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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Suitablele: You have to control yourself

Today we need to pay attention to: today you will have the possibility of impulsive consumption, especially can not stand the stimulation and flirtation of others. I suggest you take good care of it. Today you are likely to make irrational consumer behavior. If you really don't have the confidence to control yourself, just leave the money in the custody of trusted people. In addition, today is suitable for learning, spiritual aspects are also easy to improve.

The Moon falls in Virgo 18.08 degrees - Libra 2.50 degrees (here refers to the daily trajectory of the moon)r

2019;04-18, Thursday

reminds us that we are not doing well r

Suitable: Use interest to refresh your mind r

Today, we need to pay attention to: today, your work efficiency is not high, and you are somewhat listless in doing things. It is suggested that you do not force work when you are inefficient. You can think about using something you are interested in to refresh your mind, or let your colleagues or partners help you, through communication to refresh your mind.

The Moon Sets in Libra 2.50 Degree - Libra 17.30 Degree (here refers to the daily trajectory of the moon)rn


Venus joins Mercury and Neptune in the interpersonal palace, bringing you into contact with the outside world, expanding your interpersonal circle and integrating into more interesting and intelligent relationships. For Taurus, this is a good time to adjust your personal status and actively strive for opportunities for cooperation. You will also get your partner's suggestions or get some gossip about making money and charity. It's just that the three stars, Gold, Water and Sea, are conquered by Jupiter at the same time, which leads to deception. You may also be too eager to make money and neglect security issues. We should learn to pay attention to personal money, and do not listen to other people's bewilderment and arbitrary investment, otherwise there will be economic losses or debt. Jupiter's retrograde motion in the womb on Thursday also reminds you of the problems associated with cooperative accounts, financial transactions and inheritance, which may face major adjustments, or loopholes in loans and liabilities, and greater pressure in the next four months.


Venus's conjunction with Mercury and Neptune will bring you good relationships and help you improve your self-confidence, but it will also make Taurus have blindly "self-confidence". You will rely on contacts with friends, it will be difficult to listen to your partner's advice, and will often put the advice of your elders behind you. But once there are economic problems, you still need to consult with people around you and get their advice. Help. On Thursday, Jupiter will retrograde in the womb of illness and will continue to work with Venus, Mercury and Neptune Penk, reminding you to carefully consider cooperation and investment plans with friends, to communicate with your partner and family in everything, and to deal with debt and loan-related crises in advance.

Single Dog: Single Taurus has more opportunities to meet new people, but whether you can develop an emotional relationship depends on whether you have the courage to start a new relationship.

Have companions: Taurus should learn to pay attention to financial and lending problems, but also take appropriate ways to solve them, so as to avoid passing the responsibility or problems on to the other half.

Career studiesrnAs Venus moves into the house of interpersonal relations and becomes in conjunction with Mercury and Neptune, it will have a positive impact on Taurus'career and work. For example, your imagination and imagination will be expanded. There will also be more opportunities to meet new partners and start new projects. Because with ideals, Taurus will feel more relaxed, and will be in a good mood with friends, partners and colleagues. The communication is also smooth. Mercury retrograde after the shadow period is still not over, and Venus, Mercury, Neptune at the same time by Jupiter penalized, if your friends can not help you, it will often become a burden on you, to learn to protect themselves wisely, to avoid affecting their work and life. Jupiter will be retrograde on Thursday, reminding you to pay attention to whether the funds are in the accounts or not. You may also face problems such as being checked and taxed. You should also pay attention to careful investment and avoid trusting the promises of friends and others.

Attention of migrant workers: It is not recommended that you resign in the near future. If you have already started to leave your job, you should pay attention to safeguarding your personal interests, whether it is starting a business or jumping to a new unit. Brothers and relatives should also clear accounts.

Job seekers note: Taurus unemployed have the opportunity to seek employment with the help of female dignitaries, but everything depends on their own efforts, can not rely too much on others.

Attention of students: Don't affect their studies and future in order to achieve temporary friendship.

April is a period of reflection. Integrating self and subconscious requires a lot of solitude and soul precipitation, which helps behind-the-scenes planning. Love in the second half of the month turns to secret, lacks tolerance and consideration, and is not conducive to development.

The New Moon on April 5th gains a more solid sense of inner security through meditation and self-reflection, while the full moon on April 19th comes to your sixth house, representing the improvement of your workplace and daily life, and the full moon's abundant energy will bring positive changes.

Mercury will be in your 12th house on April 17 for a month, and the Sun will be in your house on April 20. When the Sun Mercury comes to represent the hidden position, it is suitable for behind-the-scenes planning and reflection. Through meditation and yoga, it is helpful for spiritual ascension. Look at things with a little more empathy. It's easy to hide motivation when communicating with people. It's not clear what you want, such as what needs to be handed over. Be clear about your needs.

After mid-April, Mars came to the financial house. It was easy to make money and spend money quickly. Mars'energy was reflected in financial control. It was suggested that Mars should invest in making money, such as working overtime or thinking about making money. Otherwise, it would spend money indiscriminately. This was a period of improving life through the economy. Talk to people and you will want to talk more about making money.

From April 21 to the first half of May, Venus comes to your twelfth house. Venus's considerate and inclusive nature decreases, and its emotional relationship tends to turn into cold war or indifference. This is also a time when underground love is more prone to occur. Venus is more disadvantageous to the development of relationships during this period. Secret love may be the best way to resolve this period.

Overview of Horoscope

You are entering a very exciting period in your life. On May 5, Uranus, the planet of creativity and change, will enter Taurus and remain in Taurus until 2026. Because it takes 84 years for Uranus to circle the sun, you will never have a second chance in your life to wait until Uranus visits Taurus. This is the only experience of a lifetime - hellip; & hellip;

Complete Horoscope

You are entering a very exciting period in your life. On May 5, Uranus, the planet of creativity and change, will enter Taurus and remain in Taurus until 2026. Because it takes 84 years for Uranus to circle the sun, you will never have a second chance in your life to wait until Uranus visits Taurus. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

It's worth noting that Uranus is in Taurus, and your appearance and even your name may change. In terms of work, Uranus can make you famous & mdash; & mdash; therefore, if fame is one of your dreams, it seems that this goal will become within reach in the next seven years. Uranus rules your career house, so you may change your career direction. Uranus also controls electronics and electricity, so your career may be more oriented towards virtual worlds. Or you may become more interested in politics and volunteer to help a candidate succeed.

Jupiter, the planet of gifts and good luck, has recently moved into your eighth house of other people's money. Jupiter's change marks a year of financial benefits. If you work in sales, you may get a high commission; if you work in writing, you may get a considerable deposit; if you get performance pay, you will be on the road to wealth; if you work in a company, you can negotiate with the company about benefits now. Question: If you need money to realize your dreams, such as buying a house or starting a business, then this year you will have an excellent opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Finally, when it comes to love, from August 17 to October 3, when passionate Mars travels through your house of true love, you will get the best love. Meanwhile, Venus, the God of love, will pass through your house of true love from August 21 to September 14. Venus and Mars can ignite exciting sparks for new love and inspire love that you have sought for a long time.


21 April ~ 21 May, planet: Venus, earth signs

character features:

Following full of passionate Aries, Taurus is not easy to waste their energy. Taurus people unwilling meaningless preaching, action and irrationally excited for no reason. You do not laissez-faire passion, there is no sense of urgency, a strong inhibition of the spirit and ideas always run according to certain standards. If the impact of the strong Taurus horoscope of the moment of birth, then you will have a good self-defense instincts. Thinking of static, more wordy. Positive sense, smooth your character, perseverance and endurance, bright, hardworking, rich spirit of hard work. Acted careful, sincere and loyal feelings. In addition, you have extremely keen senses, inner harbor all kinds of desires. Like a comfortable living environment, breathtaking views of nature, flowers and animals. From negative sense, these advantages behind hidden suspicious worry, jealousy, despair, silence taciturn, gloomy and withdrawn character. It's hard to change their concept. In addition, you stubborn see, easy to produce extreme and narrow view of things.

Taurus person is like a walking according to their own philosophy of life. You do not easily change their habits. Opinionated salient features of your character, and is also the main drawback. The normally quiet once been angered, you become daunting. The strong Taurus family values, your family heaven and earth as the sustenance of their own well-being and to live and work life and reliable temple. Do you love children more than anything else, and you have high hopes.

This is an adaptation of adversity slower. Setbacks and failures often can make you depressed, you will even artificially himself imprisoned in silent anger, refused all contact with the outside world. Once the situation has improved, you will perk up to an unprecedented enthusiasm for the work to achieve their goals. The Taurus people thought tends to be old-fashioned, but good at financial management. When you have a certain number of property on hand is never a shortage of time, you'll be able to feel calm and composed. You have a very strong sense of reality, economic very good arrange their own material and family life. Career, you are strong, innate impeccable talent. Your road to success is often long, but is well established, especially in agriculture, construction and trade industries. Due to the strong influence of Venus or the moon, Taurus will frequently choose the art theater career. A lot of singers and theater people, your horoscope are mainly in Taurus.

Taurus men

This is a like a stable life and idyllic plate character. Feelings change of pace is relatively slow, however once the trigger will Shenbuyouyi not way to extricate themselves. Chaos and durable living environment, crucial to you. Strangers meet by chance you do not like to disrupt your life. Whether in love or in the pursuit of material you are reliable and the main criteria of safety as a trade-off, even your character and thought.

You both more than one thinking too much concern, but also a not deny pleasure. The delicious cuisine is an essential partner in your life.

Towards marriage, Taurus people consider this combination Ogata beneficial, like the other side of his family and their ability to work as a selected conditions. Because you need both to assume the responsibilities of family life, and can help you to cuisine fiscal wife. You want to boast Jiao love covered with aromatic cuisine. You appreciate the wife burning cook. Harmonious love life is the basis of your feelings, physiological balance in your life occupies an extremely important position. Taurus, slow to adapt to new things, they do not easily change their habits.

The family and the child is the center of your life, your joy and pride of the capital. Especially children is a long-cherished wish of the sustenance of your life.

Taurus personality is relatively stable, and rarely lost his temper. However, once the attack is no trivial matter, make people the creeps.

Birthday horoscope Scorpio women will fall in love, do not often meet, these two strong personality.

Partnering, life will be enriched with a birthday horoscope Virgo or Capricorn women, harmony and brotherhood. Considerate husband, the house and take care of children because of the the two constellation of women have their own strengths.

Taurus women

This is a full of energy, physical fitness, and a strong desire of life touching women. Very much in accordance with the characteristics of a woman to live carefree. Your charismatic, eager to experience the whole process of the love life: love, marriage, family, children, and delicious cuisine.

Menopause after such setbacks, your character prone to perversion, depression, irritability, prominent self-awareness. Prompted you to turn to seek material and spiritual comfort.

Taurus women is an ideal housewife, excellent hostess and Jingmingjianggan of female brokers. You can make around comfort to him, full of praise for the superb cooking techniques to make your family and friends. In addition, this is a female frequent plant flowers experts, you like your own apartment full of flowers or Fan veranda green plants want their own living environment than anywhere vitality. Only when your life is filled with comfortable pastoral smell, see their children grow, you will feel in the middle of a real happiness.

Taurus women are somewhat introverted personality, like to take care of themselves economically. Jealousy frequently afflict you. However, once you are sure to get a favorite sincere love, will become one of the most virtuous, the most loyal and devoted wife.

The birthday horoscope Taurus men can make up your character vacancies, despite living together will inevitably be some friction, but harmonious private life make you mentally balance.

Capricorn men often like-minded, you will work on helping each other, in their daily lives will be considerate of each other, to take care of.

Combined with Virgo male will help you to create chaos and happy family.

Taurus children

Taurus child is a chronic, when you do things and want the title, you do not get too urged. Otherwise you will become negative or stubborn, as well as to be mistaken for stupid. Once you are on the right track, the situation is quite different, you will show the indomitable spirit of hard work. So, for the children of this constellation, the key to a great deal of patience to guide you to the right track. In the future, you will consciously countersunk delve down, and never deviate from their goals. However, the prerequisite is to give you plenty of time, so you can calm! You do not like change, you need to have a regular rhythm of life and make you feel tranquil living environment Enron.

Taurus child's technological capacity is higher than intellect, pondering and do small stuff, usually always like to think about some real topics. Your talent suited in Seiko, shaping and gardening to expand. This is one of the children most of all love nature, deep feelings of pastoral life. Drove them to go on horseback, is the mood of life you most desire. From the development trend, settling in rural areas than stick to the city you can better play.

Your ideal way is agriculture, finance, property, governance, trade, food, fashion processing, large enterprises, sculpture art, singers or drama.

Taurus born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of birth: April 21 to 30, 2009

Character: This is a veritable realist, with the spirit of perseverance, suitable for the need indomitable perseverance and hard work to pay long-term work. Thoughts and emotions of change is slow. This is a stick, filled with a sense of absolute love and hate. Like a comfortable life, and are eager to expand their material wealth is not interrupted. Feelings of deep faith, and plays an important role in your life.

Power source: anti ratings listen

Date of Birth: 1 May 10, 2009

Character: instinct and subconscious often form a great spiritual strength, to dominate you desire, emotion, action. Commendable spirit of dedication and hard work will bring you success in the material opportunities. Generally speaking, only when it comes to your personal interests, parties will be involved in the case.

Power source: instinct

Date of birth: May 11 to 21,

Character: ambitious, make every effort to strive to achieve their goals. You frequently trying to change their self-control, good guide and inspire others. A strong sense of reality, but sometimes heavy depression, so that lull you into a withdrawn and depressed position.

Power Source: Organization

Famous people born in Taurus: Lenin, Marx, Richard Nixon, Freud, Balzac, Fonda (American theater and film actor), Fernandez del (French comedian).

All in all, the Taurus:

  • Reality-based Taurus said: "I have ...".
  • Way to express love: loyal or patiently.
  • A: sentimental person.
  • Desire: the lingering feelings and good cooking lovers.
  • Deceived: when attracted by sex.
  • Like: rural and fields.
  • Pursuit: a reliable foundation for everything.
  • Weaknesses: self-awareness.
  • Favorable conditions: perseverance.
  • Adverse conditions: sedentary.
  • Holiday life: gardening and cooking.
  • Expenditure: purchase living facilities and entertainment products.
  • Mascot: The scarab image.
  • Lucky Metal: copper.
  • Lucky stones: coral.
  • Lucky Day: Friday.
  • Lucky numbers: 6,15,24,33.
  • Favorite places: rural life, lawns, fields and pastures, banks and insurance companies.
  • Lucky plants: peony, Mallow, Primula, violets and wild flowers.
  • Living conditions: absolutely comfortable, durable furniture and modern kitchen equipment.
  • The ideal living Country: Ireland, Denmark, Australia and Argentina.
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