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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Suitablele: Maintain an Ordinary Mind

Today, we need to pay attention to: today for the single party, it looks good, there will be opportunities to meet peach blossom luck, but this period of peach blossom luck may not be long-term oh, do not hold too much hope. The other half of the people today should pay attention to communication, not to quarrel with each other, not to mention hurtful words because of momentary anger.

Moon in Virgo 18.08 - Libra 2.50 (here refers to the daily orbit of the moon)Suitable: Give each other more space

Today, we need to pay attention to: today, you have the opportunity of noble people to help each other in your work or study. It can be said that it is quite good for you to solve problems when you encounter them. However, in your feelings, you may encounter some obstacles or communication problems. Today is generally not conducive to emotional communication, so try to give each other more space.

The Moon Sets in Libra 2.50 Degree - Libra 17.30 Degree (here refers to the daily trajectory of the moon)rn


Mercury moves forward in Sagittarius'home sector, but the shadow period after retrograde will last until Tuesday. Venus and Neptune will conjugate with Mercury at the same time, which will deepen the influence of the retrograde later period. So this week, we should also pay attention to the problems of electronic equipment, household appliances, network communication in our living environment. It is very likely that there will be another malfunction, and some Sagittarius will suddenly receive a quilt. News of relocation requests, such as leaking houses or the landlord's request for price increases, should still receive help from the family when necessary. Saturn and Pluto in the Palace of Finance and Silk, while being convicted by the Sun in the Palace of Love, may have unpleasant disputes with your lover about economic problems, or argue with your colleagues and family members because of unclear debts and accounts. Jupiter in the house of life and Venus, Mercury and Neptune Penck in the house of family keep Sagittarius eager for family warmth, but afraid of elders'control and interference. And as Jupiter retrogrades on Thursday, it gives you room for reflection. In the next four months, the relationship between Sagittarius and his family is expected to be repaired, they may live together, and some Sagittarius will accept the assistance from their elders, but they will also choose to live independently to prove their ability and value to their families.


Venus is in Sagittarius'family house, in conjunction with Mercury and Neptune, which makes you have the idea of decorating and decorating your house. In the near future, Venus, Mercury and Neptune also want to have their own home. But Venus, Mercury and Neptune may have unpleasant disputes with Jupiter Penk in your sign of life. Sagittarius and its elders may have unpleasant disputes because of consumption habits and differences in life. You may also feel it. Be constrained and consider moving out to live alone or live with your lover. For Sagittarius living abroad, it is also possible to consider relocation in the near future because of disagreement with landlords or disputes over rent increases. Jupiter is retrograde in the house of life on Thursday. In the next four months, Sagittarius will encounter reality-related shocks. Life also requires you to be pragmatic in order to avoid environmental shocks. Sagittarius in love may suddenly get married or cohabit with a lover. Some married Sagittarius may choose to deal with debt and economic problems. Choose a temporary separation from your partner.

Single Dog: Single Sagittarius does not lack the opportunity to be pursued, but it is difficult to get a sense of security from others.

Partner: For the sake of your partner, be kind to your partner's parents and try not to have too serious disputes.

Career studiesrnVenus, Mercury and Neptune are in conjunction with each other in the family palace, and are also penalized by Jupiter. With Mercury retrograde and subsequent shadows, Sagittarius is more inert this week, preferring to stay at home. Whether it is to complete the daily work schedule or deal with unexpected situations, there may be more obvious mistakes due to carelessness, procrastination and other issues. We should learn to remind ourselves, maintain the best state, and do things as soon as possible without delay, in order to avoid affecting the progress of the whole team. Jupiter is retrograde in the house of life on Thursday. Work and life may encounter problems that have arisen in Mercury retrograde, but you need to solve them with the most pragmatic and sincere attitude. Don't evade them, otherwise the problems will become more and more serious.

Attention of migrant workers: In this week, there are many misunderstandings about communication. Whether it is doing something or communicating, you might as well ask more questions.

Job seekers note: Sagittarius in unemployment will get help from male elders, but may not be able to find the right job, if you always can not find the direction of efforts, it is better to see if your goal is wrong.

Students'attention: Sagittarius students are smart, but they are prone to delaying their studies because of laziness. They should pay attention to the combination of work and leisure, and not just play.

April planets involve love and the location of children, a stage in which self-worth is developed through self-expression. You may find it hard to believe that life is like a person who travels by hand. At the beginning, everyone has the same value. However, the potential and value of a person depends on how much space we can try (do you have enough maps and bosses to run through?) This is why, over time, each person eventually develops a different look and even has different values.

When the sun comes to this palace, we may find that both sides are trapped in the situation of mutual restraint, so that the other side and oneself can not play their talents, and even lead to each other's underpricing. Rethink how important it is to give yourself and your partner space to develop. Trust is the best prescription. You have to trust yourself before you know how to trust others. Especially in the second half of the moon, the stars may become unable to deal with the differences between the two sides, leading to some difficulties and confusion, which often comes from the insecurity and distrust of other people's way of handling and pace.

4.20 The Sun came to your fifth house before, and when the Sun came to represent love and children, we could see how we express ourselves in these relationships. In fact, everyone has their own way to express themselves, including you and me. If the ego representing the sun is too large, we will think that our own method is the best, and thus deprive each other of the opportunity to develop themselves. In the end, however, we have to pay the price for such an incorrect attitude, worry about him to the end, and lose the possibility of other developments of our own.

Only by returning to respect and trust can things be solved. The sun represents itself, but the sun may be too shining, leading us to believe that others can do, in fact, others have their own life lessons, and the ability to learn from mistakes. If we do not have such respect and trust in ourselves, it will be very difficult to really hand over sovereignty to the other side, thus limiting the development of the other side.

4.20 "After", the sun is in your 6th house, which is the position of family responsibility and the responsibility of our daily life. The 6th house is the care of health, workplace, pets and family. It describes how we serve others. The sun must burn itself to illuminate others here, but it may also be because of excessive labor imbalance. How to find a balance among them is: Part to be noted in the second half of the month.

The new moon of April 5 represents a new phase of departure from the past. The new moon is in your house of love and children. Our plans for these people have the opportunity to carry out pragmatically and make good use of tradition and innovation. This is a time when thinking and execution are in harmony. The full moon on April 19 represents the end of a phase, and your friendship and group palace takes place, from one group to another. For these people, we are more tolerant.

In April, Mars will come to your house of companions, partners and partners, and even your relationships with each individual will have more contact, but because they are too close, there will be more moments of conflict. Make good use of humor and smoothness, and look at the relationship from a win-win perspective.

Overview of Horoscope

You have worked hard for a long time, and now you will enter a glorious and glorious year and reap fruits in all areas of life. You will witness the growth of love, romance, children and relationships, as well as significant progress in your career, health and travel.

Complete Horoscope

You have worked hard for a long time, and now you will enter a glorious and glorious year and reap fruits in all areas of life. You will witness the growth of love, romance, children and relationships, as well as significant progress in your career, health and travel. 2019 is one of the best years of your life. By December 2, 2019, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius (almost 11 months of the year), and you will have a long time to enjoy what happens this year.

Ancient astrologers once wrote that if you are single, Jupiter in your sign (like 2019) is the best time to meet true love. Of course, you must also make due efforts to attend more social occasions and find opportunities to meet each other. In addition, Action Star and Sexy Mars are also supporting you!

This year you are very likely to travel across the country, at least to an overseas location that you have always wanted to go to and feel out of reach. This year, you have to dare to dream, because things that you never thought could happen. If you have a partner, you will embark on an amazing journey together. You can create shared memories in 2019 to make the feelings of both sides more intimate. Jupiter not only offers opportunities for travel, but also offers you a variety of ways to enjoy it. If you don't have a travel budget, there will be many ways to get you there, so be open to all possibilities.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will make you the darling of the universe. In this year of success, you will meet successful people from all walks of life. One or two of them may be particularly interested in helping you succeed, so you need to prepare the answer when you are asked: & ldquo; how can I help you? & rdquo; you can answer immediately. You can also be optimistic about your financial situation. Jupiter will enter your second house of income on December 2, 2019. Such a wonderful income outlook will continue until December 18, 2020. Keep positive. The higher salary you've been striving for is coming to you.

December 27 is the luckiest day in 2019, when Jupiter, the planet in charge of good luck, meets the authoritative Sun. For you, it's the best day of fortune, and you'll find yourself in the right place at the right time. If you need to sign a contract, that day would be perfect. It was also very close to the eclipse of Christmas, and it was surrounded by a circle of shining light. In 2019 you will have a good ending, and then you will enter 2020 with new confidence and tremendous growth.

23 November ~ 21 December, planet: Jupiter, fire signs

character features:

Stomped, greedily breathing the free air of nature, and drive away the golden autumn, in turn welcome the winter chill, Sagittarius you can not wait to set off to ride you crave vast. A cheerful, active thinking, focusing on cultural enrichment, but they did not forget the whole world. You in real life, but thinking frequently fly to the distant past and boast Jiao future. Sensitive thinking of jumping, for a while at this moment and in what people think you are just around the corner, and as if in the sky; think both you and like-minded, as if out of tune with you. You are a thought needs to calm thoughts. Sagittarians are enthusiastic, full of fiery passion for life. You never cared about personal gains and losses, like join to promise a lot of things were to go. Reckless behavior often bring you trouble. Whether in thought or in action, at any time you are ready to experience risk. Your life, optimism and love you forever young. Life on the road, all the efforts are intended to enable people to bail out. In addition, the spirit of optimism, good health and a happy mood will bring you luck and a good impression. You are very good at comforting and inspiring themselves and the people around, and lift your spirit.

A born general everything that happened in the world has a strong hobby, like travel, good friendly post. Your wishes of generosity, but does not want others to threats and interfere with your sacred freedom. Do you hate obligations, and would rather abandon the vested interests of whom do not want to be tied. Do you like the home is frequently filled with visitors, and do their best to go on helping you, you will get to know so very many social influential figures in your life and career will always get support or protection. Your destiny frequent contact with foreign countries or travel together, usually will bring you luck, friendship and interests. Even in adverse circumstances, optimism never betray you, and on helping you to bail out faster than others, which is unique in the Sagittarius personality upper hand. In particular, you care about pop music, impact of news on the altar of anecdotes, and he likes insightful ideas and are able to express high on. Your hospitality, amiable, and his kind and honest, open-minded and open-minded-minded personality, popular people's praise. Working with people full of the spirit of cooperation, idealism, which will inspire you and the people around, and adds harmony with all life and career with your instinct. You opportunism, conservative, contradictory thoughts, however, things rarely consider other people's capacity limit, it will cause resentment.

Tumultuous years, from the age of 40, the Sagittarius people tend to go to the track of normal life up to live a happy life, become a respected citizen, the family the exemplary father (mother) or that the cause of the Chairman or leaders. Honor occupies a very important position in your mind. Middle age is the golden age of Sagittarians career, you have the ability and the opportunity to win their own success.

Sagittarius Men

Enthusiasm, optimism, always full of great enthusiasm. Either emotionally or in terms of ideology, your vision is always toward new horizons, longing for distant lands.

Your independent spirit is very strong, like its own way, do not want to be bound by others. Emotionally honest, emotional, love very early on in your mind kindled a spark of colorful. Your life opportunities will occur, beautiful love looking forward to you. Like you was very selfless and generous, and hope that everyone around own satisfaction and happiness.

When you pick up the birds feast, family and society will produce a strong feeling. You like ideas, like the arrangements for the family's life, while respecting the independence of each person and you complete freedom of movement. If your family life is particularly happy and satisfied, then your feelings is steadfast. You like everything ins and outs can clearly do not like vague and ambiguous.

The birthday horoscope Gemini women with her happy mood, elegant demeanor win your favor. If you two together, life will be vibrant, perfect, and there will be very many travel opportunities.

Aries women and you have the same enthusiasm, your combined contribute to the achievement of a great cause.

Leo women and you have the same generous character, you have a common desire of life and noble cause.

Sagittarius women

Naturally gifted with the innocence of quality, like a burst of fresh air; a way to suppress the vitality and passion of one to freedom, which is Sagittarius women. This is a simple-minded, hobbies, sports, hearts full of joy and girls. Her heart is always longing for the innocence of idealized love. Sagittarius men, you do not want to be bound by any emotional.

In the spent freedom leisurely, carefree single life, once she set up their own family, she will become a good wife and mother and family of the pillars of the nation. She needs to be respected by others, her work you want to get the appreciation and praise, she is concerned about her husband and the children's well-being, but also know how to respect your respective independence.

The birthday horoscope Gemini male partnering, and your life will be full of vigor park.

You enthusiastically Aries men and enthusiastic Leo men will get along very well.

Sagittarius children

The pleasant smile, vibrant and very easy to impulse. Sagittarius child needs the joy of freedom and healthy. Do you like horseback riding, motorcycle riding, skiing or get on the boat to go on a safari, or to travel to distant lands.

Your main advantage is that the integrity and independence of spirit. If people can correctly deal with and understand you, you will behave very sensible, and can trust you; However, if people force you, you'll never again there is no way but since you, you will escape to another hypocritical extreme.

Generally speaking, outside life than learning more attractive to you. Sagittarius child, especially a language genius, you're always longing for distant places, foreign trips will be an integral part of your destiny. Lifestyle or career that you like to do whatever they want and do not want to lock yourself in the old rules, you like to have the opportunity to speak out exposed.

Your best way out is a freelance soldier life, laws and institutions abroad, sports, horse racing, trade (import and export business), social welfare, judges and teachers.

Sagittarius born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: 23 November to 1

Character: treats others with generosity, independent thinking and action. You all have a great impact on others. Spirit of innovation, but the action is sometimes extreme and not very suitable. People born in this date, there may be two development trends: First, to become a successful explorer or traveler, you will use their courage and love of freedom to overcome obstacles. Another trend is cautious ideal, it will make people committed to social, philosophical or religious work.

Power source: Independent Spirit

Date of Birth: December 2 to December 11, 2011

Character: nature upright, frank, stubborn. Your mood by a big margin, suddenly will reach the pinnacle of passion, suddenly will fall into the depths of despair. You all the time to prepare the edge of the pioneers of the journey. Whether at work or in life, you are always in a high state of tension. You tremendous energy will the people around you, even you and I are exhausted. Mind always promise a lot of new insights and ideas, things clean and neat, which is a guarantee of the success of your career.

Power source: enthusiasm

Date of Birth: December 12 to December 21, 2011

Character: with a pleasant personality, honest, reliable, very warm people. Your energy and intellectual talent. Inspired to achieve the degree of farsightedness. Another feature of your character is strong-willed and independent spirit. Outstanding achievements in the area of ​​sports undertakings dry line love line to win the goodwill of others; fiery emotion, friendship and love there is no way of life.

Power source: inspiration

Famous person born in Sagittarius: Beethoven (German musician), Jacques Chirac (French Prime Minister), Berlioz (French composer), Musset (French poet), Churchill (former British Prime Minister, writer) Disney (American animation writer: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Author), Bie Fu (French opera singer).

All in all, Sagittarius you:

  • The independent spirit Sagittarians said: "I believe".
  • Way to express love: warm.
  • Is: warm person.
  • Desire: to help your career assistant.
  • Deceived: the opportunity to manage the mistakes or personality factors.
  • Like: walking and horse riding in nature.
  • Fear: compromise.
  • Pursuit: healthy entertainment.
  • Weaknesses: missed appointments.
  • Holiday life: hiking or camping.
  • Favorable conditions: too blunt.
  • Expenditure: a luxurious life.
  • Mascot: star-shaped objects.
  • Lucky Metal: bronze.
  • Lucky stones: turquoise.
  • Lucky Day: Thursday.
  • Favorite color: blue and purple.
  • Lucky numbers: 3,12,21,30.
  • Favorite place: a grand gathering place, racetrack, walk or looking for a hunting forest.
  • Lucky plants: Yang Su grass, mint, borage.
  • Living conditions: a bright and spacious room, well-lit, fresh air, the indoor decorated with a variety of tourist souvenirs, sun He looked out on a view of the woods.
  • The ideal living Country: Australia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ceylon.
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