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Test to see what might make you tied

We will be attached to something in life, or feelings , or appearance, or family, or business. We will rush about to old age in these attachments without regrets. If you are Interested, let's do this test to see what will make you tired.

1, If you were born with long white beard, would you?

A: very proud

B: very upset

2, You grow older with age and the white beard makes you look very dignified, you will feel?

A: very pleased

B: Ironically

3, You give up the right for love of country, for which people respected you, and when you are alone you feel that?

A: very proud

B: lonely

4, Your patron saint is a phoenix, which is?

A: patron saint of your own choice

B: arranged by fate

5, Who will you feel right should belong to?

A: People

B: Yourself

6, Everyone can not escape this world of illness and death, when you are facing the same problem, you would?

A: go with the flow

B: hope to reborn like a phoenix

7, When your relative despised you because you used unscrupulous practices to reach your goal, what is your attitude?

A: look down on yours 

B: pretend not to know

8, When you encounter great difficulties, who will you entrust your will to?

A: relatives

B: confidant

9, If you captured two wicked people, but they refused to confess, you would?

A: Hold them separately

B: Put them together

10, You got a Alchemy stone of revival belonging to a noble orphan, and now this child is still small, you would?

A: Give him back when he grew up

B: Keep it yourself

11, If you have the opportunity to destroy all weapons can destroy humanity, you would?

A: immediately destroy

B: keep them

12, An orphan rescued by you repaid kindness with ingratitude and became your enemy, since then you would?

A: no longer rescue orphans

B: remain unchanged

13, When your enemies beg for mercy to you, while others want to kill him, you would?

A: Spare his life

B: Let someone else handle

14, if your friends and neighbors are killed by your enemy, while you have the chance to kill him, you would?

A: kill him

B: leave his life

15, When you find that your follower fell in love with your enemy's follower, you would?

A: Let the enemy's follower become your spy

B: Teach your follower a lesson

16, Your follower died and left a child, you would?

A: Entrust child to follower's relatives

B: Entrusted child to follower's lover

17, When the death tells you, unless you request, you will never die, you would?

A: Require to die in a certain moment

B: will always live

18, You got an infection, the wound will not heal, but you will not die, people are hiding from you, you would?

A: Suicide 

B: Internet chat

19, if you have immortal, you would?

A: change gender

B: change appearance

20, You meet your lover and you can give your life to them, but need to cut off flesh, you would?

A: think of a better way

B: Cut off your flesh

21, You have to give up the love for money, and now have a chance to start again, you would?

A: Re-select

B: still persist

22, If you enemy can live forever after eating your flesh, but if you die your enemy can not live, would you die?

A: No

B: I do not know

A: Being tired by feelings

You are a soberside, look frosty from appearance, in fact your heart has full of passion. In your heart there has been a man, he helped you when you were most helpless, since then he lived in your heart forever. To the nick of time, you are even willing to give your life for this feelings. So, you can not put down feelings in this life. You are willing to do anything for feelings and will be tired by it.

B: Being tired by friendship

You value friendship very much, but because you have very high standard of making friends, so you will not have many confidants. You will devote to your confidants, and defy all difficulties and dangers for them.  In your life, the greatest regret is the friendship, which also doomed in many cases you will become a weapon in the hands of others. You will be burdened with friendship.

C: Being tired by yourself

You love freedom, like to live a vagrant life, it is difficult to be in one place for too long. You can never settle down your heart, which became the biggest life burden. You will change place continuously from a distant place to another distant place, until unable to move.

D: Being tired by family affection

You are a man of great family values. Although you are not good at verbalism, but you put your family as the most important than anything else. In your opinion, home  is your best sheltered bay and your best healing ground. When you're tired of life and the outside world, your final choice is to stay at home. Of course, your dependency on family is the largest burden, because you are enjoying the warmth of the family, but also bearing the burden of raising a family. And this burden sometimes will make you breathless.