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warned on Wednesday: bad mood

Suitable: good mood management

You need to be reminded today that you need to deal with the relationship between emotions and careers. You may encounter some things in the workplace that lead to emotional distress. But if you don't manage your emotions well, it may get worse. So today, controlling your emotions is a compulsory course.


reminded on Thursday: thinking is very important,

Suitable for: independent judgment of

What I need to remind you today is that it's important to think, that it's important to maintain your own cool, objective and independent judgment, that you don't follow the crowd, that you shouldn't be easily stirred up by others, and that will be detrimental to your own analysis of things. In addition, we should use more sense and less emotion when judging things.



Venus is retrograde in your house of thoughts, and meeting Mercury and Neptune in your house of communication brings you new ideas and ideas, as well as opportunities to reunite with your loved ones. In conversations with past partners and friends, you may consider starting a new partnership with a former partner, but if you really want to reorient your future, you have to learn to stand up for yourself and prove your abilities with real action, not to be easily influenced by others. Because with Golden Hydrate being conquered by Mars, the direction and cooperation related to the cause are prone to crisis. In terms of money, you need to be more vigilant and avoid being cheated.


Retrograde Venus meets Mercury, meaning that Taurus wants to resolve differences with your partner through communication. This week, you also have many two opportunities for the world to sit down and have a good chat. But Mars has a different perspective on Venus and Mercury, and you'll also have unrealistic expectations for your partner, invisibly putting a lot of pressure on them. If you are always suspicious or expecting concessions from the other side, it may lead to greater disputes. It is better to understand the feelings of the other side. Something needs to be done slowly.

Single Dog: Although you have a good chance to meet your peers, you are not in a good mood at the moment and it is difficult to communicate positively with each other. First, adjust your personal status and recognize new people.

Companion: less picky and more compliments will make your relationship more harmonious.


Venus and Mercury align, bringing you opportunities for cooperation-related development, but only if you take the initiative and connect with past partners and friends. For Taurus, who already has a steady job, you need to finish the work at hand as early as possible this week in order to secure a satisfactory new partnership. But under the influence of Mars Crime, some people in the workplace may be at odds with you, or may be delaying your progress. It is suggested that Taurus should try to do everything in person, and be prepared to do anything before you can effectively prevent the crisis in your work.

Pay attention to migrant workers: don't rely too much on others. Learn to trust your own abilities.

Job seekers note: suitable for this week's job, the work of the better luck in the field, but it is recommended that all practical matters, as far as possible to choose a better pay job.

Student's attention: It's good to study and take exams, but you need to work hard enough to see a satisfactory result.

Career: On October 1st, Pluto is in full swing, Taurus is in better shape in publishing, law, immigration, International Trade & amp, freight, etc. Your goals will be clearer and your path will be smoother. Their own beliefs, world outlook and insights will have new insights.

In mid-to-early October, Taurus will be busy with everyday life and work chores, with opportunities for job hunting, team building, and upgrading services and skills. It should be noted that in the early and late October, individual time is easy to quit and transfer. In October, Taurus will also be busy with partnerships, customer development & amp; business, contract negotiation and other areas of affairs, there are good opportunities, but also easy to dissolve the contract, conflict, progress will not be smooth. In October, Taurus overall momentum was not very good, easy to repeat the trend, happiness is not high.

Emotional marriage: peach blossom, peach blossom opportunities, but emotional momentum is not smooth sailing. Taurus, by comparison, still feel that the elderly feel more secure, although there are so many problems, but at least I know ta. Taurus needs security and trust in relationships. Familiar people, even if they are not intimate, will persist. But in this October, Taurus can easily get into secret relationships, horns and emotional struggles. Lovers are easily suspicious and suspicious, and they always feel unhappy and want more. It is also easy to torture your partner to prevent betrayal. Some Taurus have compound opportunities, but you have to be clear about the boundaries and bottom line.

Money and wealth: wealth is not good enough. After Mercury enters Sagittarius on October 31, Taurus may have to deal with debts, credit card bills, as well as financial matters, investment and lending, insurance and taxation, resource integration, and financing.

Study: higher education, further education and overseas study will improve the fortunes of Taurus.

Health: Taurus is very concerned about your health in October. Pay attention to blood sugar, allergies, acne, throat, tonsils, thyroid, kidneys, bladder, waist, skin, stomach, viscera system, heart, etc.

Constellation Taurus 2018 Horoscope: face the challenge

In 2018, Taurus's fortunes are beginning to pick up. After a turbulent year in the past, many people have experienced a downturn in their fortunes, may have experienced interpersonal changes, or may not want to live a downturn and steady life. This year you will begin to face all the challenges you face, and this year you will do your best to meet them. Go ahead and give full play to your abilities. Of course, this year's challenges will not be less than those of the previous year. You may also encounter some direct conflicts. But fortunately, you will have the courage and perseverance to face all the provocations head-on. Sometimes you will be upset, but you will reap something. Many people will continue to devote themselves to this year. Learn to improve yourself. In the first half of the year, you'll start planning a lot, but in the second half of the year, it's possible that life repeats the same things and makes you feel bored and lazy.

Taurus 2018 career momentum: meticulous, rigorous and conscientious

Enter 2018, Taurus career games will show a straight upward trend, this year many Taurus will be devoted to their career, work is rigorous and meticulous, no matter what, you will be strict with yourself, do every detail well, many people will restore confidence to begin to seriously study With regard to career skills, this year there are many Taurus that will have new opportunities to work together or receive help from others, so your career will take a step further, and many Taurus will make important career decisions, which will help you grow no matter how you make them. In the first half of the year, Taurus's career has not improved completely, but in the second half of the year, you will be welcoming new successes.

Taurus 2018 love momentum: Soul blending, sprouting

In 2018, Taurus'love fortunes will also be better. Many people will think more about their feelings this year. You will sum up all your experience in love. For better or worse, you will look at these problems from a more objective standpoint. Many people will be very happy with their partners in general. It's true that this year you've had good emotional communication, mutual recognition, emotional stress gone, and a lot of people are moving into a new phase of their relationship. Singles will also meet the peach blossom of your heart, or you may start a new romance. In the first half of the year, a lot of Taurus will have emotional progress, into the second half of the year is still stable, but many people may feel emotional lack of some satisfaction.

Taurus 2018 fortune: steadfast and profitable, noble crowd

In 2018, Taurus's overall financial gains will be very good, this year many people will be more pragmatic, you may not think about some vague things, but calm down to make money, this year many people will be very good financial luck, you may also be a lot of help, interpersonal luck is also good It will help you, and many of you will receive gifts from others. In the first half of the year, Taurus's finances were generally good to your satisfaction, but in the second half of the year, it should be noted that there may be more spending, and some people put in some efforts to achieve less than expected.

Taurus 2018 health status: balance of payments, health improvement

In 2018, the overall health of Taurus will be very good, compared with the previous health situation has greatly improved, many people this year is still relatively solid physical foundation, overall energy will be very good, good physical strength will support you to do a lot of things, but it should be noted that there may also be Some minor problems in the past have dragged your whole health down. In the first half of the year, you are in good health and full of energy. In the second half of the year, many of you may continue to recover from some minor hidden problems, but in general it will not affect the situation.

Taurus 2018 learning momentum: ups and downs, self deception

In 2018, the overall learning situation of Taurus does not look very good, this year for learning things, you are more likely to pass or deceive yourself, many people understand the ability is good, but you may not seriously learn to consolidate the basic knowledge, or not at some point in doubt. After a thorough investigation, your study fortune will also appear a little unstable this year. It is important to pay attention to carefully understand all the points of knowledge, step by step.

21 April ~ 21 May, planet: Venus, earth signs

character features:

Following full of passionate Aries, Taurus is not easy to waste their energy. Taurus people unwilling meaningless preaching, action and irrationally excited for no reason. You do not laissez-faire passion, there is no sense of urgency, a strong inhibition of the spirit and ideas always run according to certain standards. If the impact of the strong Taurus horoscope of the moment of birth, then you will have a good self-defense instincts. Thinking of static, more wordy. Positive sense, smooth your character, perseverance and endurance, bright, hardworking, rich spirit of hard work. Acted careful, sincere and loyal feelings. In addition, you have extremely keen senses, inner harbor all kinds of desires. Like a comfortable living environment, breathtaking views of nature, flowers and animals. From negative sense, these advantages behind hidden suspicious worry, jealousy, despair, silence taciturn, gloomy and withdrawn character. It's hard to change their concept. In addition, you stubborn see, easy to produce extreme and narrow view of things.

Taurus person is like a walking according to their own philosophy of life. You do not easily change their habits. Opinionated salient features of your character, and is also the main drawback. The normally quiet once been angered, you become daunting. The strong Taurus family values, your family heaven and earth as the sustenance of their own well-being and to live and work life and reliable temple. Do you love children more than anything else, and you have high hopes.

This is an adaptation of adversity slower. Setbacks and failures often can make you depressed, you will even artificially himself imprisoned in silent anger, refused all contact with the outside world. Once the situation has improved, you will perk up to an unprecedented enthusiasm for the work to achieve their goals. The Taurus people thought tends to be old-fashioned, but good at financial management. When you have a certain number of property on hand is never a shortage of time, you'll be able to feel calm and composed. You have a very strong sense of reality, economic very good arrange their own material and family life. Career, you are strong, innate impeccable talent. Your road to success is often long, but is well established, especially in agriculture, construction and trade industries. Due to the strong influence of Venus or the moon, Taurus will frequently choose the art theater career. A lot of singers and theater people, your horoscope are mainly in Taurus.

Taurus men

This is a like a stable life and idyllic plate character. Feelings change of pace is relatively slow, however once the trigger will Shenbuyouyi not way to extricate themselves. Chaos and durable living environment, crucial to you. Strangers meet by chance you do not like to disrupt your life. Whether in love or in the pursuit of material you are reliable and the main criteria of safety as a trade-off, even your character and thought.

You both more than one thinking too much concern, but also a not deny pleasure. The delicious cuisine is an essential partner in your life.

Towards marriage, Taurus people consider this combination Ogata beneficial, like the other side of his family and their ability to work as a selected conditions. Because you need both to assume the responsibilities of family life, and can help you to cuisine fiscal wife. You want to boast Jiao love covered with aromatic cuisine. You appreciate the wife burning cook. Harmonious love life is the basis of your feelings, physiological balance in your life occupies an extremely important position. Taurus, slow to adapt to new things, they do not easily change their habits.

The family and the child is the center of your life, your joy and pride of the capital. Especially children is a long-cherished wish of the sustenance of your life.

Taurus personality is relatively stable, and rarely lost his temper. However, once the attack is no trivial matter, make people the creeps.

Birthday horoscope Scorpio women will fall in love, do not often meet, these two strong personality.

Partnering, life will be enriched with a birthday horoscope Virgo or Capricorn women, harmony and brotherhood. Considerate husband, the house and take care of children because of the the two constellation of women have their own strengths.

Taurus women

This is a full of energy, physical fitness, and a strong desire of life touching women. Very much in accordance with the characteristics of a woman to live carefree. Your charismatic, eager to experience the whole process of the love life: love, marriage, family, children, and delicious cuisine.

Menopause after such setbacks, your character prone to perversion, depression, irritability, prominent self-awareness. Prompted you to turn to seek material and spiritual comfort.

Taurus women is an ideal housewife, excellent hostess and Jingmingjianggan of female brokers. You can make around comfort to him, full of praise for the superb cooking techniques to make your family and friends. In addition, this is a female frequent plant flowers experts, you like your own apartment full of flowers or Fan veranda green plants want their own living environment than anywhere vitality. Only when your life is filled with comfortable pastoral smell, see their children grow, you will feel in the middle of a real happiness.

Taurus women are somewhat introverted personality, like to take care of themselves economically. Jealousy frequently afflict you. However, once you are sure to get a favorite sincere love, will become one of the most virtuous, the most loyal and devoted wife.

The birthday horoscope Taurus men can make up your character vacancies, despite living together will inevitably be some friction, but harmonious private life make you mentally balance.

Capricorn men often like-minded, you will work on helping each other, in their daily lives will be considerate of each other, to take care of.

Combined with Virgo male will help you to create chaos and happy family.

Taurus children

Taurus child is a chronic, when you do things and want the title, you do not get too urged. Otherwise you will become negative or stubborn, as well as to be mistaken for stupid. Once you are on the right track, the situation is quite different, you will show the indomitable spirit of hard work. So, for the children of this constellation, the key to a great deal of patience to guide you to the right track. In the future, you will consciously countersunk delve down, and never deviate from their goals. However, the prerequisite is to give you plenty of time, so you can calm! You do not like change, you need to have a regular rhythm of life and make you feel tranquil living environment Enron.

Taurus child's technological capacity is higher than intellect, pondering and do small stuff, usually always like to think about some real topics. Your talent suited in Seiko, shaping and gardening to expand. This is one of the children most of all love nature, deep feelings of pastoral life. Drove them to go on horseback, is the mood of life you most desire. From the development trend, settling in rural areas than stick to the city you can better play.

Your ideal way is agriculture, finance, property, governance, trade, food, fashion processing, large enterprises, sculpture art, singers or drama.

Taurus born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of birth: April 21 to 30, 2009

Character: This is a veritable realist, with the spirit of perseverance, suitable for the need indomitable perseverance and hard work to pay long-term work. Thoughts and emotions of change is slow. This is a stick, filled with a sense of absolute love and hate. Like a comfortable life, and are eager to expand their material wealth is not interrupted. Feelings of deep faith, and plays an important role in your life.

Power source: anti ratings listen

Date of Birth: 1 May 10, 2009

Character: instinct and subconscious often form a great spiritual strength, to dominate you desire, emotion, action. Commendable spirit of dedication and hard work will bring you success in the material opportunities. Generally speaking, only when it comes to your personal interests, parties will be involved in the case.

Power source: instinct

Date of birth: May 11 to 21,

Character: ambitious, make every effort to strive to achieve their goals. You frequently trying to change their self-control, good guide and inspire others. A strong sense of reality, but sometimes heavy depression, so that lull you into a withdrawn and depressed position.

Power Source: Organization

Famous people born in Taurus: Lenin, Marx, Richard Nixon, Freud, Balzac, Fonda (American theater and film actor), Fernandez del (French comedian).

All in all, the Taurus:

  • Reality-based Taurus said: "I have ...".
  • Way to express love: loyal or patiently.
  • A: sentimental person.
  • Desire: the lingering feelings and good cooking lovers.
  • Deceived: when attracted by sex.
  • Like: rural and fields.
  • Pursuit: a reliable foundation for everything.
  • Weaknesses: self-awareness.
  • Favorable conditions: perseverance.
  • Adverse conditions: sedentary.
  • Holiday life: gardening and cooking.
  • Expenditure: purchase living facilities and entertainment products.
  • Mascot: The scarab image.
  • Lucky Metal: copper.
  • Lucky stones: coral.
  • Lucky Day: Friday.
  • Lucky numbers: 6,15,24,33.
  • Favorite places: rural life, lawns, fields and pastures, banks and insurance companies.
  • Lucky plants: peony, Mallow, Primula, violets and wild flowers.
  • Living conditions: absolutely comfortable, durable furniture and modern kitchen equipment.
  • The ideal living Country: Ireland, Denmark, Australia and Argentina.