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To see when you would get married by Palmistry

When would you get married? This is the subject that unmarried men and women are most concerned about. 

There are three or four methods to observe when you would get married from the palmistry. The  most easy to interpret is the marriage line fleeting method (the left picture). You could quarter the area between Feelings of the line and the little finger root, and you could calculate together with your age. The palmistry age is calculated usually in according to the age of the Marriage line. If the obvious Marriage line appeared, which means the opportunity to get married. But the method changes with the times. 

Marriage line is a clear and straight line, which means good marriage. Sometimes two lines of equal length appeared. Are they on behalf of marry twice? This is not the case. But you'd better pay attention to observe the interval between the two lines.

If the interval of the two lines are wide, about four to five centimeters (Figure A), which is also an indication of harmonious marriage. However, the couple might gather less and separate more due to work or to go abroad In married life for a period of time. But when they meet again, the love relationship would become more sweet than before. In addition, two marriage lines of equal length could also stand for foreign marriage.

If two marriage lines are very close, and the interval is only one to two centimeters (Figure B), which stands for love triangle or extramarital affairs. If the upper line is thick while the bottom line is thin, which stands for love triangle before marriage. Conversely, it stands for love triangle after marriage. 

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