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Test to see your inner personality

Topic: Which beverage do you like?

1, cola

2, ice tea

3, milk beverages (including milk)

4, purified water

5, juice

6, Coffee


You are eager for novelty, like to try new things. You are bold, courageous and creative.

ice tea

You do not dislike stimuli, but you are more calm when anything crops up. You like to add some coolness in the irritability

milk beverages (including milk)

You have a deep love of life, but sometimes you may be tired of this world. You are not straightforward person, but you will expree your true feelings transparently, rarely hiding.

purified water

You are more transparent, but you will retain the deepest secrets in your heart.


You have a very interesting idea, this idea makes you laugh, when you think back, it is rather ridiculous.


You are a very calm person, unyielding character so impressed the people around you. You are also very poetic.