What constellation men can not forget love hurts?

Many people feel that the girls will be more sad when they break up or encounter disappointment in love, it seems that men are relatively more tolerant for love hurts, but in fact many men are badly wounded in their deep hearts, also may become a nightmare of a lifetime. They may also have terrible change towards love. What constellation men are more likely to do so? Please refer to the sun constellation and Venus constellation.

First: Leo men

Leo men are concerned about face-saving, when they encounter love hurts, they usually swallow themselves. They do not want their friends and family to find their abjection, so they have no way to pour out their feelings. In addition, Leo men fall in love very deeply, if the lovers propose to break up, they will be attacked greatly. They have no way to forget love hurts. Some may change grief into strength to get better and better, but some will be out of control and become crazy, so that people around will be scared too. Most of the Leo men can not forget, because it is a shame for them!

Second: Cancer men

Cancer men also may be able to tolerate, but their minds are softer than any other constellations, it is very easy to hurt in love. If their girlfriends propose to break up, which will produce a major hit for them, many Cancer men will therefore become endless melancholy. A scene will recall their mixed memories, they will become very sad when they see the past landscape, photos. Many unbearable memories will brings to mind. Cancer men may become out of control even many years later. They can not forget love hurts.

Third: Scorpio Men

Most people know that Scorpio are vengeful, but we often do not know this is because "love deep, hate deep". So Scorpio men remember "the unpleasant romance" deeply. If merry meet, merry part. They will not take it hard. But if they part badly, they will hate for a long time. They believe that "It is never too late to avenge". Scorpio men tend to have a very strong hostility to the unloyal girlfriends, the love-hate relationship will make them difficult to forget. 

Fourth. Virgo men

Virgo men are easy to stock pressure, they like to get into a dead end, they think of whether they are not good enough, they are easily gaining on a terrible state. They may become hysterical and unstable. They have very good memory, some memory associated with this romance may make them suddenly plung into an anxiety or a strong agitation state. This is a long-term suffering. They can not forget love hurts.

Fifth: Gemini men

Although Gemini men look very smart and clever, they look like that they will never hate. But in fact the Gemini men are nervous, coupled with superior memory, they will always remember what have happened. Gemini men tend to regard the failed romance as a disgrace. Gemini men are strong self-confident, because they are very smart. In fact they are very fragile in heart, they will also suffer loss. They will suffer great mental shock, they may change from the angels to devils for a long time.

Sixth: Taurus men

If Taurus men encounter a major hurt in feelings, they are most likely to change the attitudes in terms of money. If Taurus men were cheated once, they will become very considerable and conservative in love. Taurus men are very pragmatic, they will remember the lessons. But if they were cheated again, they would no longer believe in love. They are very stubborn, it is difficult for them to change the attitude towards love.