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Test to see what type your love belongs to

Everyone aspires to sweet love, but everyone has very different attitude towards. Some are passionate, some are steady; some people only keep brief period of enthusiasm. Do you want to know what type is your love? Let's do this test.

1, Mr. Sponge decided to have courage to express his love to Miss Strawberry he has long admired! At that time he said:

Go out with me

I like you

2, Twin souls finally decide to date. Where do you think they would choose a place for the first date?

Children's playground


3, On the datingday Miss Strawberry was late for twenty minutes, what do you think Mr. Sponge would say to her?

Say in joking tone: "You're late."

I worry about you

4, What do you think they are the first to play?


Ferris Wheel

5, They came to the aquarium, where do you think they would choose to take photograph?

Before Dolphins

Before penguin

6, They came to the zoo. What do you think would Mr. Sponge buy for Miss Strawberry in a souvenir shop?

Animal dolls

T-shirt with animal pictures

7, The lady personally made some strawberry dessert, what do you think would it be?

Rice balls and fried

Sandwiches and fried chicken

8, They came to the restaurant for dinner finally, what would they have?

Curried rice


9, In a coffee shop Mr. Sponge ordered Hamburg, what would Miss Strawberry have?


Fruit sundae

10, Mr. Sponge and Miss Strawberry are developing stably, both sides are getting compatible. What would Mr. Sponge give Miss Strawberry Sponge for a token of love?


Jogging shoes

11, One day Mr. Sponge lost the race and felt very depressed, what would Miss Strawberry say to comfort him?

"I know you've tried your best."

"Never mind, you still have opportunity."

12, Two weeks after the appointment is Mr. Sponge's birthday, what would Miss Strawberry send to him?


Concert Tickets

13, This appointment is in Mr. Sponge's room. What do you think they'll do?

Listen to the CD and watch videotape

They chatted over Angel pie.

14, One day suddenly you had to move to a very far place, what way do you think they would take to maintain feelings?

Make a phone call per week

Write a letter every two days

15, They have good relationship, but will quarrel sometimes. What is the reason do you think?

Mr. Sponge is jealous

Mr. sponge is too close to the other girl

16, They kissed each other, where do you think would it happen?

Mr. Sponge's room

Evening park

17, They contact for a while and inevitably enter the burnout stage, what do you think would happen next?

Two people will communicate to find a solution

Don't meet tentatively

A, Fall in love at first sight

It is the passionate love! You would fall into once you meet your favorite people, and you would have high probability of falling in love at first sight. You would express your love once you meet favored people. Do not be infatuated, school and friends are also very important.

B, Easy come, easy go.

You can only keep three minutes heat in love, as long as you have good impression of the other party, you will soon put into action quite actively and boldly, often hold the active position. But you seem to lack the patience, as long as obstacles occur, you would rush to give up and go looking for the next romance. So although you would have rich love experiences, but it is difficult to encounter your true love.

C, You are doomed to have no fate with passion

You belong to steady type of love, your love seems somewhat boring in the eyes of others, you would not express too intimate even you are together with your lover. But this is only the surface phenomena, privately you also have unexpected side. You would fall in love people you've already known before, your first love might get married with you.

D, Romantic and intimate love

Although you would not be passionate immediately in love, but you can keep it sweet forever. Because you can always treat the others gently, people can feel your warmth and affection, but you're always in a relatively passive position. Your love also belongs to steady type, it would be lasted for long.