Pisces children's education topic can not be ignored. Very strong ability to adapt a children, your growth and development depends almost entirely on the people around you.

You obey, love fantasy, useful recommendations and decisions are eager to get from others, and then meticulously followed. This does not affect your life to our inclinations realm. You're intelligent, flexible, strong ability of observation and imitation, topic frequently raised unexpected. Do not think that you are blissful silence, that is, can rest assured that no matter when, on the contrary, to the heart of understanding and tolerance, pay close attention to you, but to be moderate, because you are very easy to follow the example of the righteous move.

Your thoughts frequently some vague concept, it is best to teach you some logical thinking and cultivate the spirit and the ability to listen to your viewing anti-so to avoid you after straying into fantasy with no ambition and career tend to . Full of imagination and desire for escapism, in a child who was particularly prominent. Beware of making bad friends and drugs or away from home. If I can win the goodwill and trust, you will best be done all the people you expect to give full play to your good nature.

Your best way out is all imagination, predict force and virtuosity career in music, dance, stage of artistic creation, painting. Charity, veterinary, Navy, hotel or edge scientific research its also very suitable.

Pisces born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: February 20 to February 29, 2011

Character: This is an extremely sensitive nerve, abnormal critical thinking or with a mysterious sense of smell. This will make your spirit tends concerns or and without interruption fantasy. Sun, birth constellation bring you more stamina and energy in order to make this 10 ° glow with confidence and a sense of reality, and to eliminate the tendency to easily escape your life and responsibility in front of. This 10 ° very easily accept the influence of others, often waver between possibilities.

Power source: Love

Date of Birth: March 1 to March 10, 2011

Character: beautiful heart desire your manners sincere, kind, and very little for their own sake. You communicate the true messenger of love and friendship. Your character, however, there are also a vulnerable side: excessive self-sacrifice, or let others soft soil to dig deep. Your mental state depends largely on what you are inspired. Your emotions lack of coherence and easily tend to drift randomly.

Power source: dedication

Date of Birth: March 11 to March 20, 2011

Character: 10 ° for those people who can not restrain his introverted personality, is less favorable, because you may be brought to an unfavorable environment to seek absolute awareness and truth. Which will lead to your inner world into chaos: both want to live in the real world, and longing for a vague illusion. These two there is no way to reconcile the idea all the time haunt you. Easily excited and and attract very sensitive, sensual music and more obvious, especially when the Neptune, Mars and Jupiter, Venus or the moon was bad orientation, which may bring pain or trouble to love life.

Power source: changes

Famous people born in Pisces: Einstein, Strauss, Michelangelo (of Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor), Copernicus (Poland astronomers), Hugo (French poet, fiction home), Chopin (Polish composer, pianist), Ravel (French composer) Zhou Enlai.

All in all, you Pisces:

  • Imaginative Pisces man said: "I believe."
  • Way to express love: passive.
  • A: feelings of innocence.
  • Desire: the joy of love.
  • Deceived: would not say the word "no".
  • Like: fantasy.
  • Afraid: be forgotten.
  • Wanted: shortcut.
  • Favorable conditions: Opportunities.
  • Adverse conditions: swear to God.
  • Weaknesses: left to nature.
  • Holiday life: the sea.
  • Expenses: payment they.
  • Mascot: Ma Tau fish monster.
  • Favorite flower: orchids.
  • Lucky Metal: Platinum or alloys.
  • Lucky stones: aquamarine.
  • Lucky Day: Thursday.
  • Favorite color: green color.
  • Lucky numbers: 7,16,25,34.
  • Favorite place: the sea can see everything: boats, fishing grounds; wells or refineries; ballroom or ballet performances.
  • Lucky plants: Lotus, and all aquatic plants, algae, camellias and magnolias, all hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms.
  • Living conditions: indoor furnishings to help stretch the mood and cause fantasy. There are very mysterious and strange eight seven La gadgets. Elegant mood rather odd fans, a large fish tank with aquatic plants.
  • Ideal living Country: Asia Minor, the Sahara, Indonesia, security Antilles Islands, Uruguay.