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The middle of upper lip in Physiognomy guinness

Everyone nose has a color, vertical and slender, between the nose and mouth, commonly known as 'people'. Among the length, width, depth and straight song, you can see a person's high or low, rich or poor, life, good and bad luck, and the sons of the presence or absence.

  • People below looks like a sword as the most valuable person in good health, have a career, and more sons and daughters.
  • Among the vast, lucky early, less than twenty years old and will make money, work independently. Such as the Department of Women, communicative vast income.
  • Among the narrow, into upper and lower, mean vitality atrophy, impoverished life, and guts, and stingy.
  • People were too wide, which means that lack of patience, less intelligent, and descendants shallow edge.
  • On narrow the width of those is a typical lucky phase. And the closer to the more developed in his later years, it will be able to benefit children and grandchildren.
  • Wider at the people, do whatever less perseverance, hesitated yet, and easily give up on themselves, gave birth to the child, not as good as their lifetime is very unfortunate.
  • Up and down the narrow center to meet the needs of people, which means that frequent disease sleepy tired of life doomed to a life of suffering.
  • People in the middle of a wide, the line is not clear, such a person to do things ran out of steam, the front nine are successful, often fall short at the last minute, looks like this person, unhealthy, frequent illness.
  • Short people, the main transport base, the main impatience, nervousness, lack of descendants transport, health, and will bring a lonely old age shipped.
  • People cross to see the projection of the round, meddler, designed an alternate dispute resolution. Enthusiastic big deal, do not care about the pros and cons of money, but willing to contribute to mediate the disputes of others, and he is not much money.
  • Mole people, which means that for the children for life toiling.
  • Among stripes, wedding transport is not good, and the things of the child's life-long physical exertion.
  • Among the upturned people, which means that the stupid, who do not understand the times utilized is the act rashly type and personality sensuality, undisciplined.

The middle of upper lip of men

People on both sides, male bearded place, this area is called food Lu (food store), food Lu in physiognomy, the entire house kitchen. Food Lu wide, ample living and extra cash. Food Lu is very narrow, small kitchen at home, there is nothing to eat, of course, very poor life. People and food Lu is linked, among the people, eat Paul With good. Not bearded men in the people, which means that the parents of the shallow edge of life to lead a vagrant life. Male among the parts of the beard dense, which means that full of energy, determination is very strong, and full of positive action, so the chances of success. People with mole men, like to speak ill of others, love for the career, and very lecherous. Men of the people is thick and deep, is a reproductive looks strong, very thick body hair part. Conversely, if people Nagisa, the line is not clear, and food Lu no boundaries, which means that this person fecundity weak and ruthless.

The middle of upper lip of women

This portion of the female 'people' can be seen as representative of the uterus. People skew bending the women, the uterus is not the left, is to the right. Grown very significantly among women, which means that part of the body hair is very thick, on the contrary, people who are thin and narrow, body hair is very thin. People with mole, a symbol of uterine disease. 'People' to be rough, deep, shallow, and is Jusco phase. Sharp phase of the Department of the people and the upper lip, the phase of the multi-son, phase part of the round, multi- the born daughter relative to people above the usual, but wider bottom, also have more man phase if the people around the upper and lower parallel born children, evenly divided between men and women among more and more shallow with age , however, only to the middle-aged people do not see the women, there is no phase of the child's laugh, people will stripes female fornication too; such as excessive sex life, there will be this face.