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Test to see your extra-marital affair index after marriage


In a picture, there are two heart-shaped designs, the left one is painted yellow green. So, what color would you paint for the right one?

A. red

B. purple

C. blue

D. brown

The color you choose will reveal your extra-marital affair index after marriage! Is it possible for you to have an affair after marriage?

A, Yearn for the forbidden fruit

You have erupted magma-like desire to have an affair in your heart. Currently, you have a strong vision for feelings against social morality. If you are single, you may want to contact with married person or person who has a lover. If you already have a family, it is very susceptible to be attracted by the other opposite sex. Perhaps you've found a "prey" and are in the pursuit. However, once you get this person, you will quickly lose your original passion. So you must be cautious!

B, Have an affair due to dissatisfaction with the status quo

You have strong desire to have an affair in your heart. However, the fundamental reason is not for love, but dissatisfaction with the status quo. Since there are no single people to pamper you, so you will unknowingly attracted by married people. Or you may feel boring about the couple relationship or fixed love, you many begin to like the other opposite sex. As long as you can find your original passion with your lover, this desire to have an affair will be eliminated soon.

C, Have an affair due to the pursuit by the other

You are interested in the so-called "immorality". You will not have feeling of guilty for such acts, even you know that your friends are having an affair, you will not stop them. On the contrary, you may help them. However, you have a tendency to hate trouble, so you would not take the initiative to create an opportunity to have an affair. However, when the other side is in pursuit of you, which might stimulate your curiosity to take a risk to start an affair. Since you can grasp the sense of proportion, so you will not develop until it is irreversible. You must look out for yourself.

D, Almost have no desire to have an affair

You could almost have no desire to have an affair. When you've known that the other has a specific lover, you will lose interests in the person. You will not think of wresting the person from the other's hands. If you already have a male (female) friend or get married, you will not like the other opposite sex. Even you have such motives in the heart, you would give priority to resolve the current relationship, and then start a new romance. Keep an eye out as long as those who claim "I am single" person, you can keep yourself as pure as jade!