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On Thursday, 2019-08-22,

reminded: Keep Smiling

Suitability: Take other people's advice

more often in workThe overall situation is good today. A good attitude can bring you good luck. So, keep smiling more. Workplace people will feel particularly comfortable in their work. Someone volunteers to help you and listen to other people's suggestions. At the same time, I hope you can use your attitude towards your colleagues in the case of your lover, smiling at each other and not turning your face over because you are not satisfied with a word. Besides, don't waste money today, you will find that saving is good for you. In terms of learning, the Student Party may consider doing homework well today.

2019-08-23, Fridays

reminds: safe and smooth

Suitable: Pre-arranged candlelight dinner

On the whole, today is a safe and successful day, especially in love. Don't miss the good time for a great increase in feelings. You can consider arranging a candlelight dinner in advance to create a romantic atmosphere. On the job side, today's progress is relatively smooth, but when others encounter difficulties, don't stand idly by. Help enthusiastically. Being busy can help you build better relationships and increase the chances of making money. In terms of learning, it is suggested that the Student Party should pay attention to social hot spots and learn from current affairs.

The Overall Opportunities of

in the Period of 2019/8/19-2019/8/25Mars left Career Palace last Sunday to help Scorpio adjust its mood and fatigue for a long time. Mars turned to Interpersonal Palace. On the one hand, Mars helped you expand your circle of people and have the opportunity to meet new friends. At the same time, you should remind yourself to be cautious and not to express your views too casually. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult. It's possible to get angry with people in the circle. Venus will also move into the interpersonal sector on Wednesday, in conjunction with Mars, which will not only continue to promote opportunities to meet new friends and authority within the circle, but may also establish new partnerships. However, all issues related to money are suggested to do it personally in order to avoid subsequent disputes. The Sun will also come to Interpersonal Palace on Friday, bringing good execution to Scorpio, improving the long-standing shortcomings in interpersonal communication, but also reminding Scorpio to be tolerant in everything and avoid disputes over details.


Although Mars moves into interpersonal sector, Scorpio will gradually focus on maintaining stable relationships, Mercury will stay in the career sector and continue to be overwhelmed by Uranus, which is retrograde in your partner's uterus. Scorpio and the relationship between your partner will still be subject to changes in the environment, for example, around the future and direction of development, there may not be any. In order to avoid affecting feelings, we should learn to understand each other when we argue with the same opinions. Venus will move to the interpersonal sector on Wednesday, forming a conjunction with Mars, which is conducive to expanding new social circles. Scorpio will also take the initiative to invite partners to participate in friends'gatherings, or show love for their partners in public. The Sun's arrival in the interpersonal sector on Friday, in conjunction with Mars and Venus, also brings more opportunities related to social interaction, which is conducive to indirectly closing the gap between partners.

Single Dog: Single Scorpio may like friends because of lack of security, but it is necessary to distinguish whether they like them or depend on them.

Companion: Only by learning to be considerate and respectful of each other's ideas, can we avoid disputes over issues related to principles.

Career and Academic

Mercury stays in Scorpio's career house to help you determine and plan your long-term development path, but because Uranus is retrograde in the house, and Mercury continues to form a pentagon, these related plans are difficult to achieve in nearly two weeks, and are still in the preparatory stage, to maintain enough patience to handle the current work well. We should not be too impatient to proceed in a step-by-step manner. Mars came to interpersonal sector last Sunday to help Scorpio improve emotional problems. There are also more opportunities to get to know new partners through social interaction. Venus also moved to interpersonal sector on Wednesday to match Mars, which is conducive to gaining the favor of others and may determine new cooperation plans. Friday will bring more opportunities as the sun comes into interpersonal palace, but Scorpio still needs to keep in good condition and strive actively to achieve satisfactory results.

Attention of workers: Learn to listen to other people's ideas, but also learn to deal with different types of people.

Job seekers note: Scorpio unemployed job hunting is better, but may encounter more stringent bosses or examiners, must adjust attitude, do not be too nervous.

Students'attention: Scorpio students tend to be more playful and prone to delay their studies. They should also pay attention to the relationship with their roommates.

Overall Opportunity

After experiencing water stress, Scorpio will see the problems that need to be improved and repaired. When the water stress ends in August and the mood is calmed down, the idea of taking the initiative to change for the better will prompt action immediately. It will be good for the development of this month and the next few months. In the first ten days, it is suitable to repair the relationship with friends or family. If you are a shy person, you should take advantage of the other party's needs and you can help to satisfy them. If you need to make a decision before or after 10 days, searching for a lot of reference experience will make you hesitate more and more. If you have a soft ear, it will be easier to follow other people's wishes. In order to live your life according to the preferences of others, we must seriously solve this problem in the middle of the year; in the 17-20 days, we may have to leave the familiar environment to challenge the unknown; in the latter part, the rich heart will be the capital of your pride. If you want to convince others to believe you, this is your base spirit.

Love fortune

Scorpio, on the road to love this month, opportunities and risks coexist very clearly. Single Scorpio, this month in the search for peach blossoms, you will have new inspiration, and also easy to generate viable ideas, compared to last month, the odds of leaving alone is greater, but more Scorpio pursuers to be careful, your & ldquo; good luck & rdquo; prone to jealousy, there may be people united in line. Squeeze you; Scorpio in love, you need to make your partner feel hopeful before you can talk about your long-awaited plans (especially marriage plans). If you have no reason to withstand scrutiny, then don't get hot in your head.

Financial analysis

This month's consumption index is high and low. When there is nothing to do at home, it is almost zero consumption. As long as you go out, whether to do business or to keep an appointment, you will inevitably have expenditure, and the large expenditure basically appears in human relations. Staying in good fortune is the focus of this month. It is not recommended to resign willfully or buy in unprepared circumstances. In investment and financial management, don't expect to make quick money. The luck of changing bicycles for motorcycles is still small.

Overview of Horoscope

2018 is a busy and exciting year. Although you feel overwhelmed by constantly exploring and seizing opportunities, the seeds planted last year will harvest rich fruits this year.

Complete Horoscope

2018 is a busy and exciting year. Although you feel overwhelmed by constantly exploring and seizing opportunities, the seeds planted last year will harvest rich fruits this year. Between October 2017 and December 2, 2018, Jupiter, the lucky planet, stayed in Scorpio, and any attempt made during this period is likely to succeed. In fact, if you were single, you might have met true love now.

Now, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so it's very comfortable in this area. It enriches your income sector and brings you the richest economic benefits in twelve years. Most of the new revenue sources can be traced back to your multi-party communications and exchanges in 2018. Now you have a great opportunity to develop new profit channels. Sagittarius is a creative fire sign, so last year you could take advantage of the new ideas you wanted to put into practice. Sagittarius also represents internationalism, so your products or services may have global impact.

Another wealth earning in 2019 may come from publishing or broadcasting. Indeed, between December 2014 and December 2017, the media industry was very depressed, and it was very difficult for publishers and broadcasters that failed in difficult times to make a comeback. But some content-innovative magazines still have the chance to succeed and become stronger than ever. Network TV and network video will also enter its heyday, providing audiences with more choices. If you work in the field of publishing or communication, keep a positive attitude.

If you need to sign documents at the end of the year, choose December 27, 2019, when Jupiter will be in conjunction with the Sun, which is the luckiest day. You'll get a lot of money, and you'll feel like you're deeply cared for by God.

24 September ~ 23 October,  Planet: Venus, air signs

character features:

Between Libra and Sagittarius Scorpio. A special interest different from each other and different financial things. Good use of his character contrasting characteristics. You are a real distinction between people like to explore things. In the bleak autumn born into this constellation rough and stubborn, you intense pace of life will make close to you perplexed. You love psychology often filled with contradictions. Emotional betrayal you absolutely can not stand, and will make you love as opposed to the original view. You have a pair of extremely keen eye, insight into the pros and cons of human weakness and opportunities. In addition, your mystique, selective, aggressive, fanatical and uncompromising spirit, frequently to the people left a deep impression. There is no way to get rid of the troubles frequent haunt you, make you feel exhausted. Strong performance of the prominent character of Scorpio. Great endurance so that you dare to meet the difficulties and obstacles, and to conquer. Whether life or emotional aspects of the intricacies of the subject, not only will not make you tired, but it will also add fun to your life.

Scorpio require frequent interruption is busy. You like to do it in person hands; like to improve their working and living environment; like to update their own ideas, not like the life of idleness and powerless, and that will make you lose vigor and vitality. You do not accept any failure, if the problem is a setback, you will have a strong psychological allergy. Then you will start from scratch, with a strong will and indomitable spirit, re-run to success. Do you like the dramatic scenes, director scene from time to time on you along the way. Best not to become obstacles on the road ahead, this is a dangerous competitor and a formidable opponent. You will never forget the lessons of failure and their hurt.

Scorpios love of power, like to have their own way of thinking. Money and material for you is indispensable, but it is not bound his hands and feet, their own businesses, work on helping you, always keep in mind, will go for your generosity. Birth horoscope, Mars in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, or the influence of the ecliptic Section I, X, VII or IV palace, this character will be more prominent. Different to the ecliptic your constellation Scorpio people who are good at waiting for their favor timing. When the time comes, and you have selected the way to go, then any strength there is no way in addition to blocking you advance, you'll have withstood any hardship test. Where others have failed or abandoned array escape just you build their own successful performance of the Holy Land. You like a prudent and well-thought-adventure, it will use its own charm and charisma to achieve the purpose of his or her own. Very many prestigious financiers, your birth horoscope Scorpio has a strong influence. Scorpio frequently showed interest nature quite understand the business sense, the more difficult business, the more you from profited. This is not easy to get along with people, everything to the best par. Your material desires must be fully met. According to legend, the the Scorpio symbol of death, inheritances and gifts ecliptic Part VIII Palace end up 'Jin' Ryoen, so far, the Scorpio people are still enjoying spouse frequently in material life to your interests. Also Scorpio, you may go to the other extreme, you happiness in this world, wealth without loving, but to start their own beliefs, or heart experiencing the mysticism of the commotion.

Scorpio Men

Absolute awareness and a strong desire to roll in your mind, and often takes you to a melancholy world of passion and loss. Precisely here, you will feel the true value of life and fun.

You tenaciously subjected to any hardship test, the torrent of desire on helping you cut with scissors to destroy all obstacles on the road ahead. Are you good at guessing the weaknesses of others, be good to catch a woman's weakness and touches your mind sees. In love, you are always in a dominant position, in your opinion, as long as the purpose is good, and nothing to lose.

Because of your indomitable spirit, you will be successful where others have failed.

Only when you transcend his nature, you can be freed from the shackles of inner self-torture, full of great spiritual strength, creativity becomes unimaginable.

Birthday horoscope in Taurus and Venus affect women will fall in love with you. Whether you are a spiritual life or you will achieve the harmony of the meet.

And gentle obedience Cancer women combined, your feelings will be very harmonious, life would be full of poetry.

Pisces women will make you really feel the joy of life.

Pragmatic, brave Leo women will change your character, and you freed from the depression and the intricacies of obsession.

Scorpio women

Only passion, disappointment and tears in order to feel their presence and joy. You can withstand Unfortunately baptism and live life test. Like the dramatic change. You will feel or impression that the great attraction of sex. The charm on helping you unimpeded forward on the road of life. Once you have found the men in their own meaning. You will be a good companion. Brave, hard working, hard test, you will exhibit the most selfless quality of a housewife.

Strong private feelings of desire and jealousy, what you need is not her husband enjoy the beauty of their eyes, but your faithful love and no retained. If you are in love, being fooled or encountered a rival, you will have a strong revenge. When related to your personal interests, your most powerful weapon is the tough talk.

Frequent vent grievances target, especially on the subject of love. However, the character of your ability and rich features will give people around impressed.

Birthday horoscope Taurus male is your ideal choice. Common life will make you appreciate the true meaning of love and wonder. Pisces men also affective appeals.

Cancer men into your life, Scorpio women can do whatever they want to exercise the powers of the housewives.

Scorpio children

Excitement and feelings is the main part of the Scorpio child character. A child psychology is very complex and difficult to understand. Silence reticent, calm and collected, but the heart is slowly accumulating desire or dissatisfaction, and the formation of the latent unrest factors.

Never underestimate a child, you may become the best, and it may become the worst. If you feel themselves to be libelous or contempt, you will have a Mingxinkegu discontent, causing you to rest on its laurels or does not make progress, these feelings will continue until you become an adult.

In addition, the the Scorpio child physical and mental reserves a special pneumatic need to make strenuous efforts to play wit, this strength will burst out.

All mysterious things can cause your passion. In medicine, chemistry, history, or research work, you will demonstrate talent. You have a special ability to reveal the mystery or figure out what fans suspected topics.

This is a self-centered, very attractive to the people, to this point in your Qinghai era to demonstrate. To the people around you frequently impressed.

Do not force you to do things you do not want to, you need to choose the way to go, once selected, you will come up with a hundred times in other people's perseverance and courage to learn and work.

Your ideal way medicine, metallurgy, police career, research, military, oil or volcanic-related occupations, engineer, sculptor or dangerous career.

Scorpio born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: October 24 to November 2

Character: domineering character of mystery and rich, it is difficult to see the whole picture of your inner world from the calm exterior. You can be an outstanding person, may also go the opposite. Do you like the circuitous way to achieve their own ends. In the eyes of the difficulties never discouraged. Indecisive youth to adulthood, your character will really show it. This personalized love private person. If you have more tolerance and compassion, you will be more respected.

Power source: divide and conquer

Date of Birth: November 3 to 12 days

Character: temperament ambiguous, both proud and timid, warmth and cold, both longing for sex and self-restraint. When someone to commit to you, you will not read sensibilities. Very easily become an emotional suppression and extreme Dongan. You vulnerable to all kinds of desire driven, once you overcome nature, it will radiate a powerful driving force, and showed remarkable talent in occultism, psychology or inventions.

Power source: extreme

Date of Birth: November 13 to November 22, 2011

Character: there is no way to curb the nature and strong passion, your motivation may be, may also become your weakness, these two tendencies mainly depends on your emotional sublimation, or you become a victim of passion. You really need to give you to bring the spirit of balanced living environment full of happiness and fraternity atmosphere. You may become destructive jealousy always left guard.

Power source: Love

Famous people born in Scorpio: Paganini (Italian composer empty), Tuo Dostoevsky (Russian novelist), Marie Curie (Polish physicist), Picasso (Spain famous painter), Charles de Gaulle ( President of the Fifth Republic of France), Alain Delon (the famous French movie star), Lancaster (United States film actor), Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister of India), Mitterrand (French President).

All in all, Scorpio:

  • A strong desire to Scorpio said: 'I need'.
  • Way to express love: complex.
  • : A strong desire.
  • Desire: to find a tolerant wife (or husband).
  • Fraud: Due to the excessive self-confidence and like complicated.
  • Like: seek out the precious objects.
  • Afraid: the others bad faith.
  • Weaknesses: frequent presence of a latent sense of crisis.
  • Favorable conditions: perseverance.
  • Adverse conditions: not good at work.
  • Holiday life: to change their room furnishings, or tinkering at home.
  • Expenses: more harm than good things.
  • Mascot: Dragon.
  • Lucky Metal: iron.
  • Lucky stones: ruby.
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday.
  • Favorite color: red.
  • Lucky numbers: 9,18,27,36.
  • Hidden place, vineyards, luxury entertainment, the latest hotel and prosperous place.
  • Lucky plants: red pepper, blades of grass, thistle, wormwood.
  • Living conditions: covert and full of mysteries and antique furniture.
  • The ideal living Country: Norway, Malaysia, Syria, Bulgaria, Australia, Queensland.
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