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Test if you would have the luck with the opposite sex in the future

Test questions:If there is one thing that you really like, but want to get it, you must use your own baby to exchange, then you will get the following kind of treasure to exchange?

A, precious herbs

B, Crystal

C, Interfax

D, Pearl

E, beautiful shells

A: Peach will open elsewhere

Difficult to take the initiative to send home a peach, you have to cheer up, mostly in front of the opposite sex to show themselves, can enhance the romantic encounters.

B: peach is good

Matchmaker appear around you have a chance because of classmates, friends, a good match and get to know the opposite sex.

C: peach blossom is very strong

Eros soon come to your side, walking on the road you can feel the way heterosexual cast powerful waves.

D: Peach flickering

Recent your peach very deeply hidden, and occasionally floated twelve, or rotten peach, but do not worry, take the peach will gradually become strong.

E: Peach on the road

Peach relatively distant from you, but you have already stride came its way, you have upright optimistic about life, meet peach soon.