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To see if you would be left unmarried from physiognomy

The status of women in today's society are more and more higher, the mentality to choose lover has undergone tremendous changes, so many women are in the pursuit of true love, they can not help worrying to be left in the end, and become the old unmarried maid, lonely for lifetime.

Marriage is good or bad is determined by half providence and half personality, we can probably understand by observing the person's physiognomy. God can not be changed, but you can adjust your character, if you found that you have the physiognomy indicating unmarried until old age, you should pay attention early, and you'd better compensate your character flaws to reduce the negative factors to a minimum. Here are a few  features for your reference.

First. Small ears, reversed ears without hanging beads     

People with such physiognomy are smart, aggressive, rebellious, they are unwilling to pay true heart in love, they are selfish, keen on face-saving and sharp-tongued.   

Rescuing methods:Use proper restraint when you speak. People with such physiognomy have poor marriage of their parents, they can not have confidence in married under the negative influence of parents marriage, they have strong love compensatory requirements. The only way is to put down the shadow of childhood, mostly for the sake of each other. Should be matched with men wiht thick lips and big ears.    

Second.  High and protrudent forehead     

Women with high forehead are precocious in thought, easy to be cranky, worry over for nothing. In love they often like to compare, always think that the other's boyfriend is better. Women with Such physiognomy are wise, independent, able to improvise, and have good communication.   

Rescuing methods:Do not have groundless worries or anxieties with full of suspicion. You'd better get married lately, and it is better to match with men with high forehead. Do not neglect husband due to career and you'd better convergence edge.    

Third. Broken nose bridge and broken stripes  

Significant dent on nose bridge is called broken, clear line on nose bridge is called damaged. Female's nose means the Star of the husband, that is the disease Palace. Women with defected nose would be unhealthy, willpower is weak, they tend to have a trauma (hand, foot, his back injury), but also have bad sign for the husband.   

Rescuing methods:It is better to match with the divorced men, or men with big eyes and rough brows, and they can grow old only gather less and separate more.

Fourth. Long eyebrows and too long nose      

The standard length of the nose should be one-third longer of the face. If it exceeds the length, then the nose is too long. People with such nose are proud, sensitive, self-absorbed and lack of inclusiveness, always hesitant. They always miss opportunities in love due to too much consideration , and thus they always pursue singlehood.  

Rescuing methods:Be proactive in love.