A horoscope destined for an extraordinary life



1、 The sun and the moon shine & mdash& mdash; Rich and noble life

The most typical pattern of the sun moon cross glow is that in a person's constellation chart, the sun and the moon have a 120 degree blending phase, which is the so-called Sun Moon trine or tripartite illumination.

Because the command of the sun is the essence and spirit of a person working outside; The moon is in charge of feelings and family affection, which is a symbol of one's home life. Those who reconcile the sun and the moon are easy to get the help of virtuous insiders, arrange their families well, and go out to do things with abundant spirit. Moreover, those who reconcile the sun and the moon are usually considerate, lively and emotional. They are naturally easy to succeed in doing things, so it is conceivable that they can be rich and noble.

If the sun falls into Leo, the moon is in Gemini, Libra, or the moon is in Taurus, and the sun is in Virgo and Capricorn, it is icing on the cake, and the format is a higher level.

Similar to the sun moon cross glow, there is also the sun moon same palace and the sun moon contrast. The sun and moon in the same house, as the name suggests, is that the sun and the moon fall into the same house, so the magnetic field effect is also very strong. However, if the moon falls into Scorpio, Capricorn or the sun falls into Libra and Aquarius, due to the setting format, such sun and moon in the same house effect will be discounted.

As for the sun moon comparison, it refers to that the sun and the moon are in the opposite house. For example, the sun is in Leo and the moon is in Aquarius. This kind of relationship basically has a little taste of punishment, which was originally poor. However, from another point of view, the sun is very domineering. If everything goes well, it will inevitably be arrogant and domineering over time, which will make people around very sad. On the contrary, this kind of Shun will lead to another kind of inverse. Therefore, if Ben arranged an inverse star moon to check and balance, its people are less likely to go astray due to being restrained, which is a kind of good luck, So the beauty of Sun Moon contrast comes from this. As for the sun moon comparison format, if the moon enters the temple in Taurus, and the sun is in Scorpio, or the sun is in Leo and the moon is in Aquarius, it is a better format. Conversely, if the moon is in Scorpio, the sun is almost in Taurus.

As the sun and moon shine together, the sun and moon are in the same palace or the sun and moon are in contrast, that is to say, there are rich and noble people everywhere in the world, so I won't give an example. However, some people may ask: then I am also a person who shines with the sun and the moon. Why am I still poor now? This kind of question is the most frequently asked thing when talking about the format. The answer is: first, it depends on whether there are other punishments in the life grid that destroy the original format; The second is to see if the big luck has arrived. As for the latter, it is not difficult to understand how many heroes in ancient and modern times, such as Liu Bang, Han Xin, LV Meng and so on, were not all humble and tasteless market people before they became famous? However, as long as the format is, as soon as time comes, the potential in life will be started and welcome to the stage of life. As for how much energy there will be after the start-up and how the stage will be, it depends on how much homework you have done before the start-up! Come on!