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Test to see whether you could keep your money

Psychological test question:You are talking with your friend by a telephone, how would you hold the phone according to your habits?

A: holding the telephone receiver with two hands together

B: with one hand holding the telephone receiver intermediate position

C: holding telephone receiver in one hand and play with the telephone line with another

D: with one hand holding the lower end of the telephone receiver

Result A:

This item shows you would care about money so much, and would be able to save money too.  You would buy the goods with the highest performance price ratio, and never spend money casually. If someone borrowed money from you, you would find reason to refuse. You would not invite people to dinner. While you might be called the miser of "Grandet", but you would certainly be able to save a lot of money.

Result B:

This item shows that you could not save money, usually you would spend what you earned. It would be fortunate for you not to become the poor. You could not save money.

Result C:

This item shows that you would feel at ease under all circumstance, you are a realistic person. You could arrange your life reasonably. You would neither be too stingy, nor spend all your money. That is, you could save some money, but not throw your money away by the handful. You would enjoy your life fully.

Result D:

This item shows that you are a more independent person with ambitious goals. You would not set your sights on a small profit. So maybe you could not save money, but you would be good at making money. You would be promising to become rich in the future.