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Test to see how strong is your ability to attract the opposite sex

All young men and women hope to get the attention and love of the opposite sex. But because of their different appearance conditions and characters, some people are favored very much by heterosexual, but some are liked by few heterosexual. Do you want to know how strong you are favored by opposite sex? Let's do the psychological test.

1. Which city in the world you most want to travel?




2. Watching a movie, will you cry when you see a touching episode?



3. When you date with lover, the other was late for more than an hour, will you?

Wait for another half an hour

Leave angrily

Keep on waiting

4. Would you like to go to the movies yourself?



5.You and your lover make the first time appointment, the other wants to kiss you, will you?

Refuse directly

Let lover kiss your forehead

Accept and kiss back

6. Do you think you have a sense of humor?



7. Do you think you can be a competent leader?



8. If you have the right to choose what you want to be?



Does not matter

9. Have you ever fallen in love more than one time?



10. Do you think you are a smart guy?



A: Popularity index by opposite sex is 70%

You would be liked by 70% of the opposite sex, so you have a strong popularity by opposite sex. Although your appearance condition is not very good, but inherently cheerful and humorous personality could make you get the most of the goodwill of the opposite sex, because the other person coul feel very easily, very happy with you.

B: Popularity index by opposite sex is 90%

Congratulations! 90% of the opposite sex would like you, so your popularity by opposite sex would be very strong! You have not only beautiful appearance, elegance, but also humor and generous personality, so you have endless charm in front of the opposite sex.

C: Popularity index by opposite sex is 40%

Only 40% of the opposite sex would concern you, indicating that the popularity by opposite sex would not be too strong. In fact, your appearance condition is very good, but you have a lack of your cultivation, your connotation is not enough, you are short of attractive qualities. Therefore you would not be welcomed by the majority of the opposite sex. But do not be discouraged, you'd better spend more time reading, and strive to improve your knowledge, strengthen your cultivation, you would surely get a lot of heterosexual favor.

D: Popularity index by opposite sex is 50%

Only half of the opposite sex would be interested in you, you need to improve your charm index. You are an easygoing person, treat people friendly. But you usually do not pay attention to the modification of your own, you are less fashionable, coupled with a more introverted personality, which make you less attractive. As long as you work hard at your appearance, and also let yourself more cheerful, you would immediately become a charmful person.