Test to see how to find a good man

For the majority of female friends, everyone is yearning for sweet love, there is definitely a reason for still single. Sometimes you haven't found your Mr Right, sometimes you are too shy to express, but choose to escape. How to come out from this state and find a good man? If you are Interested, let's do this psychological test.

1. Are you cold-blooded in the cold winter?



2. Do you like to listen to female singer or male singer usually?

female singer

male singer

not so sure

3. Are you always very busy recently?



4. Can you play billiards?


Understand a little

Do not understand

5. You received a box of cake for your your birthday gift, what color is it?




6. Do you like to drink your own brewed coffee usually?



Be indifferent

7 Is there anyone say you are "selfish"?



8. If two people fell in love broke up, do you think they can still be friends?



Who knows

9. Did anyone say that you are very "feminine"?



10 Do you like steak?



Never eaten

11. If there is one person you do not know laughing at you, how do you think?

I am very charming

He may have intention 

May know me

12 When you enjoy a candlelight dinner with a loved one, what drink would you choose?

red wine



13 Will you lie to your lover for some reasons?

Absolutely not


That depends on what is the reason

14 Do you like riding?



Not ride, I do not know

15. Which of the following cartoon characters is your favorite?



Donald Duck

A. You may be a lack of confidence in your appearance, you need to be strengthen in this regard. As the saying goes, "Apparel make the man." As long as you can make some effort to dress up your own, you can become brilliant and confident. You'd better do professional job, wear the clothes can enhance the temperament, so that your charm would come out naturally, then the good men would notice you?

B. Your problem is that you have a lack a sense of security, always hold skeptical attitude towards others, so that even the best man will be shut out.You may wish to reduce some of your inner defense, so that your capacity would become larger, and you would be more peaceful to treat people. Then the mental aura around will become peaceful, good men would come without invitation.

C. Your question is that your life circle is too small, you can not know many people. You need to try to reach out to the wider world, to broaden the scope of your interpersonal relationships. With the growing number of people you will find it is not difficult to find a good man. The key is how to get out of your coterie, you'd better take the first step bravely.

D. Your question is that you are too passive in love, and you always want others to take the initiative to approach you. Do not always choose to escape, you'd better express your feeling bravely to your favorite people, so it is possible to win happiness. Do not be afraid of.

E. Your question is that you worry about personal gains and losses too much, you should relax a little, and believe that you are cute, do not worry so much about the opinions of others. You should express your love properly, good man will naturally be attracted by you.

F. Your question is that you are too persistent to love, you'd better go with the flow than seeking hurriedly. You know that if both sides have no fate, you would not be together finally. True love is that you love each other with mutual attraction. You'd better adjust your mentality, when you briskly show show your charm, the good man will come to you with smile.

G. Your problem is that you are too blind and ignorant, your idea is too naive, which naturally give a bad man opportunity. Do not come to your sense, you may wish to listen to the proposal by parents and friends, and accept those well-intentioned help, but also you'd better make yourself mature as quickly as possible, which is the best thing to do now.