First in the 12 constellations

ARIES: impulse first, regret first, anger first, courage first, love and hate first.

Taurus: steady first, section inspection first, greedy first, reliable first, hard-working first.

Gemini: Gossip first, intelligence first, crazy first, humor first, talkative first.

Cancer: considerate first, love to eat first, love home first, filial first, sentimental first.

Leo: confidence first, love now first, face first, taste first, demeanor first.

VIRGO: careful first, pick and shave first, love clean first, fuss first, jealous first.

LIBRA: beauty first, hesitation first, laziness first, eloquence first, justice first

Scorpio: Infatuation first, cool first, charm first, cold first, reason first.

Sagittarius: Playful first, confused first, lovely first, brave to try first, heartless city first.

CAPRICORN: strict first, calm first, patient first, serious first, conservative first.

Aquarius: curiosity first, studious first, creative first, alternative first, and miracle first.

Pisces: softhearted first, sensitive first, suspicious first, dreamy first, cranky first