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Women should preserve their health to have good luck

The status quo of modern society make people feel men and women are similar in life and career, but are different greatly in physiognomy. It is not for women to only make effort, work hard, become powerful to have good luck.

To see from the historical examples of digital camera, a woman can not have good luck even if she was born with good fortune, but she is short of blood and looks seedy. So a woman should avoid laboring with the mind, because it will damage her good luck. Maybe some people would say that they had to laboring with the mind, in fact this is not always the case. Most people face with the same situation in housework and career, the difference is how to use positive attitude and correct allocation. Some women would grow old very early, while others would live happily. In fact, there is absolutely no big difference in our life? Not necessarily.

Furthermore, women should not indulge. Why should women keepmodesty and stable? This is not the feudal pressure, this is the best role to take care of themselves. If women can keep a good and peace of mind, do not suppress non-disclosure, they can truly have a good luck.

Women should be good at handling the relationship around, and now hairdressing, mask or fight drugs are only superficial, but they are useless for the vitality of the heart. Women can not be too strong, they should use soft power to resolve and infect neighboring environment, the final rewards for you would be very generous. You'd better keep your blood fresh, invigorating, bright shining to have good luck, so you would get success in everything.

These summaries are summed up by ancestors, they are very practical from the astrological point of view. You'd better have a try.