Test to see how you would treat your work

Psychological test topic: One day you visited a heterosexual friend, found his house was next to the burial ground, what is your first reaction?

A: This house is certainly not expensive

B: Maybe there is ghost in friend's house

C: Living here must be very exciting

D: Don't expect to go to this friend's home

E: Crustily go in

Psychological test result A: You're a workaholic, will regard work as your life, often feel sleepless because of work. If encounter difficulties and pressure at work, you will face it bravely, and make efforts to find a solution, and will not choose to escape or give up.

Psychological test result B: Your working ability is very strong, have leadership talent, you can serve as the command in the work role. You think highly of your work, but sometimes behave slightly stubborn, not willing to accept the opinions of others, sometimes it can make you fall into isolation, you'd better adjust your working methods in order to have the better popularity.

Psychological test result C: Your brain is very clever, have ordinary attitude towards work, you pay very particular attention to the working methods and efficiency, rather than blindly devoted time and energy. Perhaps in the eyes of others, you work very relaxed, not very hard, but you just used more time-saving method, achieve maximum results with little effort.

Psychological test result D: You are serious about your job, you devote yourself to work, but it seems you are not good at arranging your own time, which will often disturb your personal work, it seems that you are distractible at work. Let your life more orderly, you'd better rationally plan your time.

Psychological test result E: Your attitude towards work is very rigorous, you are strict in your work, you are very absorbed in work, if the work is disturbed, you will be very angry, no matter who will fall out.