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reminded on Wednesday: you can communicate with

in depth.Fit: tell your doubts

Today, you will have a good financial fortune. It is worth holding on. There may be a chance to get in. In addition, today in the emotional aspect can communicate with the other side in depth some topics, and even their doubts can be out, let the other side listen, today should be able to get the support of the other side, at the same time, the other side's advice will be useful to you.


reminded on Thursday: a good day

Fit: pay

Today is a good day for people in the workplace. You may have new opportunities in the workplace, or you may have new financial opportunities. It's worth taking good care of. So, try to be energetic and work hard today, and your efforts will pay off well.



Sagittarius will get good news about his career in the next two weeks with the help of the new moon last week, such as new contacts, new opportunities for collaboration, or better partners. But a better mood doesn't mean you can completely relax, because with Venus and Mercury in conjunction and being overwhelmed by Mars at the same time, you need to pay attention to financial issues in your work and co-operation to avoid a "white job" situation. With Venus retrograde, you'll also be reunited with past friends and partners, and may start thinking about a second collaboration, but it's easy to meet people you don't want to see, so it's important to be prepared in advance.


Sagittarius attaches great importance to whether two people will make progress together in emotional relationships. As you come into contact with new circles and relationships lately, you also need your partner to achieve results, rather than regarding you as the focus of your life. So this week, Sagittarius will help your partner adjust his mood and work hard at work or in the future with a positive attitude, but your partner's emotional problems are more serious, and they are more likely to get stuck at work or meet interpersonal problems, which may not meet your requirements. You may get into trouble with your partner, but it won't help if you lose your temper, so take your time.

Single dog: Peach blossom is luckier, but no matter luck or mentality, it is not easy to meet a solid and reliable partner.

Companion: be considerate, and try to be less critical of your partner.


For Sagittarius who already have a job, this will be a time to pay attention to interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Your progress will be rewarded by your supervisor and may even be promoted. But some people will criticize you or even plagiarize your ideas because they are not used to it. Don't worry too much about what the other person says. You just have to be yourself. The right thing to do is to protect personal rights. Influenced by Venus retrograde, you may be reunited with past partners and friends in recent days, or you may get information about cooperation. It is suggested that you answer after you have examined the authenticity and reliability of your work, so as not to encounter a "hoax" trick. If you have already started new cooperation, you should pay attention to the problems of funds and interests.

Migrant worker attention: careful words and deeds is the key, is easy to be criticized recently, so more attention should be paid to the wording of the problem.

Job seekers note: job hunting is not smooth, but also easy to meet strong competitors, suggest looking for a job that reflects personal advantages.

Students' attention: not all friends can be called friends.

Career: In early October, Sagittarius will show energy and creativity in social, networking, and group activities, and the Libra Crescent on October 9 will help you unlock these activities. Attention should be paid to the fact that friends are prone to conflict and attacks on public occasions and on the Internet.

In October, you will be involved in performing arts, art, mystery, health care, charity and other activities, but progress is not smooth, there will be twists and turns. In October, Sagittarius'career was unstable, and the road to promotion and fame was prone to unexpected changes and twists. Partnership, customer relationship, contract negotiation, business and so on will have a sudden situation and easy to terminate the partnership. Interpersonal relationships are prone to conflicts. The Taurus Full Moon on October 25 will plunge you into a busy day-to-day life and career chores, and there will be job opportunities. The whole October is a high turnover period, and the subordinate team is easy to change. Mercury came to Sagittarius in October 31st, helping to improve thinking and expression.

Emotional marriage: October is not conducive to Sagittarius's emotional development. Venus retrogrades in the secret house, Sagittarius emotional crisis or emotional desire, are in the ambiguous and dark, easy to ignore and hide their true emotional desire, the heart of the emotional little confusion is quietly hidden. Sagittarius is easy to generate quarrels and conflicts, emotions are easy to encounter challenges and breakups.

Money and wealth: Pluto's direct march in October 1st is good news for Sagittarius's fortunes. After experiencing intense material desires, fear of material scarcity, financial models and concepts, your finances will gradually flow smoothly and your sense of self-worth will increase.

Study: learning test is still busy and tense, and may encounter some resistance and setbacks in the late part.

Health: In October, Sagittarius needs to be aware of your mental state, and you are prone to insomnia, dreaming, and anxiety. Try to avoid some evil places. Pay attention to the foot, immune system, blood sugar, allergies, stomach, viscera system, waist, bladder, skin, cervical vertebra, joints, teeth, bones and so on.

Sagittarius Horoscope in 2018: guard against arrogance and impetuosity, steady mentality

In 2018, Sagittarius'overall fortune will progress slowly. This year we should pay special attention to interpersonal problems. Many Sagittarius may encounter some setbacks in interpersonal communication. Maybe because of competition or interest problems, you will have some unpleasant conflicts with some people, and there is no lack of intentions in life. Of course, most of the shooters in this year's mentality will not be too peaceful, you may be too eager to pursue their own goals, so that they will appear a little short-term success, may not take into account the ideas of the people around them, many people will have some temper impulse, not too much patience. In the first half of the year, interpersonal conflicts occur from time to time, but in the second half, things will get better.

Sagittarius 2018 career momentum: learn with an open mind and accumulate experience

In 2018, Sagittarius'career is in danger on the whole. This year there will be more people in conflict with you. You will find that your decisions are easily rejected. Others may trip you up. You may lose confidence in your career, but be careful to keep yourself calm. Mentality, do not rush for quick success, to achieve a better state of mind, you also need more accumulated experience to concentrate on learning, rather than maintaining such a floating mentality, the plan also needs to be more practical, open-minded experience.

Sagittarius 2018 love momentum: break the shackles and brave the way forward

In 2018, there will be a new breakthrough in Sagittarius'love. This year Sagittarius' attitude towards love will be more idealized. You may break through different ways of acting emotionally, or you may improve your thinking differently from the past. Many people may suffer emotional hardship and feel no at the beginning of this year. Freedom is not about being yourself, so by the middle of the year Sagittarius are determined to throw away everything that binds them and boldly find a new way out emotionally and break all the restrictions. Single shooters will also encounter new peach blossoms, but you may not care much about them.

Sagittarius 2018 fortune: full of power to please

By 2018, Sagittarius'finances will improve. Your desire and ambition to make money will be plentiful and your motivation will be full. Maybe you'll start planning and acting as soon as you think of something, so you'll reap a lot of benefits. Financial stress conflicts exist, but It's a lot less than it used to be, and a lot of people start planning to spend money on a long trip, or spend more on their homes, and more to please themselves.

Sagittarius 2018 health trend: worry, adjust

In 2018, Sagittarius'health and fortunes will generally be stable. This year you are not very energetic, you like to rest and adjust when you have leisure time, and you don't do too much exercise. Of course, this may also lead to your body gain, you need to be moderate in diet, of course, this year Sagittarius There are still some health concerns, and you may think a lot about them. When you find some physical hazards, remember to take a quick look at the root cause.

Sagittarius study in 2018: concentrate on further education and harvest

In 2018, Sagittarius will have a very good learning fortune. You will continue to study and explore as always. This year, you may have many new learning plans. You will also study and further study for your professional skills. More importantly, you will be inclined to spiritual exploration. Many Sagittarius may plan to learn. In general, this is a very good year to learn spiritual lessons, and Jupiter Scorpio will help you take a step further in your deeper learning.

23 November ~ 21 December, planet: Jupiter, fire signs

character features:

Stomped, greedily breathing the free air of nature, and drive away the golden autumn, in turn welcome the winter chill, Sagittarius you can not wait to set off to ride you crave vast. A cheerful, active thinking, focusing on cultural enrichment, but they did not forget the whole world. You in real life, but thinking frequently fly to the distant past and boast Jiao future. Sensitive thinking of jumping, for a while at this moment and in what people think you are just around the corner, and as if in the sky; think both you and like-minded, as if out of tune with you. You are a thought needs to calm thoughts. Sagittarians are enthusiastic, full of fiery passion for life. You never cared about personal gains and losses, like join to promise a lot of things were to go. Reckless behavior often bring you trouble. Whether in thought or in action, at any time you are ready to experience risk. Your life, optimism and love you forever young. Life on the road, all the efforts are intended to enable people to bail out. In addition, the spirit of optimism, good health and a happy mood will bring you luck and a good impression. You are very good at comforting and inspiring themselves and the people around, and lift your spirit.

A born general everything that happened in the world has a strong hobby, like travel, good friendly post. Your wishes of generosity, but does not want others to threats and interfere with your sacred freedom. Do you hate obligations, and would rather abandon the vested interests of whom do not want to be tied. Do you like the home is frequently filled with visitors, and do their best to go on helping you, you will get to know so very many social influential figures in your life and career will always get support or protection. Your destiny frequent contact with foreign countries or travel together, usually will bring you luck, friendship and interests. Even in adverse circumstances, optimism never betray you, and on helping you to bail out faster than others, which is unique in the Sagittarius personality upper hand. In particular, you care about pop music, impact of news on the altar of anecdotes, and he likes insightful ideas and are able to express high on. Your hospitality, amiable, and his kind and honest, open-minded and open-minded-minded personality, popular people's praise. Working with people full of the spirit of cooperation, idealism, which will inspire you and the people around, and adds harmony with all life and career with your instinct. You opportunism, conservative, contradictory thoughts, however, things rarely consider other people's capacity limit, it will cause resentment.

Tumultuous years, from the age of 40, the Sagittarius people tend to go to the track of normal life up to live a happy life, become a respected citizen, the family the exemplary father (mother) or that the cause of the Chairman or leaders. Honor occupies a very important position in your mind. Middle age is the golden age of Sagittarians career, you have the ability and the opportunity to win their own success.

Sagittarius Men

Enthusiasm, optimism, always full of great enthusiasm. Either emotionally or in terms of ideology, your vision is always toward new horizons, longing for distant lands.

Your independent spirit is very strong, like its own way, do not want to be bound by others. Emotionally honest, emotional, love very early on in your mind kindled a spark of colorful. Your life opportunities will occur, beautiful love looking forward to you. Like you was very selfless and generous, and hope that everyone around own satisfaction and happiness.

When you pick up the birds feast, family and society will produce a strong feeling. You like ideas, like the arrangements for the family's life, while respecting the independence of each person and you complete freedom of movement. If your family life is particularly happy and satisfied, then your feelings is steadfast. You like everything ins and outs can clearly do not like vague and ambiguous.

The birthday horoscope Gemini women with her happy mood, elegant demeanor win your favor. If you two together, life will be vibrant, perfect, and there will be very many travel opportunities.

Aries women and you have the same enthusiasm, your combined contribute to the achievement of a great cause.

Leo women and you have the same generous character, you have a common desire of life and noble cause.

Sagittarius women

Naturally gifted with the innocence of quality, like a burst of fresh air; a way to suppress the vitality and passion of one to freedom, which is Sagittarius women. This is a simple-minded, hobbies, sports, hearts full of joy and girls. Her heart is always longing for the innocence of idealized love. Sagittarius men, you do not want to be bound by any emotional.

In the spent freedom leisurely, carefree single life, once she set up their own family, she will become a good wife and mother and family of the pillars of the nation. She needs to be respected by others, her work you want to get the appreciation and praise, she is concerned about her husband and the children's well-being, but also know how to respect your respective independence.

The birthday horoscope Gemini male partnering, and your life will be full of vigor park.

You enthusiastically Aries men and enthusiastic Leo men will get along very well.

Sagittarius children

The pleasant smile, vibrant and very easy to impulse. Sagittarius child needs the joy of freedom and healthy. Do you like horseback riding, motorcycle riding, skiing or get on the boat to go on a safari, or to travel to distant lands.

Your main advantage is that the integrity and independence of spirit. If people can correctly deal with and understand you, you will behave very sensible, and can trust you; However, if people force you, you'll never again there is no way but since you, you will escape to another hypocritical extreme.

Generally speaking, outside life than learning more attractive to you. Sagittarius child, especially a language genius, you're always longing for distant places, foreign trips will be an integral part of your destiny. Lifestyle or career that you like to do whatever they want and do not want to lock yourself in the old rules, you like to have the opportunity to speak out exposed.

Your best way out is a freelance soldier life, laws and institutions abroad, sports, horse racing, trade (import and export business), social welfare, judges and teachers.

Sagittarius born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: 23 November to 1

Character: treats others with generosity, independent thinking and action. You all have a great impact on others. Spirit of innovation, but the action is sometimes extreme and not very suitable. People born in this date, there may be two development trends: First, to become a successful explorer or traveler, you will use their courage and love of freedom to overcome obstacles. Another trend is cautious ideal, it will make people committed to social, philosophical or religious work.

Power source: Independent Spirit

Date of Birth: December 2 to December 11, 2011

Character: nature upright, frank, stubborn. Your mood by a big margin, suddenly will reach the pinnacle of passion, suddenly will fall into the depths of despair. You all the time to prepare the edge of the pioneers of the journey. Whether at work or in life, you are always in a high state of tension. You tremendous energy will the people around you, even you and I are exhausted. Mind always promise a lot of new insights and ideas, things clean and neat, which is a guarantee of the success of your career.

Power source: enthusiasm

Date of Birth: December 12 to December 21, 2011

Character: with a pleasant personality, honest, reliable, very warm people. Your energy and intellectual talent. Inspired to achieve the degree of farsightedness. Another feature of your character is strong-willed and independent spirit. Outstanding achievements in the area of ​​sports undertakings dry line love line to win the goodwill of others; fiery emotion, friendship and love there is no way of life.

Power source: inspiration

Famous person born in Sagittarius: Beethoven (German musician), Jacques Chirac (French Prime Minister), Berlioz (French composer), Musset (French poet), Churchill (former British Prime Minister, writer) Disney (American animation writer: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Author), Bie Fu (French opera singer).

All in all, Sagittarius you:

  • The independent spirit Sagittarians said: "I believe".
  • Way to express love: warm.
  • Is: warm person.
  • Desire: to help your career assistant.
  • Deceived: the opportunity to manage the mistakes or personality factors.
  • Like: walking and horse riding in nature.
  • Fear: compromise.
  • Pursuit: healthy entertainment.
  • Weaknesses: missed appointments.
  • Holiday life: hiking or camping.
  • Favorable conditions: too blunt.
  • Expenditure: a luxurious life.
  • Mascot: star-shaped objects.
  • Lucky Metal: bronze.
  • Lucky stones: turquoise.
  • Lucky Day: Thursday.
  • Favorite color: blue and purple.
  • Lucky numbers: 3,12,21,30.
  • Favorite place: a grand gathering place, racetrack, walk or looking for a hunting forest.
  • Lucky plants: Yang Su grass, mint, borage.
  • Living conditions: a bright and spacious room, well-lit, fresh air, the indoor decorated with a variety of tourist souvenirs, sun He looked out on a view of the woods.
  • The ideal living Country: Australia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ceylon.