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Test if there is decree by destiny between you and good luck

Sometimes even if you have strong ability, you are also very difficult to be found and appreciated if you can not have a good luck. When good luck comes to you, you also can achieve good result even without much ability.  2016 is coming soon, do you want to know in the new year if you will have a good luck? Then do the psychological test.

1, In 2016, if you have opportunities to travel abroad or travel on business, which of the following countries you want to choose the best?





2, If you plan to go to Tibet to play, which ways you will choose to go to Lhasa by?

Drive the car myself

By plane


By train

3, You go to a friend's wedding, the bride cries at the wedding, do you think what is the most likely cause of crying from the following?

Happy tears

Unwilling in heart

Reluctant to leave parents

The body is uncomfortable

4, Which of the following things will make you sad for a long time?

Your lover is cheating on you

Career is  failure

The death of a loved one

Cheated a lot of money

5, You want to visit your best friend and find the other laugh at your behind you, what will you do?

Revenge back In the same way

Go to question

Don't regard as a friend no longer

Pretend to unknow

6, What do you usually do in internet?

Browse around

Chat and look at the room

Play game and watch video

Receive and send blog

7, If you are asked to choose one from the following four wishes, which one is the most likely you will choose?

Make more money

Have more time to rest

Pursued by more opporsite sexes

Get promotion

8, Do you think what kind of thing is the most unlucky?

Always losing things

Get sick

Have trouble with lover

Unreasonably wronged by others

9, What kind of  film do you watch recently?

Love film

Action film

Science fiction film

Horror movie

10, If you get a lottery prize, what do you want to do the most from the following things?

Buy a big house

Buy a good car

Go to travel to the best place you like


11, Whose birthday do you celebrate for recenlty?





12, What kind of drink do you like the most?

Fruit juice


Mineral water

Green tea

A: There is decree by destiny between you and good luck 

In 2016 your fortune is very good, good luck often visits and has fate with you, you can get success in everything you want to do. If you have a clear plan in the heart, please get ready without miss this year 's good luck.

B: Good luck comes to you occasionally

In 2016 you will have a very smooth life, you will not encounter big ups and downs, occasionally there will be good luck to visit you and give you some surprise. In this year as long as you can do what you should do practically, strive to realize the goal of your life, you will be harvested. If you can listen to the advice of your elders, would be a great help to you.

C: You have shallow fate with good luck

In 2016 you will spend in the turbulent, often face various crises, need much effort to solve. And in this year you have shallow fate with good luck, basically won't visit. Although you are very hard to finish your work and plan, but because of the lack of power, often get half the result with twice the effort. In feelings you will get worried and will oftern have conflict with your lover, and let you feel tired. In 2016 you should use the common heart to treat everything that had happened. Since there is no enough good luck, please work hard.

D:  You have no fate with good luck

In 2016 you hare rather bad luck and have no fate with good luck basically, but always will meet the newsoul. In the whole 2016, you often have to face various emergencies, obviously well planned things will get twists and turns, A seemingly good project, once it begins, either it will die on the vine or results fall short of expectations. When you meet bad luck, the best way is to adjust state of mind and face calmly with using piecemeal measures.

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