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Test to see why your love hasn't come?

On the path of pursuing love, some girls are unblocked, while some girls are bumpy. Why hasn't your love come? Let's do the test and find what is blocking you good love fortune!

Topic: After living a miserable life for sometime, now you have got a paycheck, you want to have something special to eat. When you came to the restaurant and met three kinds of special dishes. Which of the following dishes will you choose?

A, fat but not greasy Braised Pork with Hakka

B, a mouth-watering Homemade fried pork ribs

C, delicious and a little spicy chopped cold chicken

A, fat but not greasy Braised Pork with Hakka

Be careful that people who is jealous of you might hunt around you. You would have very good conditions, you are lovely, kind and careless. You would often encounter jealous people. Some people might do bad things behind you for they did not want to see you're good. They might say bad things about you, or think of ways to make you late for appointment. In brief, the person would be happy to make you unfavorable.

B, a mouth-watering Homemade fried pork ribs

Be careful that you might delay yourself. You love face-saving with strong self-esteem. You would not open your heart easily to completely accept the other, even if you accepted after run-in time. You might often be too nervous to make the other one feel very boring, or the person would be affected by you to become very nervous or be at a loss what to do. In the course of time, your lover would hesitate whether to give up with you or not.

C, delicious and a little spicy chopped cold chicken

Be careful of people around who love you, but you don't like. You put quality before quantity, and you are often straightforward. We should rather offend gentleman than offending villain. The brokenhearted little man is very terrible, you really should be more defensive.