On Friday, December 3, 2021, restrain your service spirit. Even if there is something you can't see, you'd better not take the initiative to touch it today, otherwise it's certain to lose money, and it's hard to say anything else. It is easy to meet people with different positions at work, and everyone may need to step back. Saturday, December 4, 2021

There may be a little spiritual feeling today. If you think you can't do something, believe your feelings. Work is more likely to finish the previous project. If you work overtime today, you can find more opportunities for yourself.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

The sun and mercury coincide in Virgo's family house, reminding you to pay attention to the changes brought about by your life. Virgo should not only pay attention to the relationship between family members, take the initiative to deal with life-related problems for your elders and family, but also pay attention to the pressure related to residence and real estate. Mercury is in a position of losing strength and unable to give full play to its positive characteristics, It will weaken Virgo's communication ability, and may often encounter people and things that are difficult to communicate and have obvious cognitive differences, or have unpleasant differences with people around you. Neptune's direct travel in Virgo on Wednesday is conducive to re combing the relationship with partners and partners and adjusting the way of communication, but we still have to learn to deal with problems together in order to avoid disputes. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurs in Virgo's family palace, which brings you good news related to family, family, residence and real estate. You may have plans to buy a house, get married, or get notice of relocation and demolition. Virgo should also pay more attention to the health problems of older generations and family elders.


Mercury is in Virgo's family house and Jupiter is in Virgo's work house, reminding Virgo and partners not only to pay attention to the care of their original families, but also to pay attention to the differences and contradictions in their lives. This is also a stage that requires the care and attention of their elders. The sun and mercury coincide in Virgo's family house, You will get resources and help from your family, but at the same time, focusing on responsibilities and family related affairs will also give both sides more pressure. You need to reach a balance and avoid differences around your family. Neptune goes direct in Virgo's partner house on Wednesday, which is conducive to adjusting the way both sides get along and solving the contradictions related to finance and trust. The new moon solar eclipse on Saturday occurs in the family house, which further requires Virgo and partners to pay attention to the changes around family and life, and to determine a more stable lifestyle for each other in order to obtain a stable emotional relationship.Single dog: single Virgo has good luck in love. It is suitable for determining new relationships. It will also have a more mature concept of mate selection and choose the object that is really suitable for him.

Companion: pay attention to the pressure between the families of both sides, and learn to take the initiative to pay attention to the needs of the elders of both sides.

Career studies

The sun and mercury in Virgo's family house means that you will complete more affairs in your family in the near future, or you have the tendency to ask for leave to go home in order to deal with problems related to family, family and residence. Virgo needs to plan the time arrangement to avoid conflicts in planning. Mercury is in a position of losing power, reminding you to pay attention to the interaction with people around you, Many things also need to be considered in the long run, find suitable and reliable colleagues to help, and avoid hastily handing over work affairs to unfamiliar people. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurs in Virgo's family palace, which will bring good news related to family. Virgo is easy to get contacts and resources from family and elders in the workplace. It may also be recognized by predecessors in the industry, appoint more important work projects and directions, and maintain a pragmatic attitude and ordinary mind, which will bring you better opportunities.Note to migrant workers: pay attention to the changes in the environment and balance the time arrangement of family and work.

Note to job seekers: the unemployed Virgo has good luck in job hunting. Good action will enable you to take the initiative to grasp the right opportunities, but you should still suit your own direction and avoid self limiting.Note to students: Virgo students have good luck in the exam. They are easy to get good grades. They are also suitable for learning research topics.

Overall fortune in October

Virgo will remain humble in October. Venus changed seats on the 7th, and family fortunes improved. Carry out real estate sales operations, replace houses and household products. It's easy to stay at home. You'll get along well with your family. In addition, the attitude towards money is relatively generous and casual. When you buy your favorite goods, you may also have to fund friends and family. Some people will have to pay course fees, membership fees and so on. By the end of the month, virgins are more easygoing. Be humble, take care of yourself, and respect the opinions of others.October is an efficient month for Virgo's energy improvement. At the end of the month, the sun and Mars will change seats one after another. Energy gradually increased and the efficiency of dealing with problems improved. There may also be an increase in travel affairs, business trips, travel, etc. You may have accumulated something in your heart before, and you will be ready to express it later. It should be noted that the idea will become more subjective. In interpersonal communication, it is easy to evaluate others according to personal preferences. Also pay attention to the words used in communication. Don't be too straightforward.

About Studies

In October, Virgo will have some benign competition in school. In the first half of the month, because Mercury is still retrograde, the efficiency of learning is not very high. Finish the task according to the plan. Fortunately, there are not many assessments during this period. Life is still very easy. In the second half of the month, as mercury returns to normal, you will work harder and start to catch up. The amount of schoolwork will also rise to a certain extent. You get along well with your friends and teachers. If you have any problems, remember to ask for advice. In the second half of the month, the heart of comparison will also increase. You will feel that as long as you defeat a specific person, you will be successful.

Virgo, whether career oriented or family oriented, can't help struggling between the two. Possible situations, for example, go all out to fall in love, but it's not easy to blossom and bear fruit, and the field of love seems relatively nihilistic and even an invisible consumption. Even if you win, the road of marriage in the future will follow suit, and it's hard to predict whether it's good or bad, Because virgins have also deeply felt in their emotional experience in recent years that absolute materialistic feelings can't work, and absolute spiritual feelings can't work. Taking into account both needs the running in of both sides, and even the harmony of time, place and people. This will make virgins feel tired and tired of emotional topics, but the involvement of karma, the urging of parents and age restrictions, Virgo can't escape the expectation of love.

1、 The workload has increased greatly, and we will give full play to our diligence to the extreme

In 2021, when Virgo comes to the water bottle of the combination of wood and earth, most of his energy will be occupied by work and health. The transfer of this energy field has generally set the tone at the end of 2020, whether he holds multiple positions due to personnel changes in the peripheral environment or his post responsibilities become more critical due to the company's strategy, Or the virgin herself hopes to dispel her emotional troubles through full-scale work. After all, Virgo will become more and more conscientious and down-to-earth in 2021.

In fact, I think that Mu Tu's pressure in the work palace is in line with Virgo's nature, that is, service and work, health and health preservation. Virgo's biggest advantage in the twelve constellations is execution, which is different from Aries's action. Virgo's outstanding advantage is to abide by the rules and never make mistakes, even when Buffett is dealing with high-risk investments, It is also a day for decades, focusing on the enterprise's financial statements and never sparing any detailed loopholes. The evaluation of the enterprise must start with the details, which reflects the Virgo's advantages in execution. The work palace of wood earth combination in 2021 will give full play to this advantage of virgins. In contrast, Saturn is also in the sixth house. There are two kinds of feelings for the lion and the virgin. The lion may not adapt to his status as a servant who has lost the king's style, but Virgo is willing to implement the planned and step-by-step work mode one by one. Although the new year has a heavy workload, boring, boring and hard work, But this is what Virgo is best at, that is, the pursuit of perfection and due diligence.

Therefore, it can almost be predicted that as long as Virgo gives full play to her executive power, Virgo's advantages will stand out because of her diligence in 2021 and beyond. Virgo only needs to do what she should do well, and the outside world will naturally have platforms and channels to extend olive branches to you. In fact, this is a good thing. There are two kinds of difficulties in life, one is hard work (choice) and the other is hard work (Implementation). Obviously, even if the latter is tired, it is much easier than the former!

2、 Dignitaries and new platforms are expected to emerge in the middle of the year

From the middle of May to the end of July, first, Saturn will retrograde in the work house, and second, Jupiter will turn into Pisces, which will temporarily free Virgo from cumbersome daily work and significantly reduce the workload. At the same time, there will be a new platform or noble people extending olive branches to you, which has been advancing along the axis of career house and family house in combination with solar and lunar eclipses, Therefore, Virgo is likely to switch to a new platform because of his diligence in the middle of the year, and raise his value through more powerful partners.

Healthy transportation:

Because the wood and soil are in the health palace almost all year round, the workload is heavy, busy and hard, so it is easy to have health problems, the recurrence probability of old problems is high, and it is easy to add new diseases; But also because of the decline of physical fitness, virgins will pay special attention to their health. Many virgins will invest in fitness this year, and they will be particularly persistent in shaping, fitness and health preservation. On the contrary, they have obtained a beautiful figure and more solid physical fitness in their hard experience. Come on!

Care tips:

Quote Zeng Guofan's life wisdom. It is more suitable for Virgo in 2021. That is, be patient and clear. When your life has reached a certain point, the rest is perseverance. I wish you a full harvest!