God always favored the kind of person

People like to find themselves in contrast, especially every dream of success, both in the analysis with other successful people differentiator, then analyze several kinds of conditions, status, which is subject of the influence of Western ways of thinking emerge Although the refining and everything can be done orderly, but often some of the most basic and overlooked factor.

Heartless world, God is equal to everyone, so-called successful and unsuccessful people, its essence lies not simply reflect the ability of the surface, knowledge, appearance, conversation, doing things such as, according to Chinese traditional argument, or a state of mind, which contains a lot of the usual negligible factor in them, among them the work of the law.

How to change and able to pass it, which requires the mind and wisdom, though often talk about doing good method of total accumulated positive energy to improve their own problems, but none of the above two points, the role of positive energy is very small and slow, and even a lot of stupid people who consider themselves in doing good, in fact, evil, and modifications in the face resembles being displayed by the amount of top-down planning a center axis, this line is the case Xinmaitong representative, reflecting the human mind, So twisted mind of people, face is distorted, so the greater the degree uneven, life's twists and turns is greater.

The modifications of the law, it is reflected in the people's hearts and minds, the more broad minded person, always continue to enhance awareness, constantly updating their own ideas, so a successful people, the idea is always to keep up era, keep up the opportunity, a big achievement, his philosophy is always ahead of its time, and create opportunities. Such people we usually called great men or saints, because they affected the entire creative development of the times, is the day of the Pride, is subject blessed life.

Conversely, why many people are not blessed, not to mention the cause of difficult, families and even to future generations, but also more difficult to grasp control because of narrow minded, always look at the outside world to strengthen their own ideas, thus blocking the wisdom, sever cognitive updates, formed a kind of stubborn, so life is not a workaround, in the face of this kind of person in systolic axis will result in a lot of grain or injury, the amount printed on the nose from the people, to the chin , different parts at different stages and aspects are reflected in the lack of work brings results.

This effect on the formation of life developed obstacles, so say why this occurs as the central axis can be seen fortune state, that is the truth, work this word change, not change, but the process of the development of life at thinking constantly upgrading, so to change, if you always stay in step solid self-proclaimed state of consciousness, will become subject to the exclusion of the outside world, and ultimately the formation of Gujue state, this state will not pass , not up.

In reality, we often see a lot of people put their knowledge as is inherent in the truth, but because it is too heavy reliance on Western subjects of detailed program, this is a childhood education from the school since the inherent enhancement methods, and excessive superstition in this way, it will occlusion path of wisdom, which is difficult to explain why many primary schools there is none who read a great achievement, but then how high educated people can only live a mediocre life .