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Test to see whether you would miss your true love

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Love can only be found by accident. It is very lucky for you to meet a right person at the right time. Although many people are in pursuit of the true love, but they will not necessarily be able to encounter or they've already missed for various reasons. Finally, they will either continue to keep single, or made do with a person for the rest of life. If you're interested in, let's do this test to see if you have missed your true love.

1. Did anyone say you are a careless person?

A. Yes

B. No

2. Did you rarely do anything smoothly?

A. Yes

B. No

3. Do you sometimes feel like an alien?

A. Yes

B. No

4. Do you like a boy or a girl?

A. boy

B. girl

C. No different

5. Can't you distinguish direction?

A. Yes

B. No

6. Are you easily affected by other people?

A. Yes

B. No

7. Will you prepare gifts for family at festivals?

A. Yes

B. No

8. When someone mentions the kindergarten children, what would you feel?

A. very cute

B. very naughty

C. it is difficult to engage

9. Are you picky for dating environment very much

A. Yes

B. No

10. Will you occasionally contact with the students haven't seen for a long time?

A. Yes

B. No

11. Will you often go out to play with buddies from college after graduation?

A. Yes

B. No

12. Do you have scheming friends?

A. Yes

B. No

13. If your friends all have lovers, and you are still single, will you find one casually?

A. may be

B. definitely not

C. do not know

14. Do you like playing poker or mahjong?

A. Poker

B. mahjong

15. Do you like growing flowers?

A. Yes

B. No

C. General

16. Did you have an appointment with your sister friends who would be a bridesmaid?

A. Yes, we did in school.

B. Yes, we did after graduation.

C. No

17. If there is a diamond bachelor inviting you have dinner, what's your first impression?

A. Does he like me?

B. Does he want to pursue my friend?

C. He was sick!

18. Do you think that although you are a very ordinary girl, but eventually you will be very happy?

A. Yes

B. uncertain

C. No

19. If you're thirsty, which of the following beverages will you choose?

A. Coffee

B. Coke

C. Beer

20. if you have a little hungry, which of the following foods will you choose?

A. Apple

B. Hamburg

C. Steamed bread

A. You've know you missed

You would be precocious type, you would like someone at very early, just because conditions were not ripe in all aspects, although you were young and naive, but you would not easily get your own future as bets. Until one day, this man might go into exile and hard to see him again, and his presence would been lingering in your mind. You would be well aware that you missed your true love. You would not miss your true love again with this lesson.

B. You haven't known you missed

You would always in the fog, and could did figure out what is true love. And you are nature and free, do not like to be tied. Although you are getting older and older, you would still be like a naive child, who is careless and minds nothing. It is because of this attitude that you could not know that you missed your true love.

C. You'll never miss

You would be a very confident person, think fate is decided by yourself. You would like to pursue the favorite people without missing any opportunity, and this is your fate. You are able to advance or retreat. You would conclude all your past failures in love into fate, or fate is too shallow, and the last people who would spend a lifetime with you, is also your true fate.

D. You haven't missed

You would be "defeated" in love, you've been in love at school, and would still be in love after work. Every time you are whole-heartedly in love, but each time you have failed. Until your heart becomes numb and no longer bother to love, just want to stay at home to have a rest. Do not be so discouraged, because your true love has not yet come. You'd better raise your own charm, you will encounter you own fate one day.

E. You will miss sooner or later

You would be naturally lazy, love to think but dislike to do. You would experience love, but all love experiences are like to play game. You would never take it seriously and think that these are not your true fate. But if you keep this attitude, you would missed you true love. Unless you change your own attitude and treat love more seriously, otherwise it would be difficult to retain the love. Ultimately, you could only find a partner casually to spend the rest of your love.

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