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Test what good luck you would have in the rest of your life

Everyone wants to live a life without fear of abject poverty. If you have no rich parents, to find a good husband also can enhance your own destiny. If luck is slightly worse, working hard on yourself is also a good choice. Do you want to know what good luck you would have for the rest of your life? Let's do this test.

1, Have you ever fed your lover mouth to mouth?

A. Yes

B. No

2, When a woman drinks too much and reminds of a man, she wants to give him a call to tell her heart. Must this man be her favorite man?

A. Yes 

B. No

3, if your first love is now calling you, and you know he has a girlfriend, you will?

A, Pick up the phone, but the tone is very cold

B, Hang up the phone

4, It is always very happy to work with beautiful women. What kind of beauty do you like to work with?

A, Speak in a coaxing voice, always need someone to help

B, Like chatting, joking, can always hear her voice

5, You made a mistake, God will punish you to let a certain part of your body become fat. Which part would you choose?

A, Leg

B, Arm

6, If you have enough money to pay the down payment on your hand now, will you choose to take the money to buy a house?

A, Yes, room rate will rocket up inevitably

B, No, wait to see bubble illusion

7. You loved your boyfriend for many years and ready to marry. One day he came home and told you he was unemployed, how would you do?

A, Helpless to break up. No bread, no love!

B, Never leave or forsake! I love this man, nothing to do with his conditions.

8, At the Ching Ming Festival, you suddenly received a a text message sent by a died old friend, you will?

A, Be very afraid, call the police

B, Think it is a mischievous, ignore.

9, Why does the baby get to sleep right away if pat his butt after eating?

A, The baby deserves a whacking.

B, He feels safe and can sleep peacefully

10, Tomato omelette is nearly the best dish, not what people can do good. When you choose to make it, what would you fry firstly?

A, Eggs

B, Tomato

11, If you have only two underwears, one is not washed, one is washed but not dry, you're sitting at home watching TV and suddenly received a phone call, then you need to go out. Which would you choose to wear?

A, dirty unwashed

B, washed not dry

12, if a person were reincarnated, who would you want to choose to stay together until old age?

A, love in this life

B, lost lover due to past misunderstandings

13, This winter seems to be longer than before. But think that God may jump over spring into summer. What would happen if you do not use any face cream?

A, certainly too greasy, will grow acne

B, can not imagine, can not stand

14, Do you think it is right to fall in love in college?

A, Yes, love at the University is the purest, memorable, never regret

B, No, whereabouts are unknown after graduation.

15, it is said the World Expo Shanghai will leave five days, if you're in Shanghai at that time, will you  choose to stay in the Shanghai World Expo to see it?

A, Leave Shanghai, never join in the fun

B, Of course will leave to watch

16, Will you marry a man of a brief marital history?

A, Yes. Because I love his, so I do not mind

B, No. will not accept.

17, You go to work in the city center. One day the weather is poor, it is rainning heavily outside. You suddenly remembered the company did not close the door at 23p.m., and you're the last one to go. How would you do?

A, Return to your company to see

B, To call the office guards to check 

18, One day you go home after work very late, suddenly encounter a cat burglar one meter in front! What would you think firstly?

A, Ask for help

B, Robbing? Rob beauty?

19, Clearly know that is very painful, but you also have to do, what will you do?

A, Are very tired, but do not want to go to sleep

B, Know that the Internet is adverse for health, but will still be mouse potato

20, Do you think under what circumstances men would accept an ugly woman's love?

A, The ugly woman has good moral, and very docile.

B, Ugly woman loved him very much, put all the feelings, so the man was moved

A, The obedient husband

Now obedient man is really not easy to find, especially after marriage. If a woman's boyfriend is still very good to her as before after marriage, that she can really be thankful. But you would have such a good life to find an obedient husband. If your husband is commanding outside, then you could conquer him at home. But you'd better not be so violent, your husband would not figh with you, he would love you so much.

B, The worriless life

Maybe you are now rushing about for living everywhere. The rent and monthly mortgage have put your hands full, and after working your greatest wish is to be able to lie down to sleep. Travel plans at beginning of the year have to be delayed by a variety of chores. But such difficulties are temporary, you would live a carefree life for the rest of your life, and it is simply in heaven in comtrast with your present life. Without the burden of life, where to go, where to go different places, life would be very wonderful.

C, Have a filial child

You would get a smart and sensible child to accompany. Perhaps this is your blessing of past life cultivation, you would have a very good child. And compared to peers, your child would be more sensible than others. He would take care of you in his childhood. He would be very filial in your old age.

D, Have opportunity to get rich quickly

Your good fortune is a natural monopoly, but it would happen at the rest of your life. You would have the opportunity to get rich quickly, such as winning the lottery and so on. You need to do some preparation for the coming lifetime. And you'd better have more interests and hobbie to improve yourself. 

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