To observe your love fortune through palmistry

It is known that we can understand the career, marriage, wealth and longevity of person from palmist. Do you know that we can know your love fortune from palmist? Are you spoony love type or fleeting love type like fireworks? Are you the type who could easily obtain happiness or the one who would be blocked by bad feelings? Let’s open your hands to have a careful look at.

1.'Stunner' Palmist

There is such kind of woman, her appearance is not necessarily outstanding, but many men like her and are willing to obey her command. And everyone would be like to work with her, she could be said very cute. She is most suitable for public relations, and would get instant success for general difficult matter.

This stunner of woman generally would have the characteristics of hands. The shape of the hand would be flexible and long, the ten fingers would be tilted to the back of hand, could form more than 30 degrees Arc-shaped, while the palm would be very flexible. The most significant feature would have many fine lines branches upwards (to finger direction) on the feelings of the line (Figure 1). However, if this type of woman would not only have fine upward lines on the feelings of the line, but also have downward (palm) fine lines, and staggered vertical and horizontal with uncertain direction, which indicates that although her social skills would be strong with a lot of the opposite sex friends, but she would also be easy to paper into the emotional vortex. And she would be sometimes unable to extricate and invite trouble, so she'd better be careful.


2, 'Love is like firework' Palmist

Love is bound to change. We should be growing up over time when love is changed over time. If you had the following congratulating palmist, you'd better learn to be more mature to handle your mood changes, and know how to operate your love, in order to keep love enduring. If the feelings of the lines were chain-like (Figure 2), interrupted or intermittent with lines attached to it, and the hands were very soft and flexible, then you would be very easy to be moved in the emotions.

If your emotions line were bending down with short length (Figure 3), you might have weak self-restraint, have the instinct to attract the opposite sex, would be easy to love at first sight of the opposite sex. You would fall in love warmly and impulsively at the beginning of a relationship, just as a general passion burning fire. But when the first novelty is past away, the emotions would become no longer stable, a new lure could easily make you inconstant. Fanfare moths into a flame of love would be the source of your power. People with such congratulating palmist usually could not have lasting love.


3, 'deprived of happiness by Jealousy' Palmist

We often come across such people, he (she) once fell in love with a person, they would regard a number of far-fetched opposite sex as their rivals, if their loved ones had little contact with others, they woud be jealous, sometimes would cause the others embarrassed. Although their love would be very thoughtful, but they would often make their loved one feel suffocated. Emotionally jealous people can be found out from palmistry.

In general, there’s a fork-shaped pattern at the end of the wisdom line (Figure 4), which indicates that the person would be heavily suspicious. While the feelings line is short, with discrimination lines up and down, which indicates that the person would be faithful completely, and would regard lover as the 'private property'. Although the person would be cute at feelings, but even would be frightening. This kind of person would lead to undue storm easily if adjusted improperly. The media of combination between men and women is love, love’s germination requires soil, this soil includes mutual interest, care, shelter, rather than mutual suspicion. So people with this palmist would better be magnanimous.


4, Palmist indicating love would be ending

The trend of the feelings line has magical prophecy effect to love. If the three lines have the same source, that is emotions line is saggy, and is linking together with the wisdom line and life line(Figure 5), which means that its people would be often confused between feelings and reason, thus would make stupid things and have much trouble between men and women, they would also have more endless regret afterwards. People with this feature are regard as 'confused type at emotions'. The feelings line presses in the rational line, which would lead to act impetuously and regardless of reason. Irrational marriage of course would produce a mess.

If the three lines had the same source, that is at the end of the feelings line there is a drop line, inserted into the head-line (Figure 6), which is also the feelings line interfered the head-line. But the situation had less confused heart (Figure 5), but more than a meaningless sacrifice. Although love would be beautiful, it would also have some frustrations. People with this feature are called as 'sacrifice type'. If they had disappointed in love affair before marriage, they would be more stable after marriage. If there is reclinate line or reclinate branch at the end of the feelings line, which indicates that the owner might suffer from sadness or frustration. If the end of the feelings were upward, which indicates that the owner would have smooth emotional development and would have love and enjoy love. While it is a life attitude to believe in fate. The real smart people are those who can handle smart and fatuity correctly.


5, Happy Love Palmist

Each of the couples in love are eager to hope to be together for whole life with a solemn pledge, but with a lifetime commitment, could you really be happy yet? Getting old together with your lover is reflected in palmist is——the end of feelings line stretched to under the index finger, or index finger and middle fingers are formed into a fork-shaped (Figure 7). People with such palmist would be firm on love, respect friendship, have happy marriage, they would be the best guarantee for the love. If the end stretched into three branches (Figure 8), which means that the people would be even more happy and content in love. People with such characteristics are so-called 'affectionate type'. In such a utilitarian society, this kind of people are in hot demand!

Often heard from the old man that the love between husband and wife are served in bowl. As the Taiwanese writer Chang Hsiao-feng says in the 'concept of love of a woman,' that if you loved a person, that is you would think whether to eat tongue or pork tongue for dinnar without interruption? Whether to buy Chinese cabbage or green chinese cabbage? Love is real, unpretentious and also moving, and this is a lingering love. As the saying goes: 'Deeply love you, So, hate you very much.' You'd better learn to adjust to what were brought by love even if you had such palmist. Thus you could face any impact brought about by love bravely, even you would feel very satisfied or pleased.


6, Sexy Women Palmist

Love is never lack of passion and desire, that lively erotic and desire are full of wine-like ambiguity and sweet, which are the little secrets between lovers. Do you want to know your sex? Your palmist would tell you. If the emotions line and wisdom line of a woman showed a chain state (Figure 9), or she had double love lines on palm (Figure 10), then this kind of woman generally would like to deal with the opposite sex, and know how to fight for her love, she would be very independent and very active. She would never cover up her true feelings.

On the other hand, If the emotions line and the wisdom line formed into a chain-shape, and the palm were full and flexible, so a woman with above features would be very sexy. Men would always like this type of woman, so she would have many suitors! If sex is the love knot, then you would find the world and ways of expression of love would be very wide. Of course love needs a way of tolerance and skills. You'd better not always place your love with a purely technical means.