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Which people are born with lucky by Palmistry

Good luck can make a career meteoric rise, you can also make a case of the beloved happy feelings, you can also make a strong wealth rolling in wealth. Good luck is scarce, not everyone has, but also not subject to the will of the people, it is a manifestation of the blessing of life, people can do is good luck to firmly grasp, do not let slip away on the line. From the perspective of palmistry to tell you about, which people are born with good luck, good luck often patronize.

First. The sun line is long and straight

Sun line (also known as a successful line) from the bottom of the palm, was straight and long, has an innate good luck, and the popularity is particularly good, where one can be loved by everyone and support. As long as the sun from the line in the bottom of the palm, and lined smaller or intermediate cut, even poor business lines in the palm of your hand, can not be obtained in the career major achievement, but the person's life is spiritual, material life are abundant , is the real lucky ones.

Second. The Career line extend branch

The end of the career line branch line out, its people will have good luck comes, such as marriage, housewarming, etc., when in a straight line which fleeting, even if the line is very short also good luck.

The career online branch line out to the the Venus mound, which indicates that the people will get the blessings of friends and relatives, if in distress, the situation will get better, maybe will inherit the business, get a fortune.

The cause of the end of the line a number of thin lines extended indicate that the person will be accomplished on a career or business. Palmistry features, most of them belong to the physical strength of the Chinese people, busy day and night, excellent talent, doing things properly.

Three. Many Fingers Paisley

Fingerprint to the vortex pattern majority of people, life than others lucky befall him more opportunities, and the ability to execute better, able to get things done more with less, the higher the chances of success and fame, and more able to live a happy life . Friends of this type is easy to complacency, thereby preventing further chances of success, is worth noting.

Fourth. Star pattern appear in palm

Success all palm prints and marks the star pattern is the most important sign of good luck, but more importantly, only to fall on any of the Jupiter Hills, Sun Hill, Mercury Hill, the top of the fate of the line or the sun line at only represent good luck.

  • Jupiter Hill star pattern (A), this is the best location, because here represent success and money come together, it will enjoy good luck, the marriage will be very well, but also get a high reputation.
  • Sun Hill star pattern (B), showed a special talent, and is likely to bring fame and fortune. Star pattern in this position is the mark of excellence in creative talent.
  • Sun line with a star pattern (C), the single representative of the star pattern in order to, and this can bring success, but if the sun line, it means that there will be a special good luck, star pattern indicates that there may be unexpected money, and that windfall can bring happiness.

Fifth. Triangular pattern appear in palm

Triangular pattern appears in the following parts of the palm of your hand, there are different meaning, but the meaning is very positive to bring good luck for life.

  1. Jupiter mound: the opportunity and made a fortune;
  2. Saturn mound: the opportunity to seek your fame and official position is expected to be;
  3. Sun Hill: academic fame and success of efforts is expected;
  4. Mercury Hill: commercial talent, business gains.

Sixth. Square pattern appear in palm

Square pattern appears in the following parts of the palm of your hand like a triangular pattern, each with a different meaning, but the meaning is also very positive, respectively, are described below.

  1. Jupiter Hill: big ambitions often transgressing always able to Fengxionghuaji;
  2. Saturn mound: lofty moral character, respected;
  3. Sun Hill: your reputation will increasingly loud;
  4. Mercury Hill: Your perseverance and patience will increase.