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Ear-phase analysis

  • Outline of the ear was very correct students who are smart, for everything orderly, successful and thoughtful. Section does not stick, it will not act rashly under the influence of others. Such people are usually very lucky.
  • Lobe large, drooping, life is not poor.
  • Big thick and long ears only person who is the longevity of the phase.
  • Ears, long hair is a symbol of longevity.
  • Long ears are mole people, will be Flow duplex.
  • Ear hard and showed a pink, life had a great affluence.
  • Ear color than the white faces who will be famous.
  • Very clear outline of the ear, ear lobe rich people, a benevolent-minded open-minded compassion.
  • Ears from nowSurface is not easy to see, with lots of reputation.
  • Ear the great men, great magnanimous and big business can be achieved.
  • Ear profiles were unclear, the lack of sincerity. Pan-black ears, loss of fresh colors, he heart pain exists.
  • Ear is very thin and soft flesh, who are born unlucky person alone.
  • Pan-blue man ears will of frequent losses.
  • The total wash wax, no matter how people will suffer poverty, hardship, distress will be a result of substances.
  • Ears brown color rendering, it indicates that the person hasDisease, and the condition will worsen.
  • Pitched the top of the thin ears, even his elders as he left a huge legacy, there is no way he maintained. At the same time, even if he has a good spouse, he would not have much on helping the, descendants of bad luck.
  • For women, if the ears too large, then the sick premature death of her husband. Even though her husband in good health, but also can not avoid fate, but encountered something unexpected death. Of course, this woman is very capable. Ear color is not good, indicating circulatory system disorders.
  • Ear meat thin and can be seen in the ears of meat distribution network of blood vessels of people suffering from respiratory diseases. Weak heart people, ear wing meat will bend on the phenomenon.