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warned on Wednesday: freedom is limited

It's appropriate: try to put something down

Today you may have a situation where freedom is limited, or you may be annoyed by people around you or family members who don't understand what you're saying. Suggest you try to put down some things, do not be anxious to express themselves, do not want to others do not understand as a disrespect for you, in fact, you just have to do yourself.

2018-10-18, Thursday

reminder: pay attention to the way of speaking

Suitable: to be objective and objective

What I need to remind you today is that you must be objective and honest. You must not have even a little exaggeration. Today, your exaggeration may cause others to mistrust you and make your communication ineffective. In fact, your intention is not so, so pay attention to the way you speak.



Mercury is moving around in your sign of communication, bringing you a better and more cautious expressiveness. This is a good time to maintain a good relationship with others by communicating. You also need to set short-term plans for the future this week and do it step by step. Mercury conjuncts retrograde Venus, giving you the chance to meet past friends and partners, but with the impact of Mars in your work house, you can easily be cheated by people around you because of your softness of heart, or even to solve other people's troubles and involve yourself in crisis. In the middle. It is necessary to be vigilant and protect our own interests.


Mercury and Jupiter are both in the house of communication. Virgo and your partner will use the power of communication to open up long-standing heartknots. This is also a time for short-term outings and outings. You will also introduce friends to your partner and let the other half touch your interpersonal circle to understand your personal life. Mercury, Venus, and Mars will cause minor details in life, such as conflicts with neighbours, electrical damage, home maintenance needs, and the need for Virgo and her partner to patiently resolve. It's just that you need to be more considerate of each other in everything, otherwise there might be a bigger dispute in the face of old debts.

Single Dog: Female elders will offer to introduce you to someone, so try to get in touch with them. Maybe it's your type.

Companion: learn to share your happiness and pain with the other half in order to narrow your distance.


Mars in your house of work is overwhelmed by Venus and Mercury, and disagreements may arise in your work environment. Although it may not be your responsibility, it is also necessary for you to communicate with partners and colleagues to smooth out conflicts and avoid affecting the team's work schedule. It's also a time when Virgo needs to focus on financial issues. In a partnership, you need to be aware of the benefits you deserve. In a team work, you need to pay special attention to account-related issues, to avoid being manipulated by people around you, and to avoid giving up the benefits you deserve because you're soft-hearted. Signs of fraud or misappropriation of public funds.

Attention of migrant workers: try not to cause trouble for others because of helping others.

Job seekers note: the pressure of competition is greater, it is not easy to find the right job opportunities, it is recommended to balance a good mentality, to try different job hunting directions.

Students'attention: easy to have unpleasant friction with roommates and classmates in daily life, and may have a bigger quarrel because of the loss of money.

Career: In the first half and the second half of October, Mercury is overwhelmed, Virgo's overall fortune and career performance is unstable, prone to discomfort and unexpected situations. After Mercury entered Sagittarius in October 31st, Virgo's overall momentum is still not up.

In October, Venus retrogrades in Scorpio, and Virgo is prone to frustrations and errors in sales, publishing, writing, and communication. Travel is easy to be obstructed, attention should be paid to traffic safety. It is easy to communicate with others and be attacked by words. Clerical materials are prone to errors and troublesome, and we should pay attention to verification and preservation. The Taurus Full Moon on October 28 will bring you opportunities in the areas of media promotion, justice, International Trade & amp, customs clearance, travel and immigration, and will also be prone to conflicts and changes in these areas.

Emotional Marriage: On October 1, Pluto will be in your house of true love, and before retrograde, you may experience extreme emotional experiences, as well as betrayal and being disturbed by old love and betrayal. After Pluto is retrograde, you will have a clearer understanding of your emotions and ultimately reap deep and intimate true love. October is not the romantic season for Virgo. You don't feel appreciated, loved and spoiled. Instead, you ask for each other and take responsibility for each other. It's boring and easy to break up.

Money and wealth: fortune is the focus that Virgo needs to pay attention to in October. The new moon in Libra on October 9 will give you a chance to work harder and get more money. Some Virgos may start financial and financial matters. But in the first 10 months of the month, it is easy for you to get rich. Some Virgos may face severe financial strained situations.

Academic: Studying for exams is very good. You may have some training and exam opportunities, but you may also encounter some difficulties, setbacks and troubles. In October 23rd, when the Scorpio begins, it will be more smoothly.

Health: pay attention to the lungs, respiratory system, nerves, arms and shoulders, headache, throat, tonsils, thyroid, cervical vertebra, bone, teeth, joints and so on.

Virgo 2018 Horoscope: confident and passionate,

In 2018, Virgo will be in great shape as a whole. This year your personal charm will improve and you will find many good fortunes attracted to you. Of course, it all comes from your unremitting efforts to translate your talents and ideas into action, so this year will be one of your creative efforts. Anything you think about will be put into action and your luck will be very good. There will always be people who ask for help, and you will be satisfied in any way. Of course, it should also be noted that the trees, there are always some improper little people will envy your excellence, hinder you.

Virgo's career momentum in 2018: shadow removal, accumulating

In 2018, Virgo's career fortunes will be bright, and the past career dilemmas and shadows will be removed. This year, your career fortunes will be better overall. Basically, there will be sunshine everywhere. Of course, in most cases, there will be some time for your career. There are some obstacles that are hard to break. If you're preparing for something and hoping it will develop better, or even come true, then this year may not be the best time to do it. It's not something you can control. All you can do is to settle down and accumulate it and seize the opportunity to do it at the right time. But in any case, this year's harvest will satisfy you.

Virgo's 2018 Romance: breaking the shackles and seeking freedom

In 2018, Virgo may want to change her attitude in love. Many emotional things may feel disappointed or intolerable. Then this year you may want to get rid of the current emotional bondage. You may experience disappointment, hesitation, and loss of confidence, but most importantly Finally, many people may consider changing the emotional development model, and have a breakthrough. Singles may not want to be alone anymore. They may have the urge to fall in love, but many people may choose among Peach blossoms. Others may not be very confident about emotional pursuit.

Virgo 2018 fortune: extreme imbalances, steadfast and mainly

The financial situation of Virgo in 2018 will slip. This year you will be too idealistic about money planning. You may feel that you won't be short of money, but in fact your financial foundation is not very good. Some people may go to extremes financially. Maybe it will be very economical, but after a while There will be a lot of money going on for a while. Most Virgos aren't suited for big deals or investments this year. This year you'll lack the logic to analyze this, and it's easy to lose money. When it comes to making money, if you have a reasonable idea, you must stick to it, instead of acting on impulse.

Virgo 2018 health trend: steady progress, hidden dangers

In 2018, Virgo's overall health and fortunes are relatively stable. Although you occasionally feel lazy and unwilling to take good care of your body, you may also have careless moments, but generally speaking, your physical vitality will be better this year, but it is important to pay attention to fitness when you are tired. Balanced planning is needed when resting, rather than continuing to push on, procrastinating on health, or bothering to cope with hidden disease problems can cause a lot of trouble later on.

Virgo learning momentum in 2018: setbacks, reshaping self

In 2018, Virgo's learning fortunes are generally good. Most Virgos will probably continue to pursue a certain professional skill this year, so you may not like to show more of your abilities, but to calm down and build yourself up. Many Virgos may have encountered some Jews in the past. The fact that you're not prepared enough to compete with others will also have a damaging effect on you, so this year you'll be more serious about improving yourself and shaping yourself for the better.

24 August ~ 23 September, planet: Mercury, earth signs

character features:

Like to overestimate their own Leo is the total love underestimated Virgo. Virgo is unobtrusive efficiency champion, is a model of humility. Virgo everything should be well-planned, carefully arranged, like the ins and outs of the matter at a glance, and afterwards do the recording for future reference, and each item of expenditure recorded in the accounts. All in all, your life is meticulous and well-organized, do not like unexpected events disrupt your life. Especially when one or several planets other than the sun in Virgo, this character is even more apparent. Virgo people always try to own passion and impulse placed under the control of reason. Your careful consideration, repeated as appropriate, and sometimes even let a favorable opportunity. You're cute, cowardly, and frequently do not achieve perfection and feel guilty and uneasy, especially afraid of being taken.

If you were born, not by the sun, Jupiter or Mars, Virgo people will be satisfied, but reliable success status, without willing foresight, courageously fighting, because the unknown everything will make you feel worry. You ask for their work to be done perfect, need someone to feel that you are indispensable, these are more important than ambition in your opinion. Jupiter, Uranus or Mars influence the Virgo people may become competent and businesswoman or a lot of achievements in the industry, law, trade talent. This constellation of people with the true nature of hard-working and strong sense of responsibility. In particular, you suitable jobs requiring detailed, practical spirit of all the work. In general, your spirit will not need your innovation, jobs do not need others to monitor or slave has been fully carry forward. According to statistics, a considerable number of dignitaries right-hand man, secretary and exemplary staff are born in Virgo. Virgo people never hope for the luck, you always leave room for give yourself economically. Slowly accumulate wealth, do have a good grasp of business, fair and legitimate profit, and gradually expand their savings for old age. Virgo people criticize the spirit is strong, this will not help harmonize relations and working relationships with the people around you, but you innocuous.

People born in a poor gastrointestinal function, physically weak, so should pay more attention to the dietary laws. Sometimes at night insomnia, anxiety psychological too heavy. You are afraid of their work is done well; afraid to cause trouble to others; afraid of the way, afraid that others will hinder their own; fear of their own economic constraints; afraid that others guilty of invasion of their own interests; Passed afraid of the unexpected things come into his head . This self-protection awareness worries psychological, Virgo will have a very special advantages such as: high alertness, industrious and simple, severe seriously, clear-headed, strong analytical skills of things, loyal and reliable. In addition, this concerns the psychology of to make Virgo people have some weaknesses. Like a dead end; irritability; picky; inadvertently caused a tense atmosphere; too much thinking and reason to limit your field of vision, exacerbated by the control of our own lives. Worry about the emergence of new things will upset the established order and will isolate ourselves.

Virgo Men

This is a typical character of the singles, do not like unexpected things. In the heart of passion caused commotion in front, frequently seem to fear indefinite the continued uninterrupted self-restraint or the spirit of criticism from the Guardian. Comply with customs as the criteria of your actions, the rigid life is your ideal paradise.

You seriously have a strong sense of responsibility, meticulous to do their job is your motto. Therefore, it is possible to fully trust you, rely on you. Generally speaking, people do not like to play to a separate cause of intelligence, and willing to do the experts, professors or leaders around an assistant, so the benefits received by you and your hard work in general is not quite the. However, the due diligence to complete the cost of job you believe in, you take pride in greatest wish.

After marriage, you will family life arrangements quite structured, the family plans are well thought out in advance, and never to cramming or fight the battle without preparation.

Your birthday horoscope Pisces women very harmonious, this constellation of women like you, cautious and do not like the limelight, do not like to take risks in life.

Taurus women can also be your ideal companion with you will share stability, harmony and well-off life happiness.

You can also stretched out the hand of friendship to the Capricorn women. Through joint efforts, you will have a material basis of fairly well-off family。

Virgo women

You have an inherent charm and interference from trendy unique romantic temperament. Your humble sometimes develop lest degree of attention, so the life you always maintain a certain interval. You are willing to disregard their own happiness, and for others to contribute their energy.

Are you paying close attention to detail, sometimes to the point of addiction. You are very concerned with their safety, do not like unexpected things. You are a very good housewife, to know how thoughtful, to take care of their loved ones, so that they feel happy and healthy. Are you willing to take on the responsibility of family life, but you need someone to see your hard work in the eyes, feel that you are indispensable. You are very good at others cured the sick, your own body frequent discomfort, need considerable time to restore balance to his fragile body. Your life is not the lack of Virgo women, but always felt behind the scenes than on the stage when the main actors freedom leisurely lot.

Virgo female and Pisces male temperament is very docile, timid, you will get along well with live courteous harmonious life.

Combined with Taurus men, children will create a happy and comfortable home, and there will be glory for you.

With Capricorn male end and his wife, you will work together for the goal of life is much effort, enduring feelings will make you happy forever.

Virgo children

Virgo children generally very small timid or cautious. The body is often weak, easily suffering from infectious diseases. Physical condition will directly affect your learning. This is an unlikely group of children, like observation and reflection, very early with the spirit of criticism, and use it as the protection of their own weapons, but this is likely to develop into a source of angry people around. You sometimes unrealistic, and insisted trapped in purely logical thinking.

Virgo child is a good student, a very strong desire for knowledge, like the accumulation of knowledge. Are you good at digging human psychology and explore the nature of things, but it also may make you tend to focus only on the details, while ignoring the overall situation. Which will affect your future career development. You tirelessly to learn, sometimes to the extent of ecstasy. Best to let you go outside to participate in sports, so that both can breathe fresh air, you can promote students together, mingle, thus avoiding loneliness and inhibition of the growth of the psychological.

Your ideal way education, medicine, science, accounting, secretarial, public officials, and health services and trade, as well as all need to be patient and meticulous work.

Virgo born within 10 ° of the basic character:

Date of Birth: August 24 to September 2, 2011

Character traits: cowardly character or care, it needs some external force helping the good competitive environment in order to make your career and life smooth sailing. You clear-headed and good observation, attention to detail, and never act blindly. Very hard-working, always want to do a good job on the plus. Because of your excessive modesty, often makes the results of hard work with you. Keen intuition criticized for being too love to use their brains and love.

Power source: industrious

Date of Birth: September 3 to September 12, 2011

Personality traits: the Hongyuan ambition, a strong professional beliefs, pragmatism on helping you to work and study without interrupting ahead. Inherently to business. Crack seriously, there is a strong sense of responsibility and a sense of duty, but some of the character tends to be melancholy. You like Thrift, work organized and willing to pay the price, in order to improve the economic situation.

Power source: responsibility

Date of Birth: September 13 to September 23, 2011

Character: quiet disposition, great sense of reality. Rational, honest and frank. Seems born to be hard to go work for someone else, rather than for their own personal success. Your loyal, down-to-earth, willing in the unknown position. You will take care of people and often cured the disease. A wide range of hobbies, but the lack of innovation.

Power source: rational

Famous people born in Virgo: Ingrid Bergman (the famous American actress), Elizabeth I (Queen of England), Jarry (French playwright), Louis XVI (France feudal dynasty, the last generation of monarchs).

All in all, Virgo:

  • The cautious Virgo people say: "I see ...".
  • Way to express love: hesitation undecided.
  • A: a careful and reliable person.
  • Desire: your taste can appreciate.
  • Fraud: Due to the excessive dedication.
  • Like: behind closed doors and retiring.
  • The pursuit: meticulous your plan.
  • Afraid: not able to achieve perfection.
  • Weaknesses: The spirit of criticism is too strong.
  • Favorable conditions: excellence.
  • Adverse conditions: lack of courage.
  • Holiday life: leisure in a safe and land.
  • Expenses: buy poor quality goods.
  • Mascot: crow.
  • Lucky Metal: Mercury.
  • Lucky stones: jasper.
  • Lucky Day: Friday.
  • Lucky numbers: 5,14,23,32
  • Favorite color: gray.
  • Favorite places: the place where you can learn, markets, restaurants, farms, all sold real life supplies store.
  • Lucky plants: lavender, verbena, valerian, juniper.
  • Living conditions: interior decoration in good order, there are very many closets, modular furniture, room watching something less than the excess.
  • The ideal living Country: Switzerland, Virginia, United States, Brazil, New England.