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In which season would you bloom your charm?

Each girl has different status at different times, and the charm is also different in different seasons. You can bloom your smile in spring, show flirtatious expressions in summer, express connotation in autumn, and learn to dress yourself into a different person in winter ...... then in which season would you be the most attractive? If you are Interested, let's do this test: 

1, Do you usually you deliberately suppress your temper?



2, Will you openly post many of your photos in your personal space?



3, Do you like to travel a person?


Too lonely

4, Have you ever written a love letter?



5, What's your view of posting on the web to have dinner and watch movie?

It doesn't matter.

It is very normal.

These people are very tiresome.

6, Do you always listen to your parents' very words?



7, Have you ever loved schoolmate or overtaken the school girl?



8, Do you have a very good daily schedule?



9, Do you think your present lifestyle is normal?

Very normal

Not quite properly

It's ordinary

10, Do you think your ideas are now more realistic?



11, Do you often chat with the familiar people or strange people with chat tool?

The familiar people 

The strange people are more

Almost the same 

12 Is there have been a city in your heart that you are afraid to be close to?



12 Is there have been a city in your heart that you are afraid to be close to?



14, Do you think you are now more realistic now?



15, Are you a very nostalgic person?

Yes, very seriously.


More like to forward-looking

16, In Asan song, which of the following lyrics do you like?

Fate is used to describe the fact that you suddenly didn't love me

This city is too will camouflage, love is just like a neon sign

Loneliness is a carnival, carnival is a group of lonely people

17, Which of the following types of text do you prefer to write?

travel notes and film review


Mood diary


18, What's the real reason for unwilling to go to reunions?

Afraid of encountering any embarrassing people

Do not want to feel depressed due to poor development 

It is too tiresome

19, Are you hiding a person you loved so much in your heart?



20, What scenery on both sides of the road do you prefer?

The wind blows, the yellow leaves falling in front of you

When it rains the pink petals scattered on the ground

The sun through the green leaves shed

21, What feeling does blue give you?



You are a very warm hearted person, you are willing to help others anywhere, especially the people who are weaker than you, you will help without consideration of salary, so you are popular by everyone. You give people a warm and upward force just like the spring. Although your heart is bleeding when you cure the wound for others, and you will not put your emotions on to the other people. So you really are a very great man. But on the other hand, you can be said that you are a fool. This is particularly true in love, you feel that it is the best to compromise and bless. But you hardly realize that sometimes you should fight for your happiness.

Spring and early summer

You are an outspoken person, so your charm often gives a very natural feeling. Do not be affettato. You treat people kindly and honestly, and make friends have no burden with you. And you are not so hidebound,  you often have some romantic move facing the opposite sex, people feel warm and lovely with you. If you want to play such qualities to show the greatest personal charm, you'd better choose in the spring and summer. Everything is so desirable, like most of your intimate nature.


Many people like the summer, because this season is the easiest relaxed and fluttering season, no one will refuse the warm and lightweight atmosphere brought by summer. You are suitable for the summer, but it does not mean you are a sexy man. In fact, your charm comes from your confidence, confident people tend to be the most suitable to kiss with the sun. You can gain much attention in this generous season with confidence. So you are vulnerable to be favored by opposite sex in this season, which depends on your self-confidence. And your general style can make you win the praise of many friends, so you'd better feel free to enrich yourself and maintain the confidence in order to make you more popular.


You are a more introverted person, you have talent in your heart, though you hope to be appreciated, but you do not want to show your face in public. So you are not suitable for the cold winter, nor suitable for the hot summer, and it is capricious in spring. The best suited to performance your unique content season is in autumn, autumn a little more refined than summer, a bit less exposed than summer, and it is warmer than winter. It is best to show your inner talent in autumn..


Some people may think that winter is really not a good season, the cold wind is sufficient to freeze all of the thinking and the desire. You will lose your interest to show the charm by dressing in this season. You do not like to go the public route, you have your own unique style, so the best season for you is winter, specially when it is snowing. Your cold and cool, inner pride and lofty are fully consistent with this season. If you are willing to spend a little time on the dress, and wear clothing with your own unique, then you will attract a lof of attention in this winter.

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