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The constellation chart that is destined extraordinary life


First, the sun and the moon ablaze - rich life

Said the sun and the moon ablaze, the most typical pattern is 120 degrees blending phase in a person's chart, constellation, sun and moon, which is said the moon, triple or constituents will be adhered to.

Due to the the sun charge of orders, a person working outside the Manner; moon in charge of the feelings of affection, is the characterization of a home life. The sun and the moon to reconcile, easy access to a good wife family placement was good to go out to be plenty of spirit to do things. And the sun and the moon to reconcile, usually doing things thoughtful and lively, with feelings, as something natural likely to be successful, it is possible to wealth can be imagined.

The sun and the moon ablaze if the sun went down Leo, Moon in Gemini, Libra, Moon in Taurus, Sun in Virgo, Capricorn, are the icing on the cake, a higher level format.

With the sun and the moon ablaze similar to the sun and the moon with the Palace and the sun and the moon controls. Said the sun and the moon and the Palace, as the name suggests is the sun and the moon fall into the same house, so the effect of the magnetic field generated is also very strong, but if the moon fall into Scorpio, Capricorn or Libra sun went down, the Aquarius when, due both off the trap format, so that the sun and the moon with the Palace effects should be discounted.

Control As for the sun and the moon, the sun and the moon living in the palace location, such as the Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius. This relationship is basically a little taste of the criminal impulse, originally poor. But from another perspective, the sun is very domineering, if everything goes well, the passage of time inevitably arrogant and overbearing, which makes the people around are very sad, but such a submissive will give rise to another inverse, so if the Hit arrangements an inverse Star Moon checks and balances, hampered, are less likely to take the fork in the road bent, which is not necessarily a bad luck, so the beauty of the sun and the moon controls so from. As for the format of the sun and the moon controls the moon in Taurus Rumiao, while the Sun in Scorpio, Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius, are better format, in turn, said that if the Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus almost the.

Ablaze the sun and the moon, the sun and the moon and the Palace or the sun and the moon controls the more common, which means that the wealth of the world's people everywhere, so I will not illustrate. However, some people may ask: that I am also the sun and the moon ablaze, why I still scrubby a? This question is talking about the format most commonly asked when things, the answer is: the first depends on the fate whether there are other criminal red destroy the original format; and the second is to look at the Grand Canal to the no. With regard to the latter, in fact, not difficult to understand how many ancient heroes, like Liu Bang, Han Xin, Lu Meng, and so on, not fortune, are not they all look shallow, speech, odorless man in the street? However, as long as the format in time to life the potential natural start to face the life stage. As for how much energy will start after, the stage will be, we should look before you start doing the job may be!


Second, wood and run are reconciled - must be built in the great cause of

Jupiter is the largest Gemstar itself with a great deal of good luck and good fortune, Jupiter and other planets produce harmonic phase, but Kat Negage will bring good luck of the chart, the main life!

Today to Jupiter and Saturn reconcile phase Speaking If you own or relatives of the chart, this phase, and they should pay more attention! This fate is not the boss will be in charge, and not small Oh!

Saturn in astrology, of course, is called the first fierce stars reconcile phase, however, it is also very valuable planet, especially Jupiter harmonic phase. Saturn harmonic phase determination and hard work, bite the bullet, strong organization, cautious and pragmatic, active construction characteristics, harmonic phase with Jupiter, mainly to these features. On this basis, then Jupiter forward-looking, confident and optimistic, and good luck to help in life-Tray want to create career, always successful, even if it is suffered untold hardships, and finally end can be fulfilled!

Therefore, if your chart, this phase, then congratulations! You are destined to make big business! You will find a good target, with a lifetime of effort to establish a small business or kingdoms! You will be the leader of this kingdom will take into consideration the many people who follow you! You are starting to step up efforts do not live up to God, especially your love!


Third, Gold and wood forming gold wooden arch - the lucky one of love and wealth

Natal gold wood together, a symbol of the main dish innate has a strong capacity for love, and the capacity to love others sincerely. Stability and elegant temperament of its people, interpersonal measured propriety, integrity and noble character, gives a sense of optimism, but also easy to get a good impression of others (whether heterosexual or homosexual). Of metal and wood, even if the fat will not be embarrassed or even fat is still full of confidence. Have this phase, love, lucky also attendant, of course, they do not easily start a love. They have been well aware of what they want love, what kind of love, but also know how to love, so it will not encounter confused entanglement love relationship. Feelings once you start, they show focused and willing to pay for each other, will be rewarded.

Of metal and wood, in addition to love, money is also useful inspiration and luck, or tend to have a unique and accurate eyesight vision and self-confidence for money. They are also very happy heart a class of people, no matter in what state of life will be very satisfied. But too smooth and stable life, may also cause the development of their life limitations. Of course, Venus and Jupiter together in different constellations, the difference is still very large. For example, gold wood together in Taurus, Aries with metal and wood together in the former over the latter.

Gold wood arch friends with golden wood together friends situation is broadly similar, unless there is other bad phase interference, or love and financial aspects of the lucky ones.

Fourth, golden wood punishment - how to love is not enough

The golden wood criminal also no shortage of good-looking appearance, but the punishment phase energy between Venus and Jupiter is not stable in a certain stage of their life will have a tendency to gain weight suddenly. Of metal and wood, gold wood punishment fat, there will be a sense of loss of control, it would be more humiliating, and therefore also easy to feel depressed. The golden wood criminal friends narcissism often thought the other heterosexual unintentional move Chilian.

Jupiter and Venus this relationship represents a blind confidence in the relationship with the opposite sex, it is difficult to have long-term stability of the opposite sex of pure friendship. They need a lot of love, hope to experience a different love, can also be divided into love very much, mainly due to heart to love one person is not self-confidence and insecurity. Just like some people are born just like to love a person, golden wood punishment are naturally inclined to love very many people. And yet always lamenting why no one can be enough to give lots of love, do not play fast and loose. Wood criminal often encountered in love accidentally, but there will not be too tragic. Lifetime fiscal fiscal go around, it does not seem so wishes, do not want to.

Fifth, Gold counteracts wood - material and spiritual conflict

Venus represents the secular, we can enjoy all the food and color; Jupiter represents spiritual joy out of substances, such as religious beliefs, philosophical thinking, quiet soul. Golden wood Chong's friends, unlike gold wood together friends, always both of us may complement each other, but for them, it felt missing another. A golden wood and red, the more rich material life, the talks are not happy and not satisfied, addicted to substances secular enjoyment, they will be more and more confused and powerless. When he (she) do not understand this lack of a sense of where they come from, it may be thought that the substance is not enough rich and intensified its pursuit, but the result will be more lost. Only when they find the problem, understand their own source of happiness from the balance of the material and the spiritual, which side are not too heavy or too light, like a tightrope-like skills to maintain middle course in the meantime, have a calm serenity life.

Red golden wood is also full of self-confidence, and even fraternity, willing to pay for people in need, and sometimes there will be a tendency to overly nice guys. They was full of warmth and dramatic singular personality will attract very many people, but the energy of this attractive Unlike metal and wood together friends so stable and loyal, are all due to their instability. Money for them is the same in all gold wood phase, this phase is the most likely to have squandered luxury habits, of course, gold wood alloy wood punishment also has a generous habit to spend money, but not as good as gold wooden red flower soft the extent of Tuisuan, the golden wood energy punch of older or slowly balance, the key is Tray willing to learn from their own experience without interrupting improved.


Six, Five Star Pente - the highest Excellencies

In China's ancient astrology, old Star cases above mentioned five-star Pente format. According to Zhang Guo boss cents, this format is a case of life of, the highest in Three! Modern parlance, that is, the Minister, the President-class VIP! This really is tempting fate, let everyone to have a good discussion.

Star were in accordance with the old fruit, star Lianzhu is water, gold, fire, wood, earth five planets in the chart Shun cloth continuously without interruption. For example, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn. Since these planets into the temple Wang coherent position, and five-star, all in one, even if each other some small criminal impulse, however majestic mutual coherence between the planets can be good luck, and hence this format bit Habitat Excellencies, not exaggeration.

From the point of view of modern astrology chart, one, two stars to enter the location of the temple Wang, basically ordered the main dish in some respects has endless benefits, water, gold, fire, wood, earth star fall into the wang Temple, ordered the main dish is you can not be made of the potential. However, this view sometimes have to correct that Uranus was discovered in 1781, Neptune was discovered in 1846, Pluto is even more late 1930 only to find Zhang Tai Sin, Sri Lanka has long been riding a crane away, ancient astrology and not included in the analysis of these three planets, three planets influence, however, must not be underestimated.

For example, the July 2002 Xunri, heaven Saturn, the Moon, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus the seven Lianzhu the vision, although not all those entering the temple Wang position, but the magnetic field of the planet mutual induction, which was originally pretty strong, but unfortunately, Sri Lanka Uranus Venus, the Pluto hedge Saturn, causing the stock market crash, earthquake again and again, the Middle East is in turmoil, a child born at this time, good luck while inevitably contaminated with this violent atmosphere for parents who have a good idea of ​​to cultivate these children.

Furthermore, like celebrity Hsu Hsin-liang, seven Lianzhu of the chart, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Venus, the Moon, Mercury, is the standard cartoons Dragon Ball (^ _ ^) big shot, got the upper hand when, badly capability. But the past few years Transit disk Pluto happens to hedge many stars, so the course fate can not be made, paid off, with many good opportunities has always been poor, have honed while Grand Canal will come!

These cases are even five-star Six Star Seven Star Lianzhu of, or to test the filter Uranus, Neptune and Saturn's influence is the solution. But then again, the influence between the planets are independent, so the fate star Pente, there will be five-star Pente good luck As for the fate of other planets criminal impulse, or transit disk criminal red, just add some challenge factor in luck. criminal impulse is to hone and enhance the important job of the wisdom of life, and does not eliminate the original format. In fact, like the four corners of fate is not worse than the fate of the triangular five-star Lianzhu with the criminal impulse is also very challenging, as long as the successful completion of the challenges of life, the wisdom of life will be more successful in this life instead of life scores will be higher.

You or your friends Five Dragon Ball, six Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball? Cherish, whether it is Pearl, are by no means a thing in the pool!


Seven, five stars toward the bucket - officers or prime minister

Fate analysis of classical astrology, old star cases ", said the five-star toward the bucket, or poor prime minister Hind Wing. Means that a person's water, gold, fire, wood, earth five stars to enter the position of the bucket, this is bound to be that rich format.

Let me further explain the significance of this star toward the bucket. Said bucket, Pisces, classical astrology think Pisces is the palace of the emperor, also known as crape myrtle Palace. Five planets gathered in the imperial palace, so for the chart, the main magnetic field sensitivity, natural super strong life.

However, this argument is to be done to correct. Since this statement is established before Uranus, Neptune and Pluto was discovered, Sri Lanka Pisces Jupiter when the main star. After the three stars of the day, the sea, deep, however, the main star of Pisces amended to Neptune, Jupiter is the main star of Sagittarius. Therefore, the definition of the star toward the bucket should be amended to five stars to enter Sagittarius. Since Jupiter is the first planet, representing the growth and self-confidence, who are subject to Jupiter's magnetic field induction into the planet of Sagittarius, life has a super fortune can imagine. The Mercury represents communication thinking, Venus represents wealth Art, Mars represents ambition and mobility, Saturn behalf of the ability to construct and perseverance, these planets are at the same time sensitive to Jupiter shining, indeed you can not be made!

This fate, however, to be corrected, that is to say, if this five stars by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto square or opposition, that the fortune also correct, of course, honorable format will not change, however, life will be more twists and turns , tend to be a late bloomer.

Also, if return to the "old fruit Stars were originally defined, a plate of life Pisces while five stars, or large rich you do? Basically, the star toward the bucket itself is Quaker, fall into the Palace of which are strong, but fall into Sagittarius happens to be Jupiter Rumiao, so stronger; As for the star toward the bucket from falling into Pisces, Pisces temperament will be subject to impact of its people still distinguished, but would be more compassionate the bosom mind, with the artistic temperament, with compassion among the rich, of course, is a good thing! Moreover, if the star toward the bucket plus the sun and the moon palace, said Seven sanitation, natural and toward the bucket stronger than the star; Sagittarius five stars, and the remaining two stars in Scorpio, Capricorn Block, sanitation, constitute Seven same is valued fate.

Consultation made in my life cases which can often see a lot of good format, but some parties fortune has yet to muddle unaware of their life in the possession of such a good treasure. Good fate is good, can I some point after you wake up like gave away, suddenly see the light, to find their own stage, really excited for them. I will be introducing some other fate, so that we have found the treasure map in his life, so, I believe I would be sure to go to heaven!

 Eight, sanxing huichong - make a fortune in middle-aged

After a few lucky format, to introduce early years of hard work, a middle-aged fortune in his later years a great format - three criminal red.

Said on three criminal red (T-Square) refers to the chart, there are two stars with each other to form 180 degrees hedge, the two stars were formed with the addition of a star 90 degrees to the punishment phase.

In traditional astrology with classical Chinese numerology, the evaluation of the three criminal will be red is not good, that is a dangerous format, all subject to serious criminal impulse chart, there are three stars, representing the life have tension, stress, conflict and other factors, these criminal impulse hidden life gene disease, life entangled life the main dish. Transit disk criminal impulse paying particular attention to in order to avoid serious injury ........, so at first, it seems that three sentence will be red in the chart seems to be very bad?

However, if I tell you: Ronald Reagan, Wang and Cheng Yen Master, and so many great VIP are also three sentence will be red, and have created the present and the industry giant, three criminal red whether the Poti laugh it?

In fact, there is a very important concept, we have a correct perception: While criminal impulse will bring pressure, pressure, however, is not necessarily a bad thing, in many important stages of life, the pressure tends to stimulate a struggle forward momentum! Like my example of the big names, along the way in their lives are full of challenges, do very hard, however, is full of challenges, it can stimulate the maximum potential in life, the result will climb up the average person can not expect the peak! Therefore, for the chart the three sentence will be red, life achievement but may go beyond other formats, but along the way than others to redouble their efforts.

Three punishment would punch has a special feature is a late bloomer, generally in the 40-year-old will be cropped head. Three sentence will be red in the early years will not be able to adapt to a variety of criminal impulse pressure, or health factors cause trouble, or the external environment collision will think it is pretty hard work, always feel that can not suppress head . However to cross after 40, grow up, habits honed, rounded edges and corners, the value of life with the correct understanding, will gradually step-by-step climb up the peak. However, due to the three penalty will be red Down in the chart, even if up that ladder, you must still step by step, a Lu Xinlao finish, absolutely no relaxing moments. Spread out the history of the punishment will be red, you will find really books sad history, the history of struggle, authentic Cai Gen Tan.

Chart, blending phase, cropped head may be a little earlier, but generally have to wait until after the 30-year-old. All in all, the three criminal will be red is typical of the type of late bloomer, is also typical of hard struggle. The greatest achievement of this type is to old age can be very proud to tell all the people: each piece of each brick and tile toil to absolutely no tune with each other or the luck factor!

For three sentence will be red, there is one thing to be a little note: three sentence will be red early pressure will be relatively large, some people may be discouraged Chi, especially in Transit disk criminal impulse will inevitably self-pity. My suggestion is best for this phenomenon, to look Transit disk fortune punishment red, astrology exaggerated is known to treat the disease, a lot of things as long as know in advance you can effectively prevent.


Nine, the triangular format - the best lucky life

Said the fate with the triangular format, referring to the three planets each other 120 degrees to reconcile phase. Such as the life of Master Cheng Yen Gerry, Mars, Saturn and Pluto showed a 120-degree harmonic phase, Saturn and Pluto also showed 120 degrees reconcile phase. This circular chart, there will be an equilateral triangle pattern, that is, according to the format of classical numerology said the tripartite. The greatest advantage of this format is to reconcile phase advantages into full play, resulting in the chart, the main ultra-strong personality and ability, so there will always be a very outstanding performance, Kyrgyzstan phase, which is the format of the first class !

The large triangular format is called the first format, such as, the reason is very simple. Master Cheng Yen, for example, the Mars Saturn and Pluto blending phase to help, to be able to maximize the advantages of Mars; Similarly, Saturn and Pluto can play to the extreme. Most people have strong a star, may have life ever been, and now has three stars superior, life would not destined to become a great cause of great merit stand? So this format, unless there are other serious life Gerry breaking, are generally successful, renowned when the world.

Secondly, from the point of view the other hand, the large triangle implications of the defense capability of accident and injury. Like Dharma Master Cheng Yen example, if Saturn damage by the criminal impulse, it can get the assistance of Mars and Pluto, usually safe to cross the border, the other two stars have the blessings. No such phase in the by the Transit disk criminal injury when it would not be so lucky, ranging from black and blue, while accidents.

Of course, the strength of this triangle there are still differences, in general, depend on each star Temple Wang off the trap, or with other formats. For example, Master Cheng Yen Saturn in Aries, and harmonic phase with Aries primary Mars, Saturn will be particularly strong; Furthermore, the Jupiter fall into Capricorn, and with Capricorn the main star of Saturn also produced to reconcile Jupiter and Saturn strength doubled. With such a super Saturn, so there is enough energy to build up a huge Tzu Chi world!

However, it is interesting to note that this first and other formats may not be in the Sheriff dignitaries who have said many in the secular lead car to sell pulp or lower class often there is no shortage of this format. We might very curious: the lead car to sell pulp with the triangular format touch on how the relationship? In fact, it is necessary to explore a little positioning of the value of life. May I ask you a question would be better understanding, I ask you: Venerable Master Hsing Yun of Fo Guang Shan monk sweeping the floor with the front of the mountain which is great? President of the United States with the primary school teacher who is great? From a secular perspective, who will say Master Hsing Yun President of the United States, but if you're a Master Hsing Yun, and perhaps may not be your answer! Since the value of a man he can God sent his material to maximize the utility, rather than Qi head equivalent rating!

So, the format of the triangle is present in the community at all levels, all kinds of people, not only limited to the Sheriff dignitaries. May be a car, they must be excellent driving; may be disabled, or five bodies are not met, the their perseverance outperformed the average person; course, may be like Master Cheng Yen or Morris Chang, Deng Xiaoping, Lee Teng-hui, Fang-profile figures! All in all, the most important feature of all these big triangular format, that is, life can be made to play to the highest level, the value of the fundamental secular irrelevant!

However, said extremes meet, the format of this triangle also has its bad place, and that is due to the relatively smooth lifetime may cause a lot of "industry"! Talk about the philosophy of life from the point of view of astrology, we will find that the wisdom of a man in adversity is often the fastest growing, and the good times anti-cumulative sin fastest. The triangular format relatively smooth things, frequently of the vested interests, if fate does not contain or religious cultivate, that in order to protect their vested interests, and sometimes there will inevitably be made in violation of confidant and selfish thing, and because of its life Gert, most people its Mokenaihe the passage of time is inevitably has non! This is said "industry", this is usually the sin counterattack to wait until the chart, the main Bury Me will see counterattack may thousand arrows shot!

Therefore, the fate Triangle refrain that the format can be arbitrary for, but to cherish the good hand of God given, often self-vigilance, always many hidden virtue, we will not get good cards but become the losers in life! May the format of the triangular life are the winner!


10, square format - this life without regret

Lucky winning numbers out of friends inevitably burst of wistful in mind: First is gone! ? Do not worry! God treasures hidden in everyone who is still living! The next gave you a amount of fate than the first finer fate --- the four corners of fate or folder!

Folder amount (Mystic Rectangle) is composed by four stars. Which formed a total of two hedge, two triple and two Kuni. Celebrity Tiger Woods, for example, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto is just four vertex Mars Neptune hedges, Jupiter Pluto hedges; Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune Kuni, 60 degrees to reconcile; Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune 120 degrees to reconcile, they constitute the standard folder fate! From the chart view, happens to be a rectangle.

Folder amount of fate criminal reconstituted and phase exist, life challenge full flavor, good times with the pressure in the face of adversity with the help and incentive. The pressure in the good times, it is not proud or taken lightly; other phase to assist in the face of adversity, more than half can be successful as long as willing to endure hardship, and will not lose heart. This person, you may be envious of their achievements, but when you understand the process of their struggle, often moved to admire its strong perseverance and magnificent mind.

In the previous submission, I said that the large triangle is the first lucky, life will be relatively smooth, however, may easily careless accumulated some "industry" is its shortcoming. Strictly speaking, the triangular format Another disadvantage is that due to the relatively smooth, it is often a lack of creativity and perseverance. However, the folder type or folder amount of fate itself has two hedge, hedging will produce two phenomena will be difficult to often frustration, rich life experience; secondly, the heart often conflict struggling with harmony, wisdom will be more satisfactory. Take Tiger Woods! Of course, among the throne of the world, but when their luck ring true when often the object of ridicule of the media, in order to be able to continue along this road, he is bound to think frequent improvements, other mixing phase to assist each improvement, probably are to be successful.

And very importantly, each improved, the realm will rise gradually, their mood will maintain arrogance is not hungry. This realm and the course is in fact practicing the best version as dead, after this cultivation process, a person's creativity and perseverance can fully play out, life is not only to achieve the highest level, and along the way, tasted the ups and downs, however, able to keep a sense of proportion, the inner world is full full at any time!

If you or your fate in the folder amount, congratulations! This is a life without regret fate, the spirit of a successful struggle benchmark! Must have done a lot of very good previous life, and life to get a pay card!