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Test to see who can help when you encounter difficulties

1, Which of the following two parties do you prefer best?

Relaxing masquerade

A gathering of celebrities

2, There is a wastepaper basket in the corner, what color do you think it should be?



3, Which of the following two kinds of music do you prefer best?



4, Where do you usually go on Christmas Eve?

In the church  

At home

5, If someone wore the same clothes like you in the company or at school, what would you do?

No longer wear this clothes

Wear as usual

6, What's the most you put in the wardrobe?

Underwears, socks  

Jackets, pants

7, When do you usually wash the dishes after dinner?

Before the next meal

Wash immediately after a meal

8, Which of the following games do you prefer?

Large online games

Stand-alone games

9, Do you often change friends?



10, What clothes does the person around you wear can most attract your attention?

Showy clothes

Strange clothes

11, What would you do when you read the novel?

Read from head to tail

Read the beginning and the end and then finish the rest.

12, How many people's birthday can you remember most?

More than five people

Three or four people

13, Did you raise a lot of pets?



14, Which of the following two situations can most inspire you?

Someone always praises you for your good work ability

Someone always criticizes you for your poor work ability.

15, When you see the following two things, which one would you take firstly?



Psychological test result A: warm and lively friends

You are rather introverted, you often brood over things, do not like to tell others. Such character is very easy to let you become masochistic and depressed. You'd better make some warm and lively friends, maybe they are not very mature nor steady, but they can bring you vitality and make you relaxed. Especially when you meet difficulties or feel bored, they may not help you analyze nor solve problems, but they can listen to you and share your happiness and sorrows, they can accompany you to escape, this would give you a good mood and courage you to overcome difficulties.

Psychological test result B: friends who trust you

You are very strong, you always like to protect others, when you encounter difficulties you rarely seek help from someone else, you will solve all the problems yourself. At this time people who are strong as you are not able to help you, but your friends who usually trust you and need your help can really help you. These people usually have a good temper, they can silently accompany you around, they can use all the time and energy to take care of you and make you feel warm and at ease, they can give you the strength to overcome difficulties so as soon as you get out from the predicament.

Psychological test result C: like-minded friends

You have a strong personal ability and strong ambition, you like to make like-minded friends, you feel very full and happy when you are with them. When you encounter difficulties, they are the right people who can really help you, because they have a wise mind and they will help you analyze the problem rationally and give you impartial advices, so that you will soon find a solution to re-find your direction.

Psychological test result D: Inclusive and considerate friends

You have no original opinions, you always feel puzzled when you meet difficulties, you always need someone to give you advice. You really need to contact those friends who can accommodate your weaknesses, take care of you gently, and also give you the advice. When you encounter difficulties, they can not only gently take care of you but also give you useful insights, so that you can find the key to the problem, thus you will successfully resolve the trouble and get out of the woods.