What bad habits will ruin the love of 12 constellations?

Love like flowers, can bring joy and happiness to us, but we also take good care of our love, otherwise it may face withering results at any time. For the 12 constellations friends, each constellation has some specific bad habits, they may ruin your love without attention! Let's have a look.


  1. Impulse to do things without consideration.
  2. Lack of patience and perseverance.
  3. Bad temper and moody.
  4. Speak daggers.
  5. Selfish and childish.


  1. Ttimid.
  2. Stubborn and one-track mind.
  3. Slow coach.
  4. Silence is golden.
  5. A little realistic.


  1. fickle in love and half-hearted.
  2. talkative, teachy and nagging.
  3. unseriously and anticlimactic.
  4. crushing resistance is not enough, escape from the difficulties.
  5. shift the blame on.


  1. too timid and afraid to fall in love
  2. have groundless worries or anxieties and cranky
  3. submissive and lack self-confidence
  4. jealous
  5. emotional and easy to hysterics


  1. self-righteous
  2. arrogant and domineering
  3. vanity
  4. mental scotoma
  5. like to instigate others


  1. Nagging
  2. Nervous and cynical
  3. Small-minded
  4. Lack self-confidence
  5. Like to do themselves wrong


1. Consider themselves coquettish

2. Indecisive hesitated uncertain

3. A bit untruthful and too pretentious

4. Like to debate, stubborn and reluctant to admit mistakes or defeats.

5. Not distinguish priorities


  1. Suspicious heavily
  2. Strong desire to control
  3. Care about the opinions of others
  4. Like to test the bottom line of the tolerance of others
  5. Super Love comparison


  1. Emphasis on friendship than love
  2. Love of freedom and do not want to be controlled
  3. Careless and hasty
  4. Impulsive
  5. Speak without a brain


  1. Do not know how to express themselves
  2. Not romantic enough
  3. Realistic and go into the why and wherefores of it very much.
  4. Haggle over every ounce
  5. Abandon one's benefactor once his help is not needed


  1. Too far dream
  2. Do not speak their sincere hearts
  3. Treat lover and friend equally
  4. Weird taste
  5. Independent and unconstrained


  1. A little melodramatic and easy to be promiscuous in sex relation
  2. Suggestible and easily deceived
  3. Easy to get into trouble but have no sense of responsibility
  4. Too gentle and do not know how to keep their distance
  5. Can not make clear of the old love and new love