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analysis your fortune by the chin

Pointed chin

People with pointed chin are usually thoughtful type, they will hunt after the spiritual and intellectual life satisfaction, they like to get to the root of. Family is not the important position in their minds, they like to go out to pursue romantic and unrealistic things. Such people should marry lately, early marriage would result in a divorce. People with pointed chin do not have strong sense of responsibility, and do not know how to take care of their children.

Shrinking chin

People with shrinking chin will have relatively bad fortune, a lot of people will suffer from meningitis in youth, have something wrong in mind, are more impulsive, relatively poor fortune in old age.

Square chin

People with square chin are physically strong, stubborn, honest and work hard, they can struggle to survive in a hostile environment, will never become discouraged. If you marry such a wife, you will be developed. If you marry such a husband, you will enjoy a happy life. Such people know how to take care of lover, they have a strong family responsibility, but such people lack interest in life, they are not very romantic.

Short chin

People with short chin are introverted, care about feelings, but sometimes are simpleminded, tactless, lack of endurance, and more will be lonely in old age.

Round chin

Women with very very fat and round chin will enjoy the life, some rich wives have such chin.

Long chin

People with long chin are upright, severe, resistive, carry something through to the end, but the feeling is very fragile, humane, willing to sacrifice for friends, very conscientious for family. Woman is soft inside despite her hard shell, popular, helpful. Pointed and prominent chin represents the people are sentimental and strong-willed, are helpful for outsiders better than family, have strong implementation, they are very ambitious. They may become a major event.

Wide and thick chin

This chin is very wide, very thick, most men with such chin are such. This is a successful physiognomy, forehead represents idea, chin represents power. People with such chin have power, they can carry something through to the end. However, men with such chin would not normally have only one wife, and may have many girlfriends.


People with choller will have very good fortune in old age.

Narrow and thin chin

This kind of thin is a bad physiognomy. In general, sharp, thin chin means bad health in heart, ill luck in old age, bad children fortune. 

Double chin

Double chin is a good chin, it is on behalf of comfortable life in old age. People with double chin are generous, patient, can get elegant aid, have endurance, broad-minded, deep in love, have honored help, they can live a happy old age.

Explicit chin

People with exposed cheekbones are very private and could struggle to survive in the face of adversity. They also have strong destructive effect. 

Biforked chin

People with biforked chin will have unstable feelings, easy to divorce. Such people should choose late marriage or allochthonous marriage as could as possible. 

Asymmetric chin

The left side of chin represents the fortune before 30 years old, while the right side represents the fortune after 30 years old. If there is mole on chin, then the family will lose money. If there is mole in the palace of servant, then employees will be disobedient, servants may try to bully you.