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People with big nose may not have good wealth luck

Many people think that they will have good wealth if having a big nose. Is it true? Many people are using this standard to judge many things? How is in physiognomy?

First, if your nose looks full, apex of nose is thick, nosewing is strong, so that you would have bigger chances of good wealth. If your forehead is not broad or without strength, then you would be blessed by God of wealth in middle age. You'd better be more resilient, because although you could have good wealth, but bitter first sweet later.

Second, if your nose is thick, looks very tall and straight, but if you have no good cheekbones, you could not get good wealth too.If your nose is very big, but cheekbones are relatively flat, mouth and eyes have no momentum, this kind of physiognomy is called erected buttes. You could not have good wealth.

Third, if your cheekbones are high, nose looks good, then your wealth would be fairly good. But if your forehead is relatively low and narrow, then you could not have good wealth in the early years. You would get rich in middle age. You might also advance in the world a little late.

Fourth, if the nose is not straight or exposed holes, you could not have good wealth, which is what we talk about financial drain, you would even face bankruptcy, consumption of wealth. in addition to your own forbearance live consumer desires, your family or friends would also help you to consume wealth, or damage your wealth. Although you might have to face this phenomenon, but you might also get windfall, because you are very generous, would have return. So if your apex of nose is thick and good nostrils large holes exposed person only associate head thick, together with handsome facial features, you would also have good wealth.

Fifth, if your bridge of the nose is not straight or big, but the forehead looks very well with full forehead, you would also have a good wealth, rather than simply look at the size of the nose.

Sixth, if your facial features are very small, which is also very good physiognomy. You could have good wealth. 

From the above articles, we can see that the nose size has a definite link with wealth, but it is not absolute that people with big nose must have good wealth.