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Tangli Qi Astrology——The difference between Sun Scorpio and rising Scorpio

Sun Scorpio 

Keywords belong to Scorpio in the book of Astrology often are jealous, dark, revenge and other very negative words, so that a lot of people had no chance to know Scorpio, first to be frightened by these words. People learning astrology know that Keywords are behalf of the Palace or the constellation's "fundamentalist" and deep "taste", which will help to extract deeper meaning in the interpretation of the astrolabe, rather than directly referential behavior Keywords the direct condemnation they lost rough. When the warmth of the sun reached the Scorpio, Scorpio come out of the seemingly mysterious atmosphere of love and hate character (light and dark), usually to show positive enthusiasm and goodwill, for example, to believe or to give primarily, if "betrayed" (all of his personal knowledge), directly goes into hatred mood, and there is no middle ground, giving the impression fell like turning a strong personality. Self-esteem, smart and fast, the personality just love preaching, insight into the people, ability and willpower are superior, hate stupid and slow.

Rising Scorpio

They are real mystery people, they act rather low-key in the darkness, do not like to talk about a private matter, like "secretly solve everything, and want to disappear at any time stealth ability to successfully hidden in the crowd. But very strange, a little dress or makeup, but again can become quite eye-catching and outstanding and make people amazing. Shadowy is the magic of rising Scorpio to control someone else, no one can truly understand them, that they themselves may not know much about the inner explosive, all have to wait until they encounter event, especially if a major event of death happened, they discovered that in fact they are very tough, aggressive, never admit defeat, full of vigor, they are in low-key, but can not be ignored. Rising Scorpio can be turned into any image of the magician, sometimes naive, sometimes gloomy, sometimes surging, and sometimes disappear ... there is no fixed appearance, there is no fixed performance, but their targets are firm, silently toward success road forward, without shaken, and will never stop.

The difference between Sun Scorpio and rising Scorpio 

The sun is "proactive" takes the initiative to delve into the mysterious depths of human nature, and trying to illuminate the dark part of human nature, sun Scorpio like to educate, encourage others, like preach, like to speak frankly are are afraid of people can not know themselves much. Because the sun can not see the presence of the darkness, the sun Scorpio will be bright as could as possible, very afraid to lose the power of innocence, they encounter injustice particularly difficult to endure. And because they experienced after the destruction of the growth, the Scorpio's personalities of the pre-and post-appearance are usually very different.

Rising Scorpio can truly reflects the mysterious keywords, especially on the ability to grasp debut and invisible ", they are very comfortable and free, can choose commonplace or out of the common, all are decided by themselves; rising Scorpio will secretly calculate, they have ruler in the heart for everything, but prefer to pretend to ignorance no sense, but in the eyes they can see everything. The Scorpio personality is ntense like the sun, which is usually mild and fair, and they know what they want, they will not take the initiative to bully others, but the others would better not to violate them.