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Test to see how much sense of security would you give to your lover

The most important keyword between lovers is trust, but different people have different views on trust. If you want to get enough confidence from your lover, you first need to give the other enough sense of security. Let's test to see how much sense of security would you give to your lover.

1, Do you always say out your views without hesitation?



2, What color do you like the clothes?


black and white

3, Which of fruit and nut would you prefer to eat?


Dried fruit

4, Do you like to hold up an umbrella under a misty rain?



5, Do you like rainy day or snowy day?

Snowy day

Rainy Day

6, Do you like the ceiling windows?



7, Do you love fast songs or slow songs?

Fast songs

Slow songs

8, Have you had at least one time experience of travel abroad?



9, countries like European countriess or Japanese and Korean contries?

European countries

Japanese and Korean contries

10, Have you ever thought of the life after ten years?



11, Do you often check things for several times before going outside every time?



Psychological test result A:  sense of security index to lover is 70%

You have some very simple elements in your heart, maybe pureness or goodness. You can give not just lover but also all the people high sense of security around you. You are outgoing, and you will generally share with people when you have something on your mind, we all know your character, know how is your life, you are worthy of our trust.

Psychological test result B: sense of security index to lover is 20%

Your impression to others is untrue, on the one hand you always like to live in your own fantasy world, this world is easy to vilify, easy to think, you will always think of people towards the bad place, in fact things are not so bad. Sometimes you look very paranoid, as long as you make the decision, most people can not be able to change you. So you can not give much sense of security to your lover! Instead you may give terrible feeling to people.

Psychological test result C: sense of security index to lover is 95%

You are really very careful and thoughtful when you are doing something, do not talk about the sense of security you give to lover, you can really know what your lover is thinking about very well. Your character is still quite sleek, sometimes you've known some things obviously very well, but you do not like to say it directly, but you like to do to make people happy. You are generous and tolerant, so you can not only harvest a really good love, but also you will live a more perfect life!

Psychological test result D: sense of security index to lover is 40%

Your carelessness is your death-wound! In fact, you're still a pretty childish person, but sometimes your unintentionally sentence may hurt the people around you, and you are completely unaware. You like the freedom of independent living, can not stand any constraint. And your sense of security to lover is to reduce. It is because you like to live in your own world, do not like to share with your lover, people can not help thinking about it more!