Friday, December 3, 2021, will be a bit confused and may be a little uncertain about your direction. In fact, you don't have to think too much today. Just do what you should do. There are too many problems in the relationship, but sometimes it's better to be confused. Saturday, December 4, 2021

It's a little annoying today, and it's easy to say something that makes people feel upset. Whether it's intentional or unintentional, be kind. It seems that many people have fate with you, but not many can really go on.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

Venus in Taurus's migration house helps you maintain a pragmatic attitude and plan the travel, study and development direction related to the future. You will also be eager to leave the existing environment and go to other places, foreign countries or other circles to seek appropriate development opportunities. Some Taurus will have the opportunity to get a promotion, a raise and be appointed to important projects. Neptune goes straight in Taurus's interpersonal house on Wednesday, which is conducive to re improving and combing interpersonal relationships. At the same time, we should still be wary of the people and things around us and pay attention to the real needs and purposes of others. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurred in the ill house of Taurus, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to financial and capital problems, and will also bring news such as increasing income and obtaining cooperation opportunities for Taurus. However, Taurus should still take the initiative to pay attention to and deal with problems related to cooperation, investment and accounts, and solve the pressure related to debt and borrowing in time to avoid bringing trouble to itself.


Venus is in Taurus' migration house and Mars is still in Taurus' partner house to help Taurus and their partners improve their relationship and pay attention to the real needs of both sides. For Taurus in different places, there will be an opportunity to meet their partners in the near future. Both sides will also consider solving the contradictions related to different places and spiritual differences, and learn to take the initiative to express when things happen, It will help improve the relationship between the two sides. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will help to improve the financial pressure between Taurus and your partner. It is also suitable to uncover the long-standing contradictions related to the sense of security and trust through good interaction. However, some Taurus will still have contradictions related to their partners. We recognize that they are not the same people in essence, and even have problems due to economic, financial pressure and trust, In the follow-up, it is possible to break up and divorce.Single dog: single Taurus has good luck in love. It is easy to meet people who take the initiative to show their favor. We should also consider whether the other person is their favorite type.

Companion: pay attention to and deal with the contradiction related to distance, and plan a stable future for each other.

Career studies

Venus in Taurus's migration house will help you plan and achieve goals related to the future in the near future, bring you opportunities for development, business travel and learning related to other places and foreign countries, and also give Taurus more opportunities to work or learn with older elders and authorities. In the near future, you will get good news related to personal development and job promotion. The sun and mercury coincide in the ill house, and mercury is in a position where it can not give full play to its positive characteristics. Recently, Taurus should not only deal with problems related to cooperation, investment and accounts, but also pay attention to the pressure related to debt, so as to avoid excessive expenditure and hasty investment. Neptune's direct march on Wednesday will bring interpersonal news to Taurus from an environmental perspective. It will also help to readjust the circle of friends and improve the distance with some people. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will help Taurus determine new cooperation and investment directions. It is also expected to obtain good material news or recover the arrears, but at the same time, we should clarify our own needs and determine a practical and feasible plan.Note to migrant workers: pay attention to and deal with problems related to money and finance, and also face the pressure related to cooperation.

Note to job seekers: Taurus, who is unemployed, has good luck in job hunting. It is suitable for getting the help of female dignitaries in the near future. It is also easy to improve personal ability through further study.Note to students: Taurus students have good learning luck. They are easy to get good grades in the near future. They will also determine their long-term learning and hard work direction for themselves.

Overall fortune in October

[refer to rising sun and Taurus]

October is a lucky month full of energy in Taurus. You will feel happy attention and love. If you expect to give each other a commitment to love, please don't miss this beautiful time. Your heart will feel incomparably satisfied, and you will find that all the efforts for the moment are worth it. The new moon opened on June 6, ushering in new development in work. May get busy, contact new things, start learning new skills, etc. There are also personnel changes in the team, some people will leave, and new colleagues will join. As Mars participates in the new moon, the workload will increase. There may be going out, handling certificates and arranging procedures. Access to relevant institutions, offices, submission of materials, etc. It may also experience competition among colleagues and the same industry. You will also consciously improve your ability to avoid losing the battle. The full moon on the 20th opens in your inner, hidden areas. It also reminds you to pay attention to your health when you are busy. On the surface, you will be much quieter than usual and like to be alone. In fact, the inner thoughts are diverse and colorful. You just need to digest it in your heart and think more. The sun changes its seat on the 23rd. During this time, you will pay more attention to love and relationships than ever before. This October, be patient and opportunities are waiting for you.

October Taurus is full of vitality. Venus changed seats on the 7th, and the fortune of partial wealth rose. Have the opportunity to get dividends, additional bonuses, cooperation funds, etc. If there are legal matters going on, we will see progress. You will also pay attention to financial management, part-time work, etc. to earn extra income outside of work. You can also participate in the lucky draw appropriately, and you will have good luck. In interpersonal relationships, you may find that someone will please you and be especially close to you. But you can also feel some unfriendly treatment. Some people may be jealous and dislike you. Be careful of what's behind it.

Taurus will receive love and support in October. At the end of the month, the sun and Mars will change seats one after another. Interpersonal, cooperative and emotional relationships began to become active. The focus of your life will also begin to focus on the opposite sex and cooperation. Until next month, we will meet more people, have new customers and implement new orders and businesses. But in the crowd will like to compare, want to compete. Emotional aspects will also begin to become active. Spend more time with the opposite sex, which is a good time to promote feelings.

About Studies

Taurus has a lot of academic pressure in October. Mercury is still retrograde in the first half of the month. You will find it a little difficult to study. Some of the contents are repeated and can't be really mastered. The test results are not ideal. Even if efforts are made, the results are not obvious. This month's competition is also fierce. It's difficult to stand out. It's better to be practical in the first half of the month, be patient and work hard slowly. Mercury will return to normal in the second half of the month. You'll want to speed up and catch up. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest and maintain a regular work and rest, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Pay special attention to the stars

This month, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and mercury return to normal. This month, retrograde planets began to move forward. This will be a good omen. For Taurus, the direction of career progress will begin to be clear. Previously, due to retrograde, you may have experienced policies and regulations, or adjustments within the industry. There are also personnel changes in superior leaders and work teams. Now these adjustments will slowly come to an end, and you have found new ways to deal with them. You can better express your will at work. There will also be new public events where you need to appear. Reputation and responsibilities will be further expanded. There will also be some small partners who have new job hopping opportunities. You can't hesitate any more. Next, you will be ready to make a decision. Mercury's direct movement will also make daily affairs move more smoothly. Problems and errors are also expected to be solved and repaired. However, there is still competition this month, and you need to deal with it carefully. The witch's suggestion is: hold on, don't give up! Guan Guan sad, Guan Guan Guan, this is life!

About feelings and change

Taurus' feelings are getting better and better in October. Taurus with company, if you have emotional problems, you may not want to face them head-on. Will rely on the opinions of family and friends. In addition, your temper is also good. You are impatient with your lover, which is an easy time to get angry. There are many things at home and work, which take up a lot of your energy, and there is not much time to deal with feelings. Towards the end of the month, as the sun and Mars change seats, your attention to feelings will begin to rise. If you are willing to spend more time with your lover, you will also feel that jealousy and possessiveness are increasing.

Single Taurus, mercury is still retrograde in the first half of the month, and you will still be a little nostalgic. Or there are emotional problems to deal with. Emotions are also relatively strong, love and hate are clear. But soon Venus changed its position. The idea is clear and optimistic. If you already have an ambiguous object, you can be closer to each other. There may also be people chasing you, buying gifts and inviting you to dinner. But you will hesitate and hope to get along more and have a look. Well, enjoy life this October, and you will reap love and happiness.

In the past year, Taurus, regardless of its status, has been looking for a new direction and breakthrough. Some Taurus found it at the beginning of the year and are working in this direction, but the external environment is relatively shrinking, so the driving force to move forward has been reduced and resistance has been increased in the middle. For example, when I entered a new unit at the beginning of the year, I wanted to show my strength, but the external environment did not cooperate, so that the progress was delayed around the second quarter and faced a career bottleneck. However, this kind of Taurus will gradually collapse in the second half of the year and begin to move steadily towards its set goals step by step. Although Taurus may not be able to make brilliant achievements this year, Taurus has been working silently for almost a whole year, working very hard step by step. It can be said that if you have a direction on the road and move forward steadily, will you worry about no breakthrough in 2021?

There is also a kind of Taurus that lingers in place until they have figured it out, or the conflict between their ideas and the periphery has reached an irreconcilable level. Taurus simply makes an exit action, such as off-duty study, pregnancy and having children, preparing to go abroad, preparing to start an independent business, etc. This kind of Taurus is a groping process this year. After groping for the direction, it will silently prepare for the future in the second half of the year. Waiting is not inaction. It is important to sharpen the knife and cut firewood. It is important to do it after thinking about it. By the end of the year, I believe that with the transfer of wood and earth, new opportunities in the career field will come. Feel at ease to do what you should do. The focus of this kind of Taurus is to think clearly about what you want and where the direction is, and have a clear and visible understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, so as to find your own position in the real field in the new year.

Maybe Taurus will say that it takes a year to explore and prepare. Is the efficiency of life too low. Not low, think clearly and make the right choice is more important than blindly investing in mechanical work! Taurus has had a hidden harvest in the past year, although compared with those active on the stage & ldquo; Star & rdquo; Generally speaking, Taurus is relatively inactive, but don't worry. By 2021, Taurus's unique charm will soon be distributed!

1、 Mu Tu turns to the ten palaces, his career reaches a new level, and his identity has changed in an ascending wayThe two stars of wood and earth enter the house related to career, identity and the upper level together, which means that Taurus will definitely have a straight-line and three-dimensional promotion in the new year. In short, it is a promotion! Even if you are not promoted in rank, your status is different now. You will obtain the status of an expert because of your professional qualification and enter an organization with authority and sense of honor. Because of the favorable platform and environment and the reserve of your own strength, a breakthrough in your career is inevitable!

2、 Moving from authority to the public, feeling the support of group power and accepting new contacts and ideas will help to open the pattern of lifeFrom mid May to the end of July in 2021, Jupiter will turn into Pisces, which will make Taurus's contacts quite active. This contact may come from a lot of interpersonal interaction brought by business development at the work level. Taurus may enter a very active group and get together with everyone as an expert. During this period, Taurus's identity is no longer high above the world, no longer lonely and cold, but a lot of excitement, which also makes Taurus feel the possibility of career development in the future. Feel it first and relax. First, start by getting to know more Jianghu people. Their status is absolutely not bad. Their care for Taurus is absolutely in place. Taurus will feel incredible warmth, even like stars holding the moon. Life is very comfortable!

In the new year, although the career field is the focus, a large part of Taurus will win the first prize in the field of marriage. For example, marry a rich family, ha ha! You may meet a very powerful partner and decide to get married and have children. You will have a great chance to upgrade your status. For example, you will say goodbye to being single, live with very excellent people, and become parents. Your family responsibilities will certainly increase. For example, to meet the high standards and strict requirements of your father-in-law, you should be conscientious and not lazy. The family field is another & ldquo; Battlefield & rdquo;, When you enjoy the glory externally, you must take responsibility internally!

Taurus in love, this year is to get married and have children, identity upgrade, marriage will bring glory, but also responsibility; Married Taurus, however, devotes most of her energy to her career. The marriage level is relatively stable, but we should pay attention to the health of the elders at home. Getting along with the elders is a topic.


Although fortune is not the focus of Taurus in this year, due to the improvement of Taurus' status and the increase of career responsibility, as long as Taurus does well, it will inevitably be accompanied by the improvement of Zhengcai or the increase of bonus. But compared with these daily income, Taurus is more important to strive to make itself red. The more red it is, the higher the income level in the future!

For professional, dedicated, rigorous and striving Taurus, 2021 will be a golden year for career and a year for your straight-line improvement of status. Pay equal attention to responsibility and glory, so stand on the stage and challenge! Bless you!