Palms - hand shape


Looking at hand shape is the simplest and most correct application method in all palm analysis. Hand shape not only determines a person's basic character and values, but also determines a person's method and attitude. If the results of other palm analysis and hand shape analysis are different, please take the hand shape as the standard.

There are six kinds of hand shapes: gold hand, wood hand, water hand, fire hand, earth hand and concurrent hand.

Golden hand (square hand, practical hand, capable hand)

It belongs to the hand shape of rationality, strong working ability and leadership. It is characterized by palm square and finger square. The upper, lower, left and right sides of the palm are almost equal in length, like a four square. The palm color is snow-white, transparent, beautiful and bright. The fingertips and nails are also square. The palm flesh is thick and elastic, the thumb is strong and powerful, and the thumb ball (Venus Hill) is quite developed.

Men and women with this hand shape advocate reality rather than flashiness, abide by order, have a firm will, have strong endurance, keep themselves as jade, and can frugally run a family without delaying comfort. They are pragmatic. They can achieve great cause and live a long life, but they are not smooth, stubborn, and tend to be too stingy without being arrogant and cool.

Personality: people with golden hands are very talented and capable of leadership, have a sense of fairness and justice, like to protect the weak, don't like bullying, receive favors from others, must return, don't want to live up to others, don't want to take advantage of others, eat soft rather than hard, are dissatisfied with the current situation, have the courage to break through, resist pressure, change the environment and grasp their own destiny, But sometimes it will be too positive, causing too much pressure on the people around you.

Feelings: people with golden hands are very persistent and do not belong to the romantic type. They can't accept feelings being cheated and don't like casual and sweet talking objects. Gold hand people like to be aggressive and have strong working ability. People who want to pursue gold hand should prove their feelings with practical actions.

  • The more executive people like to seek truth from facts, but others will think you are serious, so you will be lonely in the workplace.
  • The more executive people are, they can easily rush forward. However, they often try to go in the wrong direction without careful thinking.
  • Once a person with executive power enters the leadership, if there is a mistake in the overall strategy, because the executive power is faster than the reaction power, it is not easy to save the mistake at the first time, which easily leads to the failure of the chain reaction company.

Therefore, creative and innovative work, cultural and artistic work, freelance work, or manual work are all types of work that you are not suitable for. You will find it boring, unwilling to do it, and will not do it for a long time.

Occupation: fair and meticulous. It is a serious and progressive type. It is suitable for accountants, politicians, engineers, architects, lawyers, scholars, soldiers, doctors, etc.