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The impact of Saturn on the 12 constellations

Let's talk about the impact of Saturn on the 12 constellations.


Saturn can let you build your important relationship, also review and clarify the trade partnership in question. When it restores direct motion, you can move on more easily.


When Saturn retrogrades in Taurus, the sixth palace of work and health palace, you may have been reviewed and adjusted your lifestyle to improve your health, efficiency and ability to work. When it restores direct motion, you will make clear about and implement these adjustments more easily.


When Saturn retrogrades in Gemini, the fifth palace of entertainment palace, you may reconsider your heart's desire, re-planning your life to get more happiness. Partnerships and relationships with children need to rebuild too. It is easier to take positive action in these areas.


When Saturn retrogrades in Cancer, the fourth palace, you may have to rethink what makes you feel safe and secure. You probably already have maken changes in your home or work environment, or cleared the past problems between family members. From Ideally, along with the security upgrading, now it will be easier to take some positive steps to go forward.


Saturn retrogrades in Leo, the third palace, you have been adjusting your means of communication. To be honest, you concentrate your energy and maintain harmony, you can even take the initiative to reduce contact with others. However, you'd better go forward now, needless to isolate yourself.


When Saturn retrogrades in Virgo, the second palace of resources palace, you may review or adjust your assets reorganization. You may also improve your individual talents, in order to increase your income. Ideally, you'd better move forward positively in these areas.


When Saturn retrogrades in Libra, the first palace relating to self, you may personally feel this change! During this period it may slow down the external process so that you feel revitalized and confident, you might have to reconsider your own desires and passions. From the concept, you now have a strong sense of your own intrinsic to let you go aggressive.


When Saturn retrogrades in Scorpio, the twelfth palace representing end, you may arrange your "unfinished work" and open what you can transcend. Ideally, you come out of retrograde motion and feel more relaxed, more peaceful, and better able to connect with the source.


When Saturn retrogrades in the eleventh palace representing hope and vision, you may reconsider your dreams for the future. You also may be aware that the most important thing you need for your friendship is time, and abate your social life time. Ideally, you find the better direction you from retrograde motion, and who can support you to achieve your goals.


Because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, you will probably experience the changes this time! When Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn, the tenth palace of career, you might reconsider your career focus, or rebuild your career, trading partners may re-open to question. Ideally, you may get good position to go forward and make clear your goals and responsibilities.


When Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius, the ninth palace of expansion, you may have rethought of your spiritual goal, reconnected your inner wisdom and higher direction. Ideally, you stand up from the retrograde motion and regain confidence, get a move on momentum.


Because Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, the 8th palace of intimacy, you might reconstruct private or partnership. This palace also represents the subconsciousness, you may have connected with the deeper spiritual region, also explored and healed old emotional links. Ideally, when Saturn retrogrades, it is the time when you should rise adversity and go forward courageously.

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