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To test 12 constellations's IQ

Although we all grew up by eating dairy products, but the IQ level is quite different. Do you want to know which constellation has the highest IQ? Who would turn the fastest and who would reflect slow? Let's take part in Taking - A - Schema! 

Aries IQ Index: 80

Aries people's temper is too fast, they do things decisively, but will often take things too simple, and they have strong emotional reactions. They will laugh when they like, they will cry when they do not like, giving people simple-minded feeling. "Think twice" This sentence is always worthwhile for Aries. They usually use forces more than brains.

Taking - A - Schema: Why are junior girls very rich?

Taurus IQ Index: 110

Taurus people can calmly analyze everything's good or bad. They really know how to protect themselves, and will remain interval with people meet at the first time, they will observe what the other's intention, they will communicating with the other side after determining the other is safe. It is very hard to make fun of Taurus, unless you are an expert teaser.

Taking - A - Schema: Who was the cheapest prostitute in Tang Dynasty in China?

Gemini IQ index: 130

Gemini people are smart, responsive, civil and military in born. They love to know all the novelties to expand their own minds. They are resourceful, good at communication, it is easy to make others understand their thoughts, ideas.

Taking - A - Schema: The surgery for heart failure patient sang a song as the last words to the doctor, guess the song's title.

Cancer IQ Index: 90

Cancer people generally do not understand their own personality, their eyes may be covered by innate kindness and sensitivity. In fact, they have very rich imagination, should be the wise person. But they used in the wrong places, they are hurt by their own instinctive reactions.

Taking - A - Schema: Why does Zhang walk without touching the ground?

Answer:1, More mature wife ensure you a joyful life. 2 The sun set at the end of the mountain. 3, In fact, you do not understand my heart. 4, due to wearing shoes.

Leo IQ index: 100

Leo people have an exaggerated idea of their own importance, they are too complacent, it is difficult to accept criticism from others. They are bad at showing considerate of others and bringing out the facts and reasons. They have organized mind, but do not have skills to resolve the details and problems. They have strong ability to allocate and command others, but the analysis and modifications abilities are relatively weak.

Taking - A - Schema: a chicken and a goose are put into the fridge, chicken is frozen to death, but geese is alive, and why?

Virgo IQ index: 105

Virgo people have cool analytical mind, a master of dealing with difficult issues. Before doing everything they will go through rigorous careful consideration to avoid mistakes. Their actions are usually very slow due to overly attentive. Even if the mind turns quickly enough, but the action always failed to meet mind. They really wasted talented wisdom.

Taking - A - Schema: What's the most annoying line for monkey?

Libra IQ index: 95

Libra people have a disadvantage of indecision, even they have high intelligence, they always can not put into action. They can not have actions are usually very slow in difficulties.  Their lazy attitude makes people think they are stupid.

Taking - A - Schema: Li has constant entertainment communication due to work,  although he comes home early every day, his wife still complains about constantly, and why?

Scorpio IQ index: 140

Scorpio people are too clever indeed, so many people say that they are very treacherous. In fact, they just do not want to reveal, frequently do behind people, so giving a very mysterious feeling! If Scorpio can correctly play their wisdom, they will achieve great success in work, learning, love and families !

Taking - A - Schema: What is cloth and paper afraid of?

Answer: 5, penguins. 6, parallel lines never intersect (bananas). 7, get home early in the morning.  8, cloth (not) is afraid of ten thousand, paper (only) just is afraid of in case.

Sagittarius IQ index: 125

Sagittarius people seem destined to be the darling of God, their wisdom are played in learning something, in particular language. They are weak at analyzing problem. They often have good idea, good method, and they know how to seize the opportunity to show their talents.

Taking - A - Schema: Who is red bean's child ?

Capricorn IQ index: 135

Capricorn is a man of great wisdom often appears slow-witted, who can fight with Scorpio in wisdom. Capricorn have many inherent advantages, such as intelligent and diligent, motivated restrained, long-term vision, wily. They are outstanding in strategizing and controlling of the situation. These resources make their performance in career obviously. But Capricorn are suspicious, often being maken use of by others.

Taking - A - Schema: The diameter of one hole is 1cm, while a volume of 100 cubic meters of objects can pass through this hole, what is it?

Aquarius IQ index: 102

They are stubborn, and arbitrary, may think they can cope with everything by their wisdom, so they can not hold an objective approach to analyze for everything. You can not make decision if you are smart or not, but others thought. Others will determine whether you really smart or not by the results of your work?

Taking - A - Schema: What does bamboo not grow in the earth?

Pisces IQ index: 75

Pisces people have limited wisdom, because most of them will be empathetic for others, and they will not do helpful things for themselves. They will find an excuse to escape when encountering problems or challenges.

Taking - A - Schema: 123456789 Which figure is the most hard-working, which figure is the most lazy?

Answer:9, southern (red beans grow in southland). 10, water 11, firecrackers.12, 2 and 1 (In for a penny, in for a pound.)