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Test to see how many people would fall in love with you secretly

When girls are in puppy love or emotional maturity, many are secretly in love with opposite sex of her own appreciation. This feeling is sour or sweet. When you love the other secretly, maybe someone else while is loving you secretly too, but you do not know. So how many people would fall in love with you secretly in this life? Let's do this test to see.

1, Will you particularly concern about the new fashionable clothing style usually?

A, Yes

B, No

2, Will you look down your nose on people who write poetry in the network?

A, Yes

B, No

3, You meet a person with very good feeling, what kind of way would you choose to strike up a conversation with?

A, Ask for directions

B, Ask for time

4, What frequency of looking in the mirror one day?

A, Twice a day, morning and night.

B, Do not like

C, Do if there is chance

5, Did you ever have a good impression of someone and like this person in the network?

A, Yes

B, No

6, What camera do you like more?

A, common digital card machine

B, Single reflecting camera

C, retro film machine

7, Did you like one opposite sex who is ten years older than you?

A, Yes

B, No

8, When you fell in love with someone secretly, and finally would you choose to tell each other?

A, Yes

B, No

9, If you suffered lovelorn attack, which type of healing methods would you would prefer to choose?

A, Gourmet healing method

B, Shopping healing method

C, Fall in love healing method

10, Do you often have vision of  after an absence of some unrealistic and impractical things?

A, Yes, frequent do daydreaming

B,  Do not like

11, Did you encounter the love of scum in the past?

A, Yes

B, No

12, After meeting a scum, do you feel that you have problem of vision of Man?

A, Yes

B, No

13, Do you always believe that you will be happy finally?

A, No

B, Sometimes do, sometimes do not.

C, Always believed

14, Are you having growing appreciation of some revenge angels?

A, Yes

B, No

15, Do you often feel a strong sixth sense?

A, Do not trust your instincts

B, Sometimes accurate, sometimes not

C, Have been very accurate

16, Will your tone become apparently rush in a bad mood?

A, Yes

B, No

17, Do you reject women to chase men in your heart?

A, Yes

B, No

C, It depends on the way and extent

18, Did you love someone of lousy character?

A, Yes

B, No

19, Which part of the body do you generally pay attention to when speaking with the others?

A, Eyes

B, Mouth

C, Others

20, Someone sitting dead against you on the train struck up a conversation with you, would you take notice of this person?

A, No, really boring

B, Yes, for courtesy

C, It depends on mood and style of conversation

A, a battalion

You have economic minds from childhood, you have plans for the future. You have been favored by others. Although you haven't earned much money now, or maybe spent some money. However, what is seen and heard, the lessons and skills you have accumulated will burst out together in the future. By the time your money will generally like the Yellow River water pour out into your pocket, you're waiting for the money. At that time you must guard against complacency. You'd better learn to save your money.

B, a reinforced company

You are a person who has a strong mental aura, you are very confident. You were confident because of your good achievement or ability, and after graduation your confidence comes your own life experience and thinking view. Perhaps the affable and approachable performance will be more able to narrow the gap with others. However, confident person in this world will be worshipped by others obediently. So, you were loved secretly by others in your school days and in society, but little made confession to you, because they think they're not good enough to match with you, it is hard to control you, so only had a crush on you.

C, a platoon

Your very move, very statement and smile will give a different feeling. Your hidden feeling is very rich, you are very talented. People will appreciate you of course. because then you will not speak out vulgar words, many people will only have a feeling of inferiority or inadequacy in front of you. However, like is like, worship is worship, sometimes in your opinion this is probably a sad thing. They more often appreciate, worship or love secretly you in heart.

D, a squad

You have great wisdom, but you are some introverted, usually you are very quiet and perhaps somewhat silent. You can not show your talent in your youth, you would not be very popular too. However, you do not want to show too much is due to laziness. You are too lazy to play yourself. But you often have the potential to save in distress, you will play out your potential at the critical moment. So, you can have a round of applause, but people mostly sincerely express the admiration for you, there is little people really love your secretly.

E, no one, all love you openly

Elegance is an attitude, it does not require you to be very beautiful or talented very much. Aso you do not need to make people bow to the ground, calling on several more "Your Highness, I'm be guilty of a crime for which even death cannot atone." Elegance includes all the words and deeds, which are honed in the normal life slowly. Every your word and deed is charmful and makes people think this is a beauty. Such elegance often allow the other party to maintain the respected attitude to you. You always get the support of others, your sense of presence in the crowd will be strong, your fans will be very much too. You will often get openly "infatuation“.

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