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Test if you would be rich or poor, honorable or lowly in this life?

People's life are mostly dominated by fate, only some small aspect can be changed through one's own efforts. Buddhist care about karma, preexistent undertakings decided the fate in this life. You'd better not complain about the fate is injustice to you, because riches and hornor, poor and lowly are all brought by yourself.  If you're interested, let's do this test to see if  you would be rich or poor in this life.

1. Do you dare hold or touch a newborn baby?



It's ok.

2. If you have children, will you will ask parents to help you?


Do not know


3. If you have sexual harassment by your boss, will you?

Resign immediately


Warned him not to do again

4. How to pass the time when you are by the car or boat ?

Enjoy overlooking and daydreaming

Chat with people around

Listen to songs

5. If you are travelling at a scenic place, which of the following background will you choose to take  picture?

the trees are overburdened with apricot 

the willows by the lake

bouquets of flowers and piles of brocades

6. You're group travelling, which of the following activities will you choose?

Buy souvenirs I like

Go out for a walk with acquaintances

take a picture all over the place

7. If you visited a temple, and saw smoke coiling up from burning incense in the hall, people are putting coins into the wishing well to pray for Buddha's bless, what would you do?

You would also put a coin

Do not follow

Do what people do

8. You're outside visiting many places, how would you arrange lunch?

Eat a meal at a local style refreshment room in the lake by the boat

In a nearby restaurant for dinner

Just bring your own stuff to eat

9. You went to the countryside to play with friends, it's too late so you could not return to the city, you had to spend the night in a small hut, what would you do?

Make yourself comfortable as could as possible

Think this is a very interesting experience

Accept one night

10. You're having a long holiday, you want to go out for a long-distance travel, do not consider the economic factor, which of the following places would you choose?

Scenic places

Magnificent mountain


11. You are away on holiday, what following things would make you unhappy?\

One thing that needs your immediate attention

 Did not appreciate the beauty of the eyes

Go back and have a lot of work to deal with

12. After some intense work, in what way would you choose to spend the holiday weekend?

Completely have a break

Walk out

Have fun with friends

13. you have a chance to go to the amusement park, who would you most like to go with?


Good friend


14. Your friend ask you to do bridesmaid (best man), what would you do?

Very willing


Be indifferent

15. Some friends are over-doing in gathering, what would you do?

Fell out

Nothing, just for fun

I do not know

16. You have dinner with friends, you really do not drink anymore, but one forced you to drink, so what would you do?


Drink limpingly 

Will not drink resolutely

17. Do you think it's ok for girls to smoke?

Not good

Be indifferent

Pretty cool

18. If you are still single, will you dislike the matchmaker friend around you?


It's ok.


19. Do you think the movement is very necessary?


Be indifferent

 It is necessary when losing weight

20. Do you think it is better for girls to get thinner?


Enough is enough

Better a little plump figure

A: You're doomed to be extraordinary in this life

If you want to make a rapid advance in your career, I am afraid you would be disappointed. Because you are destined to have an ordinary life with little chance to succeed. But you would not live too poor life, basic food and clothing could still be guaranteed. If you could position yourself in the position of ordinary people, then you could live very happy in this life, because you would not worry about your privacy being exposed, you would not worry about being deprived of liberty, of course, you would not be bullied. Practical life would be your greatest happiness in this life.

B: You're doomed to be rich and honored in this life

Maybe you are still worried about survive, maybe you're still lamenting why you are not able to live comfortably. In fact, you really need not worry too much, because you are destined to be rich, but the timing is yet to come, you also need some time to experience and tempering. Each person's riches and honor have been arranged by God. Things belong to you would eventually fall into your hands. No one could take away your luck. You'd better calmly wait for the opportunity.

C: You're doomed to be poor in this life

If you are pursuing a life of luxury, or comparing the living conditions with others, you'd better stop doing these things. Because you could not have that kind of blessing in this life. If you insisted on comparing with others, you could only get extremely unbalanced result and infinite jealousy and hatred. Why would make yourself so unhappy? Since you're destined to be poor in this life, you'd better face calmly, you'd better help others while ensuring the food and clothing for yourself. So you could make more accumulation of some good fortune ot live more happier life. Thus your fate might be changed imperceptibly.

D: You're doomed to be inferior in this life

You would have poor self-control ability, you could take things as they are when you're poor. Once you could have money, all your bad habits would come out. You would become depraved. So wealth would only destroy you, but difficulties of life could make you more strong and brave, more worthy of admiration.

E:You're doomed to elegant aid in this life

Maybe your ability would not be very strong, and your life could not be so beautiful as expectation. But when you encounter difficulties, and in need of help heavily, you would get elegant aid to help you solve the problems one by one. Your biggest luck in this life would be this, which is others could not get. You'd better cherish it, although this is you deserve.

F: You're doomed to have half good and half bad in this life

You are a very free and easy person, and not value too much for money. You could live a very extravagant life when you're rich. You could eat your fill when you could not have much money. The happy life is the most important for you. You believe that money might not buy happiness, but you could live a happy life without money. In this free and easy in life, your destiny is bound to be a mixed blessing.

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