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See through Gemini girl

Advantages:good-natured, humorous, sociable, generous, the pursuit of a fresh trend of people, the courage to try, lively and friendly, warm and pleasant and full of change, eager to learn.

Disadvantages: fickle, insecure, afraid of loneliness anxiety mad, garrulous gossip, and light scratching the surface, get smart, superficial and exaggerated, Plato syndrome.

Gemini women are intelligent, quick reaction, like to make fun of men surround the object. Her persuasive, interesting, to say the good way, clever laugh. Her relationships, always the focus of attention at the party. In addition, she likes not only received a pleasant surprise, their own unique surprise inventor.

Her personality is very multi-faceted, multi-faceted views of others. She likes change, intellectual stimulation, especially to make her whole person alive. She was curious, like her mind and flexible. Cleverness the male will enable Gemini girl forget who I am. At the same time, she would be high status male special treatment. She most hated confused situation, or lazy dress untimely. A meeting on the fanatical pursuit of her male will not be able to get the hearts and minds of the Gemini woman. She would have self-male to attract, the elusive men especially exciting challenges.

Gemini women instinctively know how to praise men, good to disarm him. Fell in love with the idea of ​​poor, however, she secretly worries. The love song breeding her much thought, the initiation of fear. The best Do not fear on their hopes, goals and anxiety things, otherwise she will not be able to be free of a sleepless night, helpless Zhengmu of look up at the ceiling or listen to the brain no solution dialogue.

Said two children, helping them, two children, but put it down, leave on good from the emotional pain of transformation, lessons learned, put into a relationship in a better state. Two children, casual smart, lovable and well-behaved, smooth and slick, seemingly fickle they, in fact, does not require drastic changes, but the pursuit of large and stable under small changes. They are smart and flexible, can attack and defend life to grasp the initiative in their own hands.

Another advantage of the double child is good at discovering the bright spot of the others, they are able to appreciate the different types of boys, but love is the interaction between the two sides. For Gemini girls contradictions, too silent will feel he is too boring, too active, will see from him uncomfortable, sometimes even hated their noise Mighty. More appropriate combination constellation Sagittarius is a strong attraction (Palace), Libra (like easy to communicate with the wind), Taurus (childhood higher probability); Virgo and Pisces is also recommended, if the other elements of the astrolabe with good, the Gemini constellation matching index is very high; attractive and challenges index high Scorpio and Capricorn, welcomed the high EQ death squads are not afraid of misfortune moths to a flame.

Love Tips :Although the sense of security is not given by others, but for the two children, for a natural mode of feelings or marriage will make its sustenance and busy, can resolve lonely.