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See through Libra girl

Keyword ---- balance, ecstasy

The female scales is more rational constellation, this rational, not to say they lack the emotional world, but pragmatic, and no strange habits and preferences. This, not just female scales, Tiancheng Nan, which is hard to come by features. You will naturally get along together, there is no need to meet each other and do, in a sense, Libra is the most understand the constellation of communication, this constellation can keep a circle of perfect calm.

But the trouble is, you want to do at the moment is to pursue her. So, do not even think the biggest obstacle to the pursuit of the Libra woman is how do you break through the crowd, let her know you are not want to be socially and her friends, but the pursuit of her. This point, most of them at the right time so that men can not fall in love with Libra girls across. They thought I had let the other party completely convinced, only to find each other just as a good friend.

You have to admit, sometimes, the more looks very easygoing person the more I do not know how to pursue. Female Libra is so, no special requirements, there is a lack of absolute Psychological strategies. But do not worry, they have to love, desire for love. In fact, a lot of things we are all simple representation blinded, as scales sociable. Sociable overall impression that is not really into the heart. And the Libra girls this sociable, in fact, they like to reflect their value only through the harmony of social relations. And you have to understand, behind this, Libra girl is actually very simple. They do not have the ambition of a lion, of course, is precisely because of their approachable, so you can win everyone's favorite. From the bones still need to rely on others, they are able to perfect coordination and others, however, in fact, in their opinion this is helpless, she needs to help her. Of course, the people most at least better than her more capable of the job.

Libra sense of balance, it seems that some old tune long talk, but said the balance is not generally understood that external deliberately kept like. I think that Libra's sense of balance, more performance, including in the psychological characteristics of the especially in Libra girls here. That is, they even are not very well aware of what is in the balance. Feeling more like the only way to let themselves be, in large part to help the Libra perfect handling, dealing with interpersonal relationships, but messed up love.

Why do you say, sociable Libra woman as described above, with their sense of balance, so that they surprisingly naive in the face of love, totally lost in the normal communication experienced and ripening. This is because most Libra girls did not figure out the normal communication and love the essential difference. Their balance became half spit semi-swallow reluctance to become ambiguous in both ways. This is misleading, especially careless men misunderstood. They will not speculate on the mind of psychologist, but he met with Libra girl do not know how to express love, and who is in it? This is difficult.

However, if the Libra woman can still love very happy, at least in the face of careful empathy, man of courage, Libra women will still fall in love. However, into Libra women to love, gave their own seeds planted another sad. Their ecstasy of love, perhaps through a lot of social interaction scales too understand the feelings of others, or is too cherish the immediate well-being and I do not know how to behave love. Libra woman fall in love with a person, able to remember all the other preferences, remember to make each other happy, but always forget themselves, forget their grievances, forget the lost.

Libra women do not like to show off their well-being loud, but allows you to easily between perceived them all the time happy smile and excitement. This time scales even girls like Pisces woman full of the spirit of fantasy, they always look forward to a better and well-being of the next moment. But do not know the scene she seems inevitable certainly consistent with common sense, almost all of their own wishful thinking. Well, I have to say, these places so that the the Libra girl looks like a tragic animal.

In order to reduce the suffering of the scales sister, I have not yet fully understand the ability to give those who stroked the arm punches want Bo Libra sister favor men some suggestions.

1.You want to let the the Libra female attention, we must dare to express themselves, the best way in the the Libra girls busy enormous social circle come to the fore.
2.No matter how you think, the Libra woman hesitation uncertain, ambiguous instead of 12 constellations in the most serious. Not like you as the courage to express their love, but they are also women.
3.Do not think that Libra girls complain that they do not really have opinions, they're probably already starting endure, like a man, care for her now.
4.Busy, you may not be able to meet all their dreams and romance, however, do not destroy them all OK.
How do you say, you do not like the the outstanding personality characteristics weird girls do not like weird, like the gentle, sweet, calm love object, that is no more suitable than Libra girls you. Their characteristics that best meet the Oriental temperament, the most man-psychological, but do not make you feel trouble, pain. And you therefore bears a huge responsibility, a perfectionist spirit world, women can continue their spiritual beliefs, and that is their definition of happiness.