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Test why you haven't found your true love?

Because everyone has different personality, preference and different outer appearance, so everyone will fall in love and get married at different time. Do you want to know why you haven't found your true love yet? Then let's do this psychological test.

1. Why are you unpopular by opposite sex from a personal point of view?

They do not know me

Short of charm

2. If you're going blind,how many people you will take to accompany you?



3. What will you talk about with opposite sex?

Life and work

Entertainment news

4. What is your favorite time of dating the opposite sex?

After work

At the weekend

5. What will you do if you meet your friends happenly when dating the opposite sex?

Invite a friend to talk together

Say hello, and then continue two people's appointment

6. What will you choose if you want to have dinner with an opposite sex?

Fast-food restaurant or public restaurant

A style restaurant

7. What will you do when your present lover wants to talk about your past love?

Think of a way to deviate from the topic

Tell the truth

8. What will you think of If your lover complains that you focus on work too much?

Feel the other is not reasonable

It proves that my lover concerns about me very much

9. Do you have a clear requirement for your lover?



10. If your relationship is over, will you make friend with the old lover?


It depends

11. The appointment time with your lover is coming, but you did not eat lunch, you would?

Buy a hamburger to

Eat a bowl of instant noodles

Do not eat

12. Which of the two confession scenarios would you choose to declare to your lover?

Under the romantic sky

Scenic outskirts

13. If you like an opposite sex, but do not understand the other's mind, you would?

Directly ask the other

Ask the other's close friends

14. If you're shopping with an opposite sex, will you haggle over the price when you buy something?


It depends

A: You would be very law-abiding, you might always hold a very traditional concept of love, also you might care about the view of society and family, so if your lover did not meet the public's point of view, even if you liked this person very much, you would hesitate to choose, basically you would not like to fall in love with this person. This is the reason why you haven't found your true love. Although the traditional values are very important, but we should value the feeling as the first thing in love. If you really liked the other person, you'd better dare to pursue. Do not care about other people's ideas too much.

B: Inferiority would be your first enemy in love, you might have obviously fallen in love with someone, but you could not show your love because of fear of being rejected or hurt, so you might have missed a lot of good opportunities already. I believe you have your special advantages. Don't be too perfect, so long as there is confidence, everyone is a shining star. You'd better believe in "love is blind".

C: You might always want to choose the best lover, this idea might make you miss your true love. You might have read some romantic love stories, you might always eager to have a vigorous love. Your lover must be very good, otherwise you could not create a good impression. You'd better know that it is hard to meet the love story in the novel, there is no completely perfect thing in the world, if you want to fall in love according to imagination, it would be difficult to find your true love.

D: You might be especially welcomed by the opposite sex and always surrounded by them, but it is this situation that might hinder you to find your true love, perhaps your true love is right among them. But both sides might haven't found each other. You'd better pay more attention to the surrounding opposite sex, so you would be very likely to find your true love.

E: It Is not too much to say that you are a love maniac, as long as you fell in love you would do anything for love, and always worry about your personal gains and losses in love, you would be afraid that your lover didn't love you very much or missed the old lover too much. You might be always afraid that your lover contacted the old lover, so you would watch your lover closely without leaving breathing space. This would only make your lover away from you, eventually might break up with you. Thus you would be very sad and hurt greatly. You might not only miss the good marriage but also waste your youth. You'd better pay attention to it!

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